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Here we wanted to give you a bit of introductory information about gambling and online gambling sites in different countries and regions as well as few facts about gambling and its history. I was always interested why all types of online casino gambling sites is banned in most of the Asian countries and I found the answer for this question...

The most addicted nations to gambling are mainly Chinese and other people of South-East Asia. Before the First World War, most of the annual income in Thailand came from gambling establishments.

In 1960, there were no more than a dozen casinos in England, but by 1968, approximately 1,000 owners of the gambling houses had managed to find a hidden maneuver in the legislative system, which eventually led to the emergence of a licensing and control system. By the early 1970s the number of casinos decreased to 120. In other European countries in 1980 there were about 180 casinos. Some of them are very big and famous (in Monte Carlo, Bad Hamburg, Baden-Baden), others are small and unpretentious. Up to 80% of them were in France, about 7% - in Germany and less than 5% - in Italy. Some of the countries of Eastern Europe also experimented with casinos, some of which were financed by foreign investors.

In most European countries with gambling establishments, local residents are strictly forbidden to visit them; visitors from remote cities, both within the country and abroad, are allowed to visit gambling establishments. The outcome of such a policy, on the one hand, is to protect people from the influence of casinos (like gambling addiction), and on the other - to prevent currency leakage to other countries. Such a system takes place in Monaco, where gambling in the Monte Carlo casino is the main industry of tourism and provides a significant share of the national income.

In some countries of the Caribbean, gambling is also the main tourism industry and also represents the main source of currency and national income. Among the games played by visitors, there is a special demand for roulette (one of the main gambling games in France), which is very popular all over the world. In America, a large percentage of casino visitors play craps, blackjack, poker. Slot machines are a must for casinos in the US and other countries. They are also played in thousands of private clubs, restaurants and other institutions. Slot machines are distributed in different countries, including Australia, where they are called Pokies, and in the UK, where they were given the name of Fruit Machines.

Almost all gambling houses has poker, but the main card game in the US is certainly Black Jack. In Monte Carlo and in other European casinos, the French card game "trance" - "e-quarantine" (or "Rouge-E-Noir") is popular. The exact origin of the game no one can now establish, but it is assumed that it originated in France.

The oldest people of the whole world - North American Indians, Aztecs and Mayans, inhabitants of the islands of the southern seas, Eskimos and Africans - played gambling with dice made of all kinds of materials, differing in the variety of sizes, colors, shapes. They used dice made from plum and peach bones, from seeds, from bones of bulls, caribou, moose, from reindeer horns, from pebbles, ceramics, nut shells, beaver or marmots teeth.

The very first website offering real online gambling services opened in 1994 and gave start for many other online gambling sites offering services in the field of gambling casino games over the internet.

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Online Gambling

A social man has been always exposed to gambling. Throughout the history of existence, people invented gambling in order to brighten up leisure and get the necessary dose of adrenaline.

Entertainment constantly evolves and improves, nowadays a big part of the world went into virtual, movies, TV series, gaming, social, gambling etc.

Every day more and more players prefer to visit online gambling sites, because virtual websites have a number of tangible advantages in compare to traditional gambling establishments.

You can also take a look at the complete analysis of the gambling by regions.

Online Gambling For Real Money

Blindly believe in luck not worth it. Even such generous best online gambling games for real money, which you can find on BGAOC website, can not guarantee 100% wins. But regular victories is real, its possible! Perhaps they will not pamper you with their presence as often as you may want. But this is the main advantage of the online gambling sites. Can you break the bank in poker? The results are unpredictable, the intrigue holds until the final of the session.


In order to play in best online gambling games in the casino, you don't need computer anymore. Thanks to modern technologies, you can visit your favorite casino and play best online gambling games from almost anywhere on earth - with tablet, phone and mobile applications. So, you can play when your want - at lunch time, while on vacation, while in a remote resort, while you are in the public transport to get to work and back, or when sitting in a shopping center in anticipation of your girlfriend or your wife, which carried away by shopping.

Promotional programs

It's unlikely that you will get as a welcome bonus of $1000 in traditional casino, but at online gambling sites you can get it, We've even seen $5000 bonus in some casinos (although with conditions - you need to make first deposit in amount of $500 or more).

Almost every online gambling website tries to attract customers with interesting and profitable promotions (this is due to high competition in this niche). Also in such online resources often held chic lottery, according to which the winner is offered such expensive prizes as a trip for two to one of the worlds famous resorts, or a car!

Interesting and profitable tournaments are frequent events in best online gambling sites as well, where the most active players always receive generous rewards. In addition, it is worth mentioning about the VIP program: the higher your rating in the online gambling website, the more privileges you will have.

Gambling Games

The choice of games in any real online gambling site is huge! You won't find so many online gambling games variations in any land-based casino! Over the internet you can find thousands of different apps and real online gambling games, among which there are the newest with chic graphics and bonus games, as well as the legendary classics that managed to gain fame during the "old gambling days" (for example traditional gambling machines).

Regarding roulette, it is presented in more than 10 variations with a lot of "exotic" offers, such as the Letter Roulette or Marvel Roulette. Baccarat, blackjack, a bunch of poker variations, Sic Bo, exciting arcade applications, popular lotteries - this and much more can be found on the websites of many online casinos.

Minimal Bets

If  visiting online gambling sites for you is just a hobby - online casino is a good fit for you as well. Here you are able to find an affordable game for your bankroll. The minimum bets start at $0.01, so everyone can afford the necessary excitement and adrenaline! In addition, the minimum deposit size rarely exceeds the $10 mark, and this amount of money is available to most of the players.


Despite the fact that in many respectable casinos of the world everything is done according to the highest quality and visitors of the casino expect maximum comfort, there is hardly a place more cozy and pleasant than your own home.

In a home environment, playing best online gambling games is much more comfortable, moreover, no one will distract you here and you can completely immerse yourself in the gameplay.

No prohibitions

Perhaps the most important plus of the best online gambling sites is their legality. In some US states, gambling is prohibited and there are only a few states where people can legally gamble.

But everyone can visit the online gambling websites, and absolutely without breaking the law. The only restriction - in online casinos, as well as in traditional institutions, you can not play if you are under 21 years old.

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