Free Online games: the most important trends of 2022

The most important trends in iGaming of 2022

The reality of online casinos has only existed for a few decades, yet it is an industry that is rapidly and constantly changing. From around 2020 onwards, i.e. since the pandemic began, many people around the world have been looking for ways to entertain themselves online during the various extended lockdowns.

With technological advances slowly but surely changing our routines - and everything moving into the digital space - it is not hard to understand the success of digital casinos.

Why are online casinos so popular? In fact, we can say that this is a particularly happy time for digital casino games. From live games to mobile gaming, online casinos are an emerging industry with unstoppable growth. Consider that statistics reveal the online casino industry is set to be worth $565 billion by 2022.

Although land-based casinos were losing popularity, even before the pandemic, the blow from the Coronavirus-imposed closures, was a heavy one.

However, the pandemic aside, both players and investors in the casino industry agree on the huge potential of mobile gaming like free slot online.

Adding to the positive trend, there are other emerging elements, especially among younger players. Examples include the use of VR viewers; the introduction of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology; and the surge in eSports betting.

Let's find out which are the most relevant trends of 2022!

Easy access Bonus and Promo

With the ability to log on whenever and wherever you want and play on the best digital casinos in a couple of clicks and get free slot games, it's no surprise that the easy accessibility factor is one of the most attractive to players. In addition, the lower costs of running and maintaining digital casinos compared to land-based casinos allows room to offer the public truly advantageous Bonuses and Promotions.

Live Game show

Online casinos are starting to provide something akin to a real-life experience, although in a demo digital version. In fact, the introduction of Live Game Shows with live dealers has allowed them to conquer a niche of players on a completely different level, than ever before.

Virtual and augmented reality

The Metaverse has created a ripple giode effect in the digital world, raising the bar even for online casinos looking for a completely different dimension of online gaming.

Therefore, thanks to Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), you can enjoy an exciting game of Poker, Blackjack or Roulette, while wearing VR visors, from the comfort of your home.

Indeed, VR and AR allow people to fully immerse themselves in the game, especially in 2022, when Facebook announced its rebranding to Meta. The next goal of the popular social platform is to make VR games reachable worldwide.

The term 'Metaverse' is an invention of science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, to refer to a virtual reality world in which people have the opportunity to enjoy immersive experiences through the use of a VR visor, bridging the gap between the online world and physical reality.

If we consider this dimension in the online casino industry, it means that people will be able to experience the sights and sounds of a Las Vegas casino directly from their home computer.


Casinos using cryptocurrencies have become particularly popular online. Digital platforms that accept cryptocurrency deposits such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, have several advantages. Indeed, the use of decentralized digital currencies has opened up online casinos even to those countries where both regulations and financial laws make access difficult.

Hence, several crypto casinos have fully entered the industry, thanks to the fact that players wager in units of BTC or other digital currencies with the ability to deposit and withdraw in their preferred cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology is also exploited to develop peculiar casino games and even cryptographic lotteries, which are less vulnerable to manipulation or hacking of the RNG (random number generator). Moreover, every type of Blockchain transaction is verifiable on a digital ledger. Undoubtedly, these features enhance the gaming experience and improve the transparency of digital casino activities.

In other words, the anonymity of cryptocurrencies allows people to gain financial freedom that was unthinkable a few years ago.

Essentially, everyone can be their own personal bank and this translates to online casino gaming as well, since unlike high-end banks, one does not run the risk of account closure and blocked transactions when using a crypto wallet.

Although cryptocurrencies are still a bit of an obscure dimension for most people, we currently cannot imagine the world without them.

Casinos that accept cryptocurrencies are actually successful and several online casinos have realized the potential and are accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

With the guarantee of anonymity and privacy protection, your assets are safe for a peaceful and serene gaming experience.


eSports - short for electronic sports - is one of the most attractive sectors for the next generation of online gamers as it allows you to bet on popular video game titles such as FIFA, but also the multiplayer fantasy game DOTA 2, the sequel to Defense of the Ancients, similar to Warcraft. It will also be possible to bet on PC first-person shooter (FPS) games Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, especially its most popular expansion CS: GO (Counter-Strike Global Offensive).

Sports betting and online casinos are a great combination. In fact, many online casino sites that deal in sports betting offer odds on real sports such as football, horse racing, basketball, along with virtual sports.

What were once considered niche hobbies are now industries in their own right, as video game fans are keen to bet on the outcome of online multiplayer games. On the other hand, the most talented players are becoming as famous as athletes in field sports.

Conclusions on 2022 online gaming trends

The world of iGaming is changing really fast, especially thanks to technological innovation. In the last few years several trends have emerged and are gradually growing to consolidate in 2022. From Live Game Shows to cryptocurrencies, from Metaverse to eSports, the casino industry is tending more and more towards a greater offer and complexity.