Click2Pay - Online Casino Payment System

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The electronic payment system Click2Pay began to work relatively recently, in 2003, but for these thirteen years it has achieved significant results, it has already been used by millions of people around the world and is respected by partners. Due to the emergence of the Click2Pay service, customers received additional payment options, with its help today you can pay for a wide variety of goods and services via the Internet, one of these services - deposits in online casinos. When this electronic payment system appeared, representatives of the gambling business showed great interest in the Click2Pay payment system. Many operators have integrated Click2Pay into their online casinos. Thus, players have another great service for financial transactions. The Click2Pay online casino payment system allows players to replenish their deposits and withdraw funds.

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Sign up for Click2Pay Online Casino Payment System

Surely people who have long been friends with the Internet, have repeatedly met with various kinds of registration, wanting to participate in any kind of promotions or simply starting personal accounts in programs and on websites.

Therefore, registration and execution of a payment transaction should not cause major problems, but for greater reliability, we “decipher” the actions that you need to perform on the website of the online casino payment system.

After you enter the site, you need to fill in the join now form, having entered your personal data in it, after which the Continue button will appear. Next, you need to carefully check all the information entered and click Continue again.

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After that, you need to activate the account by entering into the form - activation code that the system will send you to the e-mail address you've previously entered.

Now, something that alarming many users will happen - the support service of the system will call you to verify your persona.

On this pleasant note, your registration is considered complete, and the system will be fully at your service.

The account will be activated, and it will be assigned the status of "two stars", which in the rating is considered initial. With further use of the electronic payment system — deposit and many other operations — the rating rises. But two stars is enough to register and deposit in online casinos.

Further actions of a casino user with Click2Pay are quite simple: if he is not registered on the casino site, then here you need to go through the registration procedure on the website of chosen online casino, and then replenish your balance you want to play for.

Gambling experts recommend using a Visa credit card. If it is linked to a Click2Pay account, then it is not necessary to transfer funds from it, as they will be credited to the account automatically.

Benefits of Click2Pay

The undoubted advantages of the Click2Pay electronic payment system in the online casino include:

  • Simple and fast transaction method.
  • The presence of the system on the sites of all online casinos.
  • The system provides a user with a branded Click2Pay / MAESTRO debit card.
  • Personal data of a bank card is entered only once - during registration, which guarantees complete security.
  • The possibility of easy transfer of funds from the account of one online casino to another account on different websites.
  • When withdrawing from the casino account with Click2Pay, the funds remain in the system, then they can be withdrawn using an ATM.
  • Currencies in Click2Pay have converted automatically.
  • The resulting Click2Pay / MAESTRO debit card is non-nominal and anonymous, with which the user can easily pay at an online casino, and financial transactions will not be tracked by anyone. In this case, you can withdraw money from the card at an ATM.

Withdrawal methods and fees

The ways of withdrawing funds from a Click2Pay account are quite simple: with a check, a Maestro card or a personal bank card at ATMs and a bank transfer.

The check must be ordered by paying $2; when withdrawing cash from ATMs, a commission of2% of the amount is charged; you need to pay $10 for the Click2Pay / MAESTRO card, and 2% of the amount when withdrawing funds from it; for withdrawal from a personal bank card - 3%.

The electronic payment system Click2Pay for online casinos is integrated into almost all gambling establishments and betting companies, many affiliate programs work with it, which indicates Click2Pay’s reliability and security.

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