The gambling industry is very attractive, but the main reason why people play in online casino is money. But in order to start making money in online casino, you need to take the first step in the career of a gambler - put money into a gaming account and create your first deposit. The casinos offer various ways of implementing financial transactions acting on different terms - some of them are faster and more reliable, and some may include a commission that will affect the amount of money you withdraw.

Some online casinos, have only one or two payment methods and these casinos do not allow users to change payment system by your own, you can only change it with the help of website-support and few verification processes, and thats inconvenient. That's why you should not carelessly choose the method of payment. Read more about all the advantages and disadvantages of different payment methods before choosing one of them.

Credit and Debit payment cards

Most popular payment methods

Different online casinos have many differences, and one of them is the number of payment methods available to players. Some casinos offer only a couple of payment methods, some are dozens, some of which are available only in certain countries, but most of the resources have one thing in common: they accept credit cards and payments through e-wallets. These methods, without a doubt, the most popular and widespread payment methods among players around the world.

Credit and payment cards have been popular since the online gambling industry began to thrive in the 1990s, and is still the most commonly used payment method. Over the past 10 years, payment systems such as Skrill, Neteller, Paypal have become extremely popular, so it is not surprising that they are represented in almost all casinos. The main advantages of these systems are safety and reliability. Since these are well-known brands, you can be sure that your money is safe.

One of the problems that you may encounter using card payments is that not all banks support the transfer of funds to the card and are quite strict about using cards for online gambling, so you should clarify this information. Otherwise, to use payment cards you will have to provide the casino with some documents. This fuss with documents can be quite tiring, so if you often change casino, then card payments may not be the best choice for you.

In this case, it is better to use payment systems, which act as online wallets (e-wallets), this will allow you to store money transferred from a credit card any financial transactions. Open such an account is very simple, you do not need any special knowledge, and the whole procedure will take few minutes. Do not forget that when using the majority of online payment systems, a certain commission is charged when withdrawing funds. It is low and will not significantly affect the amount of your payments.

Less popular forms of payment

Bank transfers are as reliable as card payments and electronic wallets, but deposits and withdrawal of money from your casino account takes a long time. If you choose bank transfers, you can either send a check from the bank, or notify the bank of the transaction in online mode. In any case, if you want to refill deposit in casino it will take 2-5 working days, and for withdrawal - up to 14 working days.

Some players do not want to use credit cards for online gambling games or simply do not want to provide personal information to online payment systems. This is due to a variety of reasons, and if this is your case, then the best choice for you will be prepaid payment methods. The most popular among them are Ekash and Paysafecard, you will find them in almost every proven casinos. They are based on special vouchers that can be bought in stores. Each voucher has a unique code, after which your account will be credited to the amount paid by you for this voucher. This method of payment is ideal because it does not leave any traces, except in the history of transactions of your game account, which can be very convenient for some players.

Regardless of which payment method you will choose, it is very important to ensure the security of transactions, so choose only those casinos that use the latest data encryption technologies and ensure the reliability of your money and personal information.