BankTransfer Payment Method in Casinos

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Bank transfer is a non-cash form of payment for services. It consists in making payment by one party (Payer) to the other party (Recipient). Translation is carried out by facsimile, telegraph or electronic communication. The latter method is the most optimal and more secure at present. The essence of electronic communication is in electronic encryption of payment details. Each client of the Bank has its own unique data assigned by the Automated Banking System and is called the client details. In addition, the Bank itself, when registering with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, receives personal identification data, which are also called Bank details. In order to send a bank transfer, the Payer prepares a payment order. This is a settlement document that allows the account holder (payer) to instruct the Bank to transfer non-cash funds in favor of a client of another Bank (Recipient). The payment order is accepted by the Bank for unconditional execution and is reliable, if the balance on the current account of the sending client allows the transaction. In the executable document, all details of the Paying Bank, Beneficiary Bank and Paying Customer and Beneficiary Customer are indicated.

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Required details to fill during BankTransfer are:

  • Name of the Paying Bank and Beneficiary Bank
  • Bank Identification Number (BIC) of the Paying Bank and the Beneficiary Bank
  • Send form (facsimile, telegraph, electronic)

Please note that most of the online casinos support this payment method.

For the paying customer:

  • Customer name
  • Account number (usually 20 characters)
  • Amount of payment (in figures and in words)
  • The purpose of the payment (should not contradict the legislation of your country)

For the beneficiary client:

  • Customer/Company name
  • Account number

It should be noted that in case of incomplete or incorrect indication of any requisite, the Bank reserves the right not to execute the payment until the correct details of the payment are specified.

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