Online Slots Payout and RTP

All You Need to Know About RTP And Online Slots Payout

The RTP (Return to Player Percentage) is one of the major characteristics of modern slot machines. It indicates what percentage of money wagered a slot pays back to a player in form of winningsNaturally, gamblers tend to choose slots with high RTPs.

Why is RTP so important?

For the most part, slots feature a 95-98% RTP.

Please note that a slot never pays back 100% of the money spent by players.

It would defeat the very purpose of online casinos. The difference between 100% and RTP is the house edge, i.e. the profit a casino makes.

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RTP is another proof that you can’t keep winning in online casinos. Out of each 100 dollars wagered, $2-5 dollars you’ll never see back. However, there is an important detail we’d like to emphasize.

RTP is calculated for a large number of bets made over a certain period of time.

For example, a slot returns 98% of all bets made by all players over a month.

With that in mind, you must not expect to get back 98% of your money. RTP is an averaged value that applies to all gamblers in general and not every single one. While some player may get back more than 98% of his bets, another player may get less. Calculating RTP for each player is impossible.

Nonetheless, RTP shows that – despite a house edge – a player enjoys pretty high winning chances.

RTP values are rigorously checked by regulatory authorities. There is no chance a casino can interfere with RTP and make it smaller to boost its profits. No respectable gaming site would risk their reputation by getting involved into such a fraud. You can rest assured in that regard.

How to find out RPT

RTP is a public information which is accessible by all players. You can easily find it by reading the Terms of Use on a casino website, or by asking the customer support. Note that different games have different RTPs. Slots are known for having the juiciest RTPs in the industry – this is why everyone is so mad about them.

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Among online casinos, it’s a common practice not to reveal RTP for each specific slot. Otherwise, gamblers would only play slot machines with the highest RTP, ignoring other apps! That would cut casino profits and reduce the variety of exciting games.

At the same time, nothing stops you from trying to find out RTP for the slot (or slots) you like. Go to the website of the software provider and look for that kind of information. If you fail to find it, contact the company and ask about RTP for your selected slot. If the company is reluctant to give you the exact value, you may at least learn the range in which the RTP value lies.

When looking for the highest-paying slots, you should not ignore your gut feeling. Yeah, you got that right! If it seems like a certain slot is more generous to you than others, stick with it! Chances are that you’ve come across a true gem with a sky-high RTP. Remember about dispersion though. Your current winnings may give way to a disappointing losing streak.

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RPT in other casino games

Slots feature RTP which is not only high but also consistent. It’s because a player can’t affect the outcome of the game and increase RTP in any way. Once you placed your wager, there is nothing you can do but wait for the reels to stop and reveal a combination of symbols. Many slots have a double-up feature where you have a 50-50 chance of winning. In this case, RTP does not apply.

As for other games, the situation is somewhat different. Let’s take blackjack as an example.

By using a winning strategy, you can affect the outcome of the game, and therefore boost your winning chances.

At the same time, if you make mistake after mistake, it’ll inevitably undermine your chances to succeed.

If you’re playing a game that comes with an optimal strategy, you should not bother about its RTP value. You should focus on finding (or devising) a winning strategy that will improve your odds at winning. This does not work for slots, though. Since you can’t apply an optimal strategy in slots, your winning chances always stay the same.

But also you can play free slots without money and never lose! But, never win too.