Classic 777 slot machine games

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Classic is called three-reel gaming machines (777 slots) with a certain symbol set. Stars, bells, symbols of BAR and sevens are the main attributes of classic games. On retro-style gaming machines, bonus games mostly not included in gameplay, for the most part, there are classic options – re-spins, free spins, and drums stop at a chosen moment. Additional features include jackpots and risk games (but only in few game versions). On our site, you will find a large collection of free versions of classic slot machines. Demo games are licensed analogs of games that preserve the basic functions and features.

Features of classic 3 reel slot machines

All classic slot machines are characterized by a set of common features. The first of these is the interface of the slot itself: most of them are three-drum machines, where the playing field consists of three columns and three lines, which form nine-game cells. Three symbols appear on each reel, and during the game, one to five pay lines are used.

The second feature is a set of characters with their own history:

  • Bells - a reference to the first slot machines developed by Charles Fay and named Liberty Bell;
  • Sevens - a symbol of good luck, often used in Western culture;
  • BAR - images consisting of one, two or three blocks. The appearance of the symbol is associated with the logo of the Bell-Fruit Gum company, which released the first fruit gaming machines;
  • Fruit images (cherries, watermelons) - a tribute to the fruit machines, which gave as a win - chewing gums;
  • Images of playing cards - a reference to the first gaming machines on which the player collected poker card combinations.
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777 Slots - a variety of 3 reel slot machine options

Many people believe that the symbol of the seven is found only in classic 3 reel slot machines, but in reality, the list of 777 slot machines is much wider. Modern devices differ:

  • By thematic design. Fruit machines are the most common variety of 777 slots, where there are images of sevens, but they are also found in devices on the mythical, fairytale, fantasy themes;
  • By the number of lines and reels. In addition to 3 reel slots with one to five paylines, developers present 5 reel ones with images of sevens;
  • By functional features. The choice can be made both among retro 777 slot models with a minimum number of bonus options and among gaming machines where various bonus functions are presented.

Popular 3 reel slots with 777 symbols

The first slot machine with 777 appeared in the 30s of the twentieth century. The appearance of sevens among the classic drawings of casino games is quite natural: on the one hand, it is believed that this number brings good luck, and on the other hand, the 777 combination looked perfect on 3 reel slot machines. Over the years, sevens have not lost their appeal and 777 slot machines are still in demand. Among the most popular modern models, gamblers note the following:

  • Always Hot is a retro 3 reel model presented by Novomatic, equipped with three reels, five paylines, fruit symbols and 777. There are no special functions on the gaming machine, and the main advantage is high payout ratios;
  • Sizzling Hot - Novomatic fruit machine with five reels, five lines and a scatter symbol - a star;
  • Second Strike is a fruit-themed Quickspin game featuring sevens. There are 10 lines, a “wild" symbol, an original prize option;
  • Neon Reels is a 3D gaming machine manufactured by iSoftBet with 25 paylines and service symbols presented in 4 versions. There are 2 types of prize options and a progressive jackpot on the machine;
  • Stormin 7's is Ainsworth’s 100th gambling lineup featuring themed drawings: cards, chips, craps, dollars, diamonds, and sevens. The slot machine is equipped with two official symbols and prize-free spins.

Already in 2017, NetEnt introduced a ten-year West West Wild gaming machine featuring sevens dedicated to West America. It is equipped with two prize options and two service symbols, and it is the combination 777 that allows you to access free spins with additional options.

Features of 777 slot machines of various manufacturers

777 slot machines are available in the collection of any developer - each model has its own, easily recognizable features:

  • Novomatic presents an extensive collection of 777 games. Most of them are made in the form of 5-10 linear fruit-themed machines with a minimum number of bonus options;
  • NetEnt uses sevens in gaming machines of various subjects. Most are equipped with 10-30 paylines, has service symbols and free spins;
  • The Microgaming collection combines about half a dozen slot machines represented by classic retro models and a pair of multi-line gaming machines with bonus options.
  • The image of the seven is a recognizable symbol, it can be seen in devices on various topics. On our portal, you can familiarize yourself with the collection of automatic machines of all kinds of varieties containing sevens.

Why 777 are so popular?

The classic of 777 slot machines does not go out of fashion even years after its first appearance. 777 3 reel ones are good in that they have a huge variety of games, every gamer is able to find the game that he will like most. Despite the development of technology and the emergence of ultramodern slots, the three sevens are not at all going to give back once won positions. The classic genre, which appeared long before the onset of online casinos, has taken root on the Internet. In 777 slots, both experienced players and beginners play. You can try these 777 3 reel games for free!

  • You can use them in demo mode without registering;
  • The described machines are very simple, which allows a beginner to quickly get used 777 slot machines;
  • Whatever one may say, the classic game, which includes the “three axes,” has a solid chance of winning.

How to start playing

Before starting the game in 777 slots, thoroughly evaluate the technical capabilities of each of the proposed games. Decide on the visuals you want to see. Then look at the number of spinning reels available, as well as the number of paylines currently active. Pay attention to the bonuses offered by this or that slot. A greater number of bonuses gives higher chances of final success. You also need to decide on your bank. And then look at the size of bets (lows and highs). And correlate your opportunities with the proposed rates. This will help you to avoid unnecessary risks.

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