Things you need to know about new Canadian online casinos before the game

Before you play - learn the rules of the casino!

Each Canadian online casino has its own rules of conduct for visitors to its resource. But some of them has a special paragraph that explains that the account of any customer may be blocked by the administration of the site without stating a reason. Thus, there is a pre-prepared argument in favor of the casino owners in case the user disputes the decision to close his account. But such a decision is probably the exception, rather than the law, because licensed new Canadian casinos are controlled by special gambling commissions, guaranteeing players an honest gameplay at internet casinos.

What a player should know about blocking?

Most often, the blocking of an account at an online casino is the fault of the players themselves, their dishonesty or ignorance of the rules of conduct on the gaming resource. Therefore, the gambler should know for what he can get banned from the site.

Inaccurate personal information

Almost any, working with finance company, always carefully checks its customers. The casino is no exception, which before the withdrawal of the first winnings, especially if it is large, offers the player to undergo verification process. If there is even the slightest inaccuracy in the address of the client, his date of birth, later, when trying to withdraw funds, there may be serious problems, since such things can be used for fraud or by the teenagers who are forbidden to play at casinos.


Such types of incentives as bonuses should not be used as a source of income. Experienced gamblers recommend carefully studying the rules for using bonus programs. The security service immediately calculates a player who purposefully collects bonuses from different accounts or even IP addresses, passing from one to another. It is also considered cheating when a player receives a bonus several times due to a possible bug in the casino system.


A player should know that opening multiple accounts on the same casino threatens with a ban for further visits of the site. If one person creates a dozen accounts, it is natural that he carries out some dishonest activity. This may be the collection of the same bonus, the organization of games with the participation of only "clones" of the same player, as well as the implementation of other fraudulent activities.

Playing with different strategies

Practically playing with various strategies do not affect the percentage of return of most gambling games, but many online casinos do not welcome such methods. Some gambling establishments do not allow players to use even Martingale system. Therefore, the player before registration should find out in advance whether the casino allows to use gaming strategies.

Use of extraneous programs

An account at an online casino can be blocked for using extraneous programs that can affect the random number generator of the games. If a player is caught using such utilities, it is likely he will be permanently banned from the casino.