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On you can get the lastest guides for beginners, who make the first steps in online gambling, and useful info for the pros as well. I will help you to avoid making mistakes when choosing trusted online casino for your enjoyment.

For the last ten years, online casinos became more than just an entertainment, accessible to a narrow circle of users. Currently, they are regularly visited by millions of players from around the world.

Let's take a step-by-step look at how to choose the right casino, create account, deposit and make bets with real money. As examples we will take real conditions that you will encounter in popular online casinos.

Believe me, a few minutes spent by reading this article, nothing compared to the money that you can lose as a result of a reckless approach of choosing an online casino.

In modern online gambling there are thousands of online portals offering a huge number of games, bonuses, jackpots, tournaments and a variety of promotions. Orientation in this diversity is sometimes difficult even for experts, not to mention the novice users. That is why, I have made all these articles and website. I want to help my fellow gamblers to choose right online casino for entertainment and earnings. Below, you can find my recommendations regarding online casinos which play fair and if you don't like my top pick, you can find tips on how to choose reliable online casino by yourself, just scroll down a bit.

Our top list of trusted casinos

Bgaoc - best guides, reviews, articles and other stuff related to gambling games and online casinosChoosing the reliable online casino - tips for beginners

We advise you to consider all potential "candidates" by the following criteria: 

  • How legit is their activity - The site must have documents that give it the right to provide services in the field of online gambling. It's about the licenses issued by the government bodies of different countries. Study these documents carefully. Ideally, copies of licenses and links to official websites of regulators should be provided, which should contain information about this licensee.
  • Software - Quality software is a prerequisite for choosing a casino. Games must be licensed, from a trusted developer. Even better, if they are additionally certified by independent auditors. Only in this way you can be sure that the games can be trusted, and the results of all rounds and outcomes are determined by the random number generator (RNG).
  • Reputation of the casino - Even with the availability of licenses and software of the best brands, the institution can have a bad reputation with its customers. This may be due to unfair bonus policy, unintelligible support, slow payouts and many other factors. Therefore, be sure to be interested in the opinions of real players about online casinos. Just do not forget that reviews on thematic sites are often biased, or even simply ordered by one of the operators.
  • Financial issues - When choosing an online casino, pay attention to supported currencies and payment systems. You should be able to quickly and conveniently deposit / withdraw money, as well as bet in the preferred currency.
  • Territorial restrictions - Many operators do not allow registration of residents of certain countries and regions. In such cases, as a rule, you will not be able to open an account. Moreover, often you will not be able to enter the website, because country may be blocked by IP address. There may be even worse thing - if the casino allows you to play, but applies restrictions for you on the bonus program or some additional aspects. You should find out if choosen casino has some of the issues described above.
  • Bonus policy - It is impossible to imagine a modern casino without a variety of incentive bonuses. It can be all kinds of them, free spins, cashback and much more, which makes the gameplay more interesting and profitable. Of course, not for all users, the availability of bonuses is the main criterion when choosing a gambling portal, but it is better to give preference to institutions with a developed system of promos.
  • How support is working - If you are seriously going to play for money in online casino, be sure to talk with the support team. Ask them a few questions - even if these questions banal. It is important to know how they react to customers' appeals. You should be sure that if you have problems, you can immediately solve them.

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Online Slots - Beginner tips

First of all, I want to note, that there is a lot of different types of online slots, as well as slot games. Regarding the more advanced description and guides for online slots you need to visit relevant section of my website. Here I want to give a quick understanding on some of the key aspects of online slots (overall) for beginners.

Secondly, you should know that each online slot has a certain percentage of money return - payout. Usually it is 95-98%. This means that for every $100 you lose, the casino must return $95- $98.

Online casinos often place such slots in the list of "hot" slot games, so pay attantion to that. Trust them or not - hard to say, you need to learn feedback and comments from other people which had experience with the casino you want to play in. The main advice here - if you see that you only lose money in this app, change it to another.

Types of Online Slots

In addition to payout, you need to know the variance of the slot you are going to play. All slots are divided into three parts. High-, medium- and low-roller slots.

Low-roller slot games will give out a winning combination on almost every spin, but in most cases the win amount will be less than your bet amount. In such slots, it is extremely difficult to get a large win, because the multiplication rate is extremely small. However, such slots as none are better suited for winning your money back, because even with a generally unfortunate session, your balance will remain approximately at the same level and this is good for training in playing for real money.

Medium-roller slots are the golden mean. Winning combinations in such slots will be less common than in low-roller slots, but the bet multiplier ratio is much higher. Such slots are chosen by the majority of players who, in addition to winning, come to online casino for the game process itself. They are safer than high-roller slots and can become more profitable than low-roller slots.

Finally, the flagships of all high rollers - high-roller slots. Here you will rejoice at each winning combination, because there will not be so many of them. Such slots are often chosen by streamers, which play with large bets, to impress audience and make video stream spectacular. You need to have iron nerves, because you won't be able to win here for a loooooong time.

I've also made my own pick of online slots I love and play, this list is similar to the online casinos list. It contains only tested and trusted online slots I have played in. Feel free to try them out.

Best Casino Slots

Bonuses, promotions and prizes

All major web casinos are constantly holding promotions to attract new customers. Among them there are a lot of really good offers that can help you increase profits. Also, you should carefully read the information about the loyalty program. Almost all online gambling establishments award you with the bonus points for making bets, and these points can be exchanged for things from the official store, like free spins, cash prizes and much more.

Almost every online casino tries to attract customers with interesting and profitable promotions (this is due to high competition in this niche).It's unlikely that you will get as a welcome bonus - $1000 in traditional casino, but in online casinos you can get it only by registering on the website, I've seen even $5000 bonus in some casinos (although with some conditions - you need make first deposit in amount of $500 or more).

Interesting and profitable tournaments are frequent events in online casinos as well, where the most active players always receive generous rewards. In addition, it is worth mentioning about the VIP program: the higher your rating in the web-portal, the more privileges you will have.