Will online gambling change because of Generation Z?

Gen Z and online gambling entertainment

One of the experts in gambling innovation and chairman of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, made a report that in the era of digital change, the casino business can no longer remain as it used to be. The expert refers to observations of young people between the ages of 16 and 20. That is what is considered the new generation "Z" or as they are also called "Zoomers": people who were born in the digital age (namely between 2000 and 2005). What makes them so special and how can they influence online gambling? Let's take a closer look at this question...

So, who are these Zoomers?

Let's start in order, let's understand the nature of Generation Z first. Generation Z are people born into millennial families in the digital age. Generation Z doesn't understand how they can do without smartphones, tablets and AR/VR devices. Many refer to the Zoomers as "digital people". Generation Z cannot visualize a world without innovation and technology development that their parents, much less their grandparents, could not even imagine.

In fact, Generation Z is unique, the first on Earth to emerge in the digital age. All of this has left its unpleasant imprint. Zoomers are heavily dependent on their smartphones, which has even caused a new kind of mental illness called Nomophobia. Nomophobia is the fear of being away from a smartphone or without one at all. Remarkably, this phobia has no cure at the moment and it is almost impossible to get rid of it. Nomophobia is comparable to addiction to heroin and other powerful drugs.

But in spite of this, Zoomers are not considered addicts. Addiction is caused by the social trait of the Zoomers, and the smartphone is a way to "stay in touch" always and everywhere. And it is the generation of "digital people" that will change all areas of our life and entertainment segment, including online gambling. That is why modern online casinos have to react quickly and be ready to change. Casino games must become geared towards social communication and interaction with each other, not to mention the gamification of all gambling entertainment. Naturally, there will still be a place for "classics," but that will eventually fade into the background too.

Zoomers dictate trends in the gambling niche

Gambling has always been individual (except poker), where communication is largely absent and the player is in a kind of "isolation," where there is only him and his game. But Generation Z does not tolerate this kind of entertainment, in their life the main role is played by "group cohesion". All aspects of life, including gambling and other entertainment for the Zoomers take place in a group of friends or buddies, and "isolation" and solitude are alien to Generation Z.

We need to change the approach to get the attention of the new generation players

The new concept of "player cohesion", game software developers should more actively implement in their new projects. All this will allow to increase the number of players in online casinos and attract the audience of Zoomers.