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We are happy to welcome you on our website! BGAOC is not just another web resource on gambling. It’s your indispensable helper and guide through the world of online gambling. With us, you’ll find out the most reliable casinos, top profitable gambling games, and clever ways to win at online casinos. Whatever questions you have, we have an answers! Our mission is to educate you on how to gamble in a both profitable and responsible way. We stand for fair play both from the client’s and the casino’s part. We only review casinos that respect their clients and never cheat or get involved in scams. We’ll tell you how to avoid rogue casinos and protects your money and personal data. On our website, we’ve gathered plenty of useful tips on how to become a successful player and make profits at online casino. To our readers, we only recommend legal methods for boosting their casino winnings. We are strongly against any violations and discourage our readers from taking unnecessary risks.

If you’re here to play your favorite slot machines, we have some amazing news for you! We have an unparalleled collection of gambling games and slots to meet any taste. From old-school fruit machines to state-of-the-art animated 3D slots, we have literally everything you can wish for! All slots and other casino games are available absolutely for free. You don’t need to register or confirm your identity. Visit our site, pick any game, and hit Spin! Play at any time and any place you want!

If you’ve come across our site looking for useful information on casinos and gambling games, we’ll be glad to share our knowledge with you! You’re sure to find answers to all your questions and doubts. After reading our articles, you’re guaranteed to gain more confidence in gambling and start earning more. And if you get lucky, you may even scoop a life-changing jackpot!

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1. Online Casinos

If you’re a beginning player who’s just starting to explore the gambling universe, you might want to start with the Online Casinos section. It’s a valuable source of insightful information on gambling websites like this one You’ll learn how to tell an honest online casino from a rogue one. You’ll become immune to smart tricks applied by swindlers whose only goal is to take your money. With our recommendations, you’ll have no trouble navigating the complexities of the online gambling world. You will be able to find old, reliable casinos as well as to choose good new online casinos. Speaking of new, if you are looking for some new casinos, you can visit this site. It's our personal recommendation. 

Trusted and Reliable Brands in Online Gambling

Also, we’ll tell you how online casinos work and what gambling regulations they have to follow. Be sure not to miss the article on how a casino can “cheat” their clients without actually breaking the law. There are situations when a casino may refuse to release your winnings from the system. As a novice player, you must know how to dodge this and many other pitfalls. With our tips, you’ll be cashing out your winnings with no sweat. When you’re a beginner, the main thing is to read and take in the casino rules before making bets. Sadly, few players realize the need of doing so. Most of the time, they’re too impatient to start gambling. It’s not surprising that this attitude often leads to dire consequences. For your convenience, we’ve prepared a great deal of easy-to-read materials on online gambling. We assure you than even newbies will understand everything from A to Z about quality casinos

The Online Casinos section falls into 2 big sub-sections: Online Casino Reviews and Useful Articles.

1.1. Online Casino Reviews

We’ve made a rating of the best online casinos available on the Internet. Our list only contains reliable and established gambling sites with a clean reputation like Casino Utan Spelpaus. Pick any casino you like, and you won’t regret your choice!

This list of reliable online casinos is something we at BGAOC are very proud of. To make it to our list, a casino must have an impeccable reputation, lots of happy clients, and very few (if any) complaints resolved not in the favor of the player. You are sure to find a casino that meets your needs!

To find out the criteria we used to select the casinos for our rating, go to the section. Each casino on the list is known for its fair play and spotless reputation. If you pick one of these sites, you can rest assured that you’ll get your winnings in full. Each casino has its own collection of games, bonus program, loyalty program, and other offers. We made a detailed review of each casino where you can find all the relevant information. You don’t even need to leave our website to learn about the top casinos in the market!

If you have your own criteria for choosing an online casino, do not hesitate to use advanced filters on this online casino page of our website.

1.2. Online casinos without registration

If you haven't heard about casinos without registration yet, you should definitely have a look. Online casinos without registration are the hottest trend at the moment, especially in Nordic countries such as in Finland. No account casinos mean that the player can start playing without registering the account, all you need to do is to sign in using your online banking IDs. The best part of the new trend is that withdrawals are instant for the players. This trend will definitely be the future!

1.3. Useful Articles

If you’re passionate about real-money gambling, you can’t ignore this section. We’ll reveal to you the secrets of playing for real money. Plus, we’ll teach you how to avoid frustrating money losses, swindlers, and unprofitable casino offers. Prepare to dive into the new world of profitable strategies and systems that can bring you amazing winnings with minimum efforts. Minimizing your losses in gambling is possible, and we’re going to tell you how to do that while enjoying the play process to the fullest!

Online casino bonuses make another important topic we’d like to address. Read our website to form a picture of different types of bonuses, their functions and goals. Also, we dedicated a series of articles to wagering requirements. We know how to break down this vital topic in simple words! After reading our materials, you won’t have any trouble identifying profitable bonus offers and avoiding those that are tough to release.

2. Free Slots

Millions of gamblers list slots among their favotite casino games, and we can totally understand why. Their secret of popularity has to do with easy-to-follow rules, lucrative payouts, and beautiful design. Sadly, some players fail to see the true potential of slot machines. But don’t worry! We’re going to reveal to you a secret of how to win more often and bring losses to a minimum. Yes, it’s quite possible!

This section includes two major sub-sections: Free Demo Slots and Smart Insights.

2.1. Free Demo Slots

Here you can find a mind-boggling collection of free slot titles. Use the convenient search feature to find the right game in one click! All slots are available for free and at any time. There are no limitations whatsoever, neither in terms of time, not in terms of spins. You don’t have to worry about anything! Just come and play as long as you wish!

We’re updating and expanding our collection with new releases. Our users always have access to the latest slot titles, including exciting 3D slots. If, however, you’re a fan of classic slots, be sure to visit the section with the iconic Vegas slots.

On first acquaintance, it may seem that all slot machines are the same. This misconception is very common among inexperienced players who know little about one-armed bandits. In reality, each slot has its unique personality. Each game features a plot, backstory, characters, symbols, bonuses, and so on.

Before risking your budget on a slot, be sure to read our review and study its specifications. Knowing the specifics of each slot will give you a big head start and add to your confidence.

It’s hard to imagine a slot that wouldn’t have bonus rounds. We broke down the common types of bonus payouts and bonus rounds you can come across when playing slot machines. Keep in mind that while some bonus games can multiply your earnings, others can leave you with nothing. Be sure to read our articles to know what bonus games are beneficial for the player.

2.2. Smart Insights

Have you ever wondered how slot machines work? What is the random number generator and what’s its function? Do slots and other gambling games really follow their RNG algorithms? Does RNG have technical vulnerabilities and bugs? Also, do you know that every slot is characterized by a number of key parameters that determine the size and frequency of its payouts? By the way, many people think that casinos rigs slots to reduce their payouts to players. We’ll debunk this myth and explain to you why casinos can’t do that – even if they wanted to.

This is not all. We’ll go back in time and make acquaintance with very first slot machines in history. We’ll cover the most ridiculous misconceptions and myths. We’ll talk about multi-million jackpot wins that made the gambling history. Also, we’ll tell you how to choose best slot machine or highly lucrative games that can make you rich.

If you’re looking for bold winning strategies, new approaches to gambling, and things like that, we have something for you too!

Read our articles on the innovative and highly profitable betting systems that can send your winning into the stratosphere and spice up the sometimes monotonous gameplay.

3. Game Providers And Global Brands

Online casinos can work in two different ways. A casino can develop its own software or use software made by other companies. In the first case, the casino is responsible for developing games, connecting payment systems, writing programs for storing players’ personal data, providing customer support, hiring live dealers and croupiers, purchasing licenses, collaborating with regulatory bodies, and many more. All this is very costly in terms of both time and money. To open an online casino, you need huge investments and a strong team of professionals by your side. But launching a casino is only half the battle. You also need to drive your business forward, which also takes a great deal of financial and emotional resources.

However, there is an easier way to launch a casino. A casino can choose to partner with a software provider. The software developer provides the casino with its gambling games, licenses, customer support, as well as goes through constant audits by regulatory bodies. As for the casino, it takes care of deposits and withdrawals, storing and processing personal data, providing technical support to clients, and many other things.

Casino tend to partner with big-name software manufacturers that release high-end products and value their reputation. The beautiful thing is that by registering with one casino, you get access to games from different software brands. Players like having all games in one place.

If the casino is using external gaming software, it doesn’t have access to the program code behind slot machines and other gambling games. As a result, you can sleep well knowing that the casino can’t rig up games, changing the frequency and size of payouts. Theoretically, only the software developer can change the settings of casino games. However, in real life, what software developer will put its reputation at risk by hacking into their own slot? It’s not worth it, especially if you think about the fact that both the casino and the software provider already have their fair share of profits.

4. Payment Systems. Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

If you’re going to play for real money, you must pay double attention to this section. Depositing and withdrawing money has many nuances to it, so be extra careful.

When it comes to deposits, it’s all easy. Theoretically, you can deposit money to any online casino on the web. (Here we’re talking about relatively small amounts, ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 dollars.) It’s surprising how online casinos can easily accept money from anyone and via any payment system. However, when it comes to withdrawing winnings, things become tricky. For example, there are payment systems that only allow money transfers in one direction. Sometimes, online casino can’t release money to the country where gambling is banned by law. It’s not uncommon that a payment system has a huge commission on withdrawals. Some casinos pay the commission for the player. If you’re a client of such a casino, consider yourself lucky.

Some online casinos offer bonuses for using specific payment systems. For example, if the player makes a deposit via system X, the casino adds extra 10% of the deposit amount. Although small, it’s still a nice gift.

We won’t dwell on the specifics of deposits and withdrawals because every gambling website has its own terms. Before performing any financial transactions, be sure to read the casino terms and the relevant articles on our website. When it comes to your money, you can’t be too cautious.

5. Slot Themes

This section makes a part of the “Free Slots” section. Here you’ll learn the main categories of slots that you can find across gambling sites. For example, check out the “Seasonal” category to find slot machines themed around New Year, Christmas, Halloween, and other iconic holidays. Dozens of themes are waiting for you!

Unsure as to what slot title to choose today? Looking for a new game to spice up your weekend? Go to this section, read the descriptions, and pick the slot that makes your heart skip a beat! The best thing is that all slots are available for free 24/7 on our website!

6. Casino Games And Gambling

On this website, we talk a lot about responsible and honest gambling. Indeed, we value integrity above everything else. We consider it our mission to promote the idea of honest gambling among both casinos and players. On our website, we only review licensed casinos that comply with the gambling legislation and treat their clients with respect. We have no intention of teaching you how to bypass the law or cheat a casino. One of our goals is to inform you about risks and dangers of gambling. Check out the Gambling and gambling sites section to educate yourself on gambling addiction (aka ludomania) and responsible gambling. In particular, there is one curious article for those of you who believe in God. We’ve researched the religious literature to find out whether gambling is a sin.

For beginning gamblers, we prepared an in-depth review of all kinds of casino games. Studying this information is the first step towards becoming a professional player and achieving success in gambling. However, sometimes you need something more to score frequent winnings. There is where winning strategies come in. Each game has a number of winning systems and tricks. While some of them really work, others can be outright dangerous for your bankroll. We have the rule of testing every strategy ourselves. If a strategy is of questionable quality, we always warn our readers against it.

The selection of casino games on our website can sweep you off your feet! Can’t decide what game to choose? No worries! We’ve come up with a list of top popular casino games in the world. Also. we have a big pool of articles revealing the pros of different gambling games. Check out our comparative tables to find out what games are the most profitable for players, i.e. where you stand the highest chance of winning.

6.1. Roulette: Queen Of Casino

Roulette is the globally recognized symbol of casinos and gambling in general. At first, it may seem that roulette is a ridiculously simple game but this is far from truth. But, as we all know, the devil is in the detail, and roulette has no lack of such “details”. First, roulette has a variety of bets that come with different winning odds. Plus, roulette game can have additional rules that have a significant effect on the gameplay and your winning chances. Don’t rush to make bets until you’ve browsed through the rules of your selected roulette variation.

6.2. Blackjack And Its Secrets

According to many players, blackjack is the most underrated gambling game. Among all casino games, blackjack is characterized by the highest winning odds for the player. In some cases, you can reduce the casino advantage to almost zero, making the winning odds of the casino and the player almost equal. With some strategic thinking and discipline, you have all chances to beat the casino and fatten up your bankroll! In this section, we’ve gathered a plethora of useful articles on how to play blackjack, use the basic blackjack strategy, minimize the house edge, and many other things.

6.3. Other Casino Games

In this section, you have the opportunity to make acquaintance with blackjack and roulette variations and other table games. By the way, pay attention to baccarat, a mysterious and controversial table game. Like blackjack, baccarat is played with the dealer and features unique rules.

Interestingly enough, baccarat was originally the game of the royalty. It was extremely popular at courts and in higher society. Luckily, nowadays this amazing game is available to absolutely anyone.

Another game we’d like to draw your attention to is video poker. Video poker is a unique fusion of slots and poker, the two iconic casinos games. To be honest, video poker has little left of poker but this fact doesn’t make it less entertaining.

7. Online Gambling Today And Tomorrow

Online casinos have always been at the forefront of technological progress. Moreover, they’re the first to develop and bring into life innovative solutions. It’s probably hard to believe but gambling sites appeared just a few decades ago and have come a long way since.

7.1. Live Casinos

Despite their young age, live casinos are continuing to change the gambling landscape. Today, more and more players choose live games over regular ones. Live gambling is your chance to visit a real-life casino without leaving the comfort of your home. Relax in your favorite armchair and enjoy the advantages of playing with live dealers. You can talk with your dealer, make jokes, and even leave a tip! A live casino ensures a full-scale immersion into the gambling world. With a bit of imagination, you’ll have to trouble picturing yourself in a brick-and-mortar casino.

7.2. Mobile Casinos

Mobile gambling is another life-changing innovation that is changing the world of online gambling. Thanks to high-speed Internet and smartphones, you can now gamble at any time and at any place. All you need to do is to download a casino mobile app to your smartphone. The selection of games available on your smartphone is truly fantastic. Here you’ll find slots, roulette, blackjack, and even live games! You can play for free or for real money. No, it’s no magic! It’s technology!

Now you can play on your way to work or while standing in line. Players say that gambling makes time fly, and we couldn’t agree more. There is no better way to have fun when things are getting dull.

7.3. Prospects For The Future

Today, every gambling website is full of technological wonders. Just think about it for a second: you can play immersive 3D slots that can compete with state-of-the-art video games! In the upcoming years, casinos will continue to adopt the latest technologies and improve their level of service.

Software brands will develop new games and revisit classic titles. Yes, we’re mostly referring to slot machines! Today, players can already try 9-reel slots with never-before-seen bonus symbols, multi-level arcade games, and lucrative features. If you’re a slot fan, get ready for a great deal of new things!

Bonuses are another aspect that will be changing over the years. Online casinos spend big budgets on studying the opinions and needs of each category of players. Based on the collected data, casino operators develop new bonus offers and loyalty programs. At the same time, unpopular bonuses get cancelled. Remember, though, that not all bonuses are lucrative for players. Read our articles to be aware of the tricks casinos are using to make you accept bonuses you might not actually need.

What are you waiting for? Follow us into the magical world of gambling and enjoy the best games, high payouts, and professional dealers. You can choose to make real money bets or play for free. Either way, you can access any game 24/7! On the BGAOC site, we have a mind-blowing pool of resources on gambling. Learn new things, test strategies, play your favorite games, and have fun!

8. FAQ On Online Gambling 

Are online casinos legal in the USA?

Online casinos are only legalized in three US states. As for the remaining US territory, gambling is prohibited there. At the same time, there is no federal law that would stop people from making online bets. The actual situation is this. While US residents are not allowed to play in US-based online casinos, they can gamble on international gambling sites that welcome gamblers from the US. Naturally, this limitation doesn’t apply to the states where gambling is legalized in all its forms.

What is the best online casino for US players?

For any gambler, regardless of their place of residence, the best online casino is the one that provides high-quality services, pays out winnings in the proper way, and respects its clients. A trustworthy casino must have licenses and certifications, use a high-quality software, and have an excellent reputation among gamblers. For US gamblers, it’s also important that a casino makes deposits and withdrawals in a hassle free way. Check out our top casino rating.

What online casino can be considered legal?

On our rating, you’ll only find reliable and legal online casinos. All casinos on our list have licenses and go through systematic audits.

Can I win money in online casinos?

Absolutely. Gambling is a sure way to raise some cash. Every day, millions of gamblers are going through both wins and losses. While some players prefer to instantly cash out their winnings, others spend their earnings on more bets.

Do online casinos cheat?

This depends on the casino you’re playing in. Dishonest casinos tend to disappear with their clients’ money. Avoid playing with fly-by-night casinos unless you want to part with your deposit and never see your winnings. At the same time, licensed casinos would never cheat their clients. First, they don’t need your money because they’re already making enough profits. Plus, they won’t risk their license and reputation in the gambling arena.

What games generate real money winnings?

You can win real money in any casino game. The absolute majority of gambling games rely on luck. If you’re lucky, you stand a chance of winning any amount of money, including a huge jackpot at slots.

At the same time, there are games where luck is not enough for a victory. For example, to win at blackjack, you need to have very good skills at playing this game. If you don’t like the idea of depending on luck, be sure to try out this amazing game. In blackjack, the casino advantage is very low. And by using the basic blackjack strategy and card counting, you can push the house edge even lower.

What is the best online casino?

Listing the names of casinos won’t be enough to answer this question in full. A good online casino is the one that has certain characteristics. First of all, it must be a safe, reliable gambling website that values its reputation and pays out winnings to its clients in due manner. Also, a good casino must have a big selectin of gambling games, professional design, safe payment framework, and customer-oriented service. When playing in such a casino, the user must feel safe and respected.

Are online casinos illegal?

While some countries legalized online casinos a while ago, others are still fighting gambling. It’s curious that in some countries online casinos are not regulated, as if they weren’t there at all. In Europe and Great Britain, online casinos are rigorously regulated by law. If the casino meets all the regulatory requirements, it’s granted the right to operate on legal terms. Before trusting your money to an online casino, be sure to find out whether your selected site accepts real-money bets from players from your country. Otherwise, you may face problems while trying to withdraw your winnings from the casino system.

Where can I gamble online?

If you prefer gambling for fun, you can play on literally any gambling website available on the web. If, however, you want to make real-money bets, you need to choose a time-tested online casino. Click here to see our collection of free casino games. Also, check out the best online casinos to play for real money on our website.

Do online casinos pay real money?

Yes. A respectable online casino always pays real money to its clients. To get your winnings, you need to complete several steps. Step 1: Find a good online casino and register an account while providing accurate and relevant information about yourself. Step 2: Follow the rules and don’t try to outsmart the casino. Step 3: Make a deposit, pick your favorite game, and make a win. While it may seem like a big deal, you’ll see that it’s a walk in the park. If winning in online casinos were hard, gambling wouldn’t be so popular among people of all ages and backgrounds.

Can I play online slots for real money?

Before playing slots for real money, you need to make sure the online casino is ready to provide services to you. If the casino accepts deposits from and withdraws winnings to players from your country, go ahead and make a deposit. Our rating is the best source of top-tier online casinos. In case of doubt, don’t hesitate to contact the casino’s user support and ask them any questions..

Can I play in online casinos in the USA?

In some of the US states, online casinos are fully legalized. If you live in the state where gambling is banned, you can still access online casinos, but only those that are based in other countries. The US legislation doesn’t prohibit gambling on international websites. Our tip is to pick an online casino with a license issued by an authoritative European body. This is the best way to protect your personal data and money from rogues.

What games and gaming opportunities are available online?

Each website offers its unique collection of gaming games. On the web, you can find a plethora of online casinos, bingo websites, lotteries, poker rooms, sportsbooks, etc. Online casinos provide a wide range of theme-based slots, table games (roulette, poker, blackjack), and the newest additions, such as parlor games and scratch cards.

Is online gambling legal?

This question doesn’t have a straight answer. It depends on the country where you live. In Great Britain, online gambling and betting are allowed only if the gaming operator has a local license. In the United States, the situation is even more complicated, with the legal status of gambling varying from state to state. While in America there are lots of offshore casino operators, some states (e.g., Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada) issue their own licenses. As for Canada, some of its provinces also legalized online gambling.

Age restrictions for internet betting

On most gambling websites, registration is only allowed for players over 18 years old. In the United States, you cannot make bets until the age of 21. Most casino operators and sportsbooks ask customers to confirm their age by providing the copies of relevant documents (your ID).

How do I know if the online casino gaming is fair?

If you’ve chosen a popular online casino with a license, you don’t need to worry about the safety and transparency of the game process. As a player, you can take your mind off that problem. A licensed casino is vigorously controlled by the regulatory authorities that issued their licenses to it. If you haven’t found any information on certificates and licenses on the casino website, be sure to contact the casino’s customer support. At the same time, Internet is swarming with rogue gaming sites that need to be avoided by all means.