How Do I Pick A Good Slot Machine?

How To Choose A Winning Online Slot Machine?

Choosing a good slot machine is no child’s play. If you visit any gaming website, you’ll discover a head-spinning variety of slots that differ by design, payouts, plots, gameplay, betting range, bonus symbols, etc. While most gamblers focus on the slot’s theme and design, these are not the only characteristics you should consider. It’s also crucial to find out what payout percentage a slot offers, i.e. what part of the money wagered it returns to players. A jackpot is another parameter you can’t overlook. While some gamblers only choose slots with progressive jackpots, others are happy with regular payouts. With a huge selection of titles, looking for a worthy slot game can take days! We decided to give you a hand in this challenging matter. This article outlines the main slot characteristics you should take into account.


Slot Design

Theme and graphics are the most obvious characteristics that catch a player’s eye. The visual aspect of a slot can’t be underestimated. It’s crucial that you like the design of the slot you’re playing. Otherwise, you won’t get any pleasure from playing it! With that in mind, software manufacturers create visually attractive slot machines that stir a player’s imagination and kindle their gambling passion.

Design mainly serves for distinguishing a slot among its competitors. However, along with visual attractiveness, a slot must deliver a powerful player experience. It goes without saying that a stellar design can’t make up for a poorly organized gameplay or small winnings.

Rules, Multipliers, and Bonuses

Slot Lines

The majority of slots have an identical structure, featuring 5 reels and 1 to 15 paylines. However, this does not mean that all slots resemble each other like two drops of water. On the contrary, casino software providers aim to pack each game with unique features and options. As a result, slots have not only different interfaces, but also different payouts, bonuses, double features, and special symbols.

Nowadays, picky players would hardly fall for a slot without bonus games, high-paying symbols or free spins. There is no denying that a slot packed with additional features is more fun to play! Plus, it and pays better. When rating a slot, a smart gambler always considers the money-making opportunities it has to offer.

Slots also form winning combinations is a different way. In some titles, paying combinations start from 2 symbols, not 3. Needless to say, this is very good news for players who have more chances of hitting a payout!

Payout Percentage

Look for slots with high payout percentages (RTP). The problem is that online casinos are unwilling to reveal this kind of information for each specific slot. Usually, a casino gives an average RTP value for all slots available on its website. Don’t worry, though. If a slot is made by a renowned software company, chances are that it features a sky-high RTP ranging from 95 to 98%. Here is a small insight you should know: slots with jackpots tend to pay less frequently than their regular counterparts. So if you’re after frequent wins, be sure to avoid titles with jackpots!

Slot Providers

If you’re convinced that all slots are the same, you should think again. Each major software manufacturer stands out through their unique style and solutions. If you liked the gameplay and bonuses in a slot, be sure to try out other titles by the same manufacturer. We bet those other slots will have similar features and solutions, multiplying your enjoyment of gambling! If you found something you like, why not stick with it?