Are Slot Machines Totally Random?

How Does RNG In Online Casino Slots Work?

Random number generator (RNG) is the essence of any online slot. Speaking in plain language, RNG is a computer program that produces sequences of numbers. But are these numbers totally random? Is there a logic behind winning combinations that appear on the slot screen? In this article, we’re going to shed light on these tricky questions.

Non-Random Numbers 

For starters, it needs to be said that modern slot machines can be using both random and pseudorandom number generators.  

In case with pseudorandom number generators, a smart algorithm forms combinations out of the finite number of options. This means that theoretically the player can predict the outcome of the upcoming spin.  

However, to do that, the player would need to have exhaustive information on the program generating pseudorandom numbers. In reality, players don’t have access to that kind of information, and there is no way a slot manufacturer makes these data public. 

Random Numbers

Random number generator is impossible to predict, regardless of whether or not you have access to its algorithm. The strings of numbers created by RNG are 100% random. The outcome of each spin is affected by only one factor, which is luck.   

Can You Hack a RNG?

If you make an attempt to hack an online slot or sabotage its operation in any other way, prepare the face the consequences. It doesn’t matter which type of number generator the one-armed bandit is using. Hacking a slot is a serious crime that leads to severe punishment across different legislations all over the globe. 

It needs to be said that of the player succeeds in accessing the code of the pseudorandom number generator, they stand a chance of finding out the result of the next spin. However, this scenario is feasible only in theory. In real life, this is hardly going to happen.

How To Make Sure RNG Works Correctly

We hate to disappoint you but there is no way you can find out whether or not the random number generator in your slot produces accurate and integral results. This is the direct responsibility of regulatory authorities and independent auditing companies.  

The top authoritative bodies in this field are Price Waterhouse Coopers, eCOGRA, and Technical Systems Testing. Be sure to scrutinize the website of your online casino. If the casino has the certification of one of the above organizations, you can rest assured that its slots and other games are fair. On the websites of the regulatory authorities, you can find detailed inspection reports on each casino. These data are freely available to any user.  

If the regulatory body or auditing company detected a violation, it has the power to keep the online casino from providing gambling services until such a violation are corrected. If the violation in question is a grave one, the online casino risks losing its license altogether. This will be a very hard blow on the casino’s reputation. 

Unpredictable Results

For a common player, it doesn’t really matter whether the slot is using the random or pseudorandom number generator. The outcome of each spin is unpredictable anyway! When hitting the Spin button, you never know for sure what symbols will line up on the reels within the next 5 seconds. The only thing you can do is guess. If you ask us, this is the most beautiful thing about playing one-armed bandits!