Deposits in Online Casinos with American Express

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Before talking about the advantages of credit cards of this payment system, it will be useful for the reader to find out what it is all about and what are its differences from the two main market “monsters”. It is interesting that initially, American Express is a company for the transportation of valuable cargoes, founded in 1850. But this direction helped the development of the brand in the future. Traveling around the world, employees of the company were the first to see the demand for remote use of money. Therefore, in 1891 the first traveler’s check AmEx was issued. Traveler’s checks were for a long time the main priority of the American organization, and even now American Express is associated with many customers. More than 100 years it took the system to come to the "plastic" as we know it now. It is alleged that the first customer to receive an AmEx credit card was in 1958. Elvis Presley. The direction has evolved. Moreover, the main philosophy of the company remains the same now, it is to work on quality, not quantity.

Apparently, something in this idea alerted the main competitors, because there was a period when Visa and MasterCard prohibited their member banks from cooperating with American Express.

For a long time, AmEx payment cards have been positioned as a product designed exclusively for travelers. But after the company began to actively develop and attract TSE (trade and service enterprises) around the world to its side, giving customers a chance to get discounts, various categories of customers became interested in AmEx cards. Now AmEx cards can be used for deposits and withdrawals in online casinos, the main advantage of using an AmEx card in a casino - great cashback bonuses during the deposit of a big sum of money. You can play online casinos that support AmEx from the list of our online casino websites.

Currently, American Express is recognized as one of the most expensive global brands. These credit cards are quite expensive instruments, designed for wealthy people. The service level is appropriate.

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AmEx Cards: Profitable Benefits from Travel Payments and Deposits in Casinos

So, let's talk about the privileges that the AmEx cardholder receives. Let's start with travel because this is the main direction of the payment system.

If you pay for a trip with an American Express card, you automatically get insurance.

  • The company compensates for the delay or cancellation of the flight, as well as the inadvertent refusal of the trip. The amount of compensation ranges from 250 to 500 dollars
  • The payment system will compensate for the inconvenience that you have experienced due to the loss or delay of baggage. Amount - up to 1500 dollars depending on the type of card
  • When traveling, you are insured for the amount from 20,000 to 500,000 dollars.

In online casinos and other virtual gambling establishments you will receive big cashbacks if you deposit big sums with use of American Express Cards.

The main disadvantage of the American Express - not every casino supports this type of payment.

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