Can Casinos Kick You Out For Winning?

Can a Casino Block a Player So As Not To Pay a Win?

Naïve gamblers may think that online casinos have no reasons to restrict the player’s access to gambling games, block their casino accounts, or deny withdrawals. However, in reality, things are not always smooth. If you’re violating the rules, the casino can punish you in a variety of ways.   

Violation of Terms and Conditions

It’s no secret that online casinos put a great deal of efforts, time, and money into acquiring new clients. However, if the player keeps violating the Terms and Conditions, the gambling site will have to block his or her account. If you get lucky, you’ll get away with a warning. 

The fact that the online casino is an entertainment platform doesn’t mean that players are free to do whatever they want and ignore the rules. Online casinos have zero tolerance to violations of any sorts. If you want to be respected by the casino, you must respect its rules and requirements.

Multiple Accounts

One client is only allowed to have one account on the gambling site. However, some gamblers are using different IP addresses and different personal data to create multiple accounts. This way, they get bonuses to each of their accounts. Imagine thousands of such scammers and you’ll realize that such illegal practices take a big toll on the casino’s budget. Once the dishonest owner of multiple accounts is revealed, they get a lifetime ban on accessing the casino.  

Bonus Hunters

Bonus hunting is another problem that online casinos are trying to fight. No one likes the wagering requirements, and some users are looking for the ways to avoid them.

The goal of bonus hunters is to cash out welcome bonuses without having to meet the wagering requirements. Some users actually succeed in fooling the casino. Needless to say that if the casino fails to protect itself from foxy players, it risks going bust.


Hacking is, by a big margin, the most serious violation committed by gamblers. The Terms and Conditions clearly state that the player must not try to interfere with the gameplay or do anything illegal to affect the outcome of the game. If you’re caught, your winnings will be cancelled and your account blocked. 

Underage Players

In most countries, the legislation prohibits users under 18 years old to make real money bets on gambling sites. If you try to cheat the online casino by providing a false ID, you’re most likely to obtain a lifetime ban on playing on the website.  

Abandoned Account

Abandoned accounts are a very common problem for gambling websites. If the user hasn’t accessed their account for a long time, the casino has the right to block it and take the money. However, before doing so, the casino always contacts the account owner and notifies them of the upcoming deactivation.