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Increased excitement around cryptocurrency caused by the high popularity of Bitcoin. It is recognized by many as a valuable settlement tool. But in order to understand what Bitcoins are, where to get them from, you should first understand the history and the technical part of its creation. And the first thing to learn, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Unlike the US Dollar, it is not backed by material resources. Constantly there are disputes who have created Bitcoin. According to the official version - this is Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea of an electronic payment system based on mathematical calculations is attributed to him. The concept of the emergence of cryptocurrency is the cause of its features - the digital nature provides decentralization, uniform distribution of the Bitcoin system throughout the world. The segment of gambling entertainment doesn't lack behind in terms of accepting bitcoins. Nowadays a lot of online casinos catch up the hype train of bitcoin currency. You can easily use bitcoin as a payment method in casinos. You can find a suitable online casino in our casino list here.

Where do bitcoins come from

You can become an owner of bitcoins in several ways - buy them in exchange for real currency or get as a reward for your work, or you can play for it in the online casino. But the original source is mining: generation using mathematical calculations. Theoretically, the owners of any computers can install mining programs to earn Bitcoin virtual currency.

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Bitcoin casinos USA haven’t made a massive impact as yet but their popularity is growing and growing and there are quite a few positive factors why this is happening:

Ease of Use

A few simple steps and you are literally ready to roll. Open a special wallet, buy the bitcoin with a credit card, wire or alternative payment method from an exchange or peer to peer or ATM and then kaboom, funds are available in a relatively short space of time.

Privacy and confidentiality

Opening an account in most Bitcoin Casinos USA is a 1-minute task. There is barely any KYC taken into account and the fact one can play from a VPN or an incognito browser makes it very safe and secure and well hidden from the outside world. No need to worry about nosy officials finding out how you are entertaining yourself.

The “Unknown Value” aspect.

This is a self-termed aspect of the current situation and why bitcoin gambling is going to get massive especially with free bonuses.

If anyone was to tell you 10 years ago that a virtual currency, based on nothing but hearsay and hope, would take the world by storm you would be laughing your socks off (or crying for not buying into it). Yes, it was a great success for people wanting to transfer ill-gotten gains to one another but as soon as it developed an intrinsic value against the dollar all hell broke loose. All those people fed up with the banks controlling the money and charging a fortune for holding it for them, all the people sickened by waiting times for transfers and wondering where lost funds went, all the people that just wanted freedom of money-movement without casting suspicion upon themselves as money launderers or criminals, suddenly came out and fought for cryptocurrency. But now, when volatility is taking a huge strain on people and they don’t know whether to buy or sell, they may as well enjoy it gambling and at least have some fun. The unknown value aspect has now come into play, so lets the luck of the dice or turn of the card or spin of the slot add some value to the Bitcoin portfolio.

Security of funds

Blockchain technology, the foundation for the Bitcoin world is something special and being utilized in many ways simply because it is the most secure way of transferring funds without them getting lost. The assurance of the funds being received for each transaction made is audited and logged for all to see so there are no doubts or anyone saying the cheque is in the post anymore. Once your funds are in your wallet no one can touch them unless you are not careful in protecting them. Similarly, playing at the best Bitcoin Casino that is tried and tested ensures you will not have any issues with the security of your funds and when the casino says they have sent the money you can check they have.

Fast transfers

Bitcoin transactions are getting faster and faster, especially when you transfer them to and from your own wallet. The fees are mostly absorbed by the casino too so you have no worries about exorbitant amounts being taken, as was the case with credit card transactions. I just love the idea that when I deposit bitcoin I know it will arrive at its destination very quickly and that applies to withdrawals even more so. There are also bonuses in the best Bitcoin Casino like - no deposit bonus.

This is just some of the reasons I recommend everyone to start playing at the best Bitcoin Casinos. What better way to enjoy virtual currency than at a virtual entertainment terminal! I have listed a few of the best casinos I have tried and they have all been a dream to play at with no issues depositing, playing and withdrawing. So now is the time for the Bitcoin revolution, jump on board and enjoy the ride.

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