Entropay Casino Payment System

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Entropay is managed by Ixaris Systems Ltd, which has been regulated by the cash management service since 2009. The company registration number is 540990. The service is licensed by Valletta Bank, which cooperates with Visa Europe. Entropay is registered in England and Wales under number 04072405, its headquarters is located at 52 Grosvenor Gardens SW1W 0AU in London. Reliability of payments and personal data is maintained using a 128-bit encryption protocol, which makes it almost impossible to intercept traffic between the user and the server. After the first access to the service, your data is securely protected by a special firewall. The username and password chosen by the system user are so secret that even the employees of Entropay cannot see them, let alone the intruders. No other system can boast of such an encryption scheme.

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When using a virtual Entropay Visa card, you have several advantages

  • This card is a type of Visa, which automatically makes it available for use both by smartphone and by using a desktop/laptop computer. It is only necessary to create an account, transfer money using any payment method which is convenient for you;
  • The absence of a cash check makes it possible to open a card to any user, regardless of his credit history;
  • This card is prepaid, so you can spend only those funds that you have previously deposited into the account. During registration, you will receive a 16-digit number and a three-digit CVV code, after which you can safely use the card even without the need to confirm registration by means of e-mail;
  • Since the card is virtual, you need a computer or smartphone to use it;
  • Platform security is guaranteed by state-of-the-art technology;
  • The system is private;
  • Instant operations;
  • Flexibility: the account on the card can be replenished with debit and credit cards, or by bank transfer;
  • Multicurrency: the ability to convert money into any other available currency;
  • Returning part of the money spent as a reward for using the Visa Virtual system.

Specifications of Entropay in Online Casinos

Among the advantages of this payment system are the following:

  1. The ability to pay for online casino services without using personal data;
  2. With Entropay, you can safely and conveniently get a way to receive and send money anytime, anywhere with just a couple of mouse clicks. You can easily entrust the conduct of any operation to this service;
  3. The Visa prepaid card makes the transfer process instant, so you will no longer need to languish while waiting for a transaction. There is nothing easier than making a payment, without being distracted by trifles;

At present, many monetary transactions are conducted using mechanisms that guarantee only minimal protection for the buyer. Entering personal data and numbers when using debit and credit cards for online payments can be a risky undertaking. With Entropay, your data will not be shared with anyone, being securely protected which is makes Entropay perfect payment solution for online casinos.

With regular use of a Bank transfer, you can use Entropay to attach your bank account, after which:

  • Use the money in enhanced security mode;
  • Transfer funds between existing accounts;
  • Withdraw funds from the virtual card account or online casino account;
  • Be protected from unauthorized transfers.
  • Constantly upgrading, the service acquires more and more new functions, including currency conversion through Entropay;
  • 14 different currencies are available;

Entropay Key Features and Fees

Entropay cards are economical because have a simple structure making them one of the most attractive methods for online payment in online casinos. Inside the system, the transfer of funds is completely free. Below is a list of key operations and the interest charged for their use:

  • Opening an account is free;
  • Creating a virtual Visa card is free of charge;
  • Creating a card with your debit and credit cards - 4.95%;
  • Receipt of funds from the card seller - 1.95%;
  • Transfers between Entropay cards - 0.20 $ / 10 pounds / 0.15 euro;
  • Currency exchange fee - 2%;
  • Payment for goods and services is free;
  • Refund to a debit or credit card - 6 dollars / 3 pounds / 4.5 euros;

If you need to clarify some details or solve pressing problems related to the use of the service, you can contact the help desk by clicking on the Support menu, and then select the item Contact us. Calls to technical support are possible through a letter to the email address (the answer to your request will be processed within 24 hours), as well as through a letter to the real mailing address. There is also a FAQ block with a list of frequently asked questions and answers to them.

How to use it?

You can register in the system using a quick script, for which you will need to click on the Register fast button in the left column of the official website. After that, you will be given instructions in English. The quick registration process allows you to skip tedious data entry with just a couple of clicks. First of all, you should enter your name, date of birth and other personal data. In the second - you need to specify the details of the debit or credit card that you want to use to add money to your main account. And the last - you need to decide how much you want to put on your virtual card. That's all, once creating a card, you can immediately begin to spend money with it.

To log in, you will have to enter your login - username and password, or you can log in using social networks like Facebook.


The service greatly simplifies financial operations, which allows customers of mobile casinos to play slot machines for money from a phone. Through cooperation with Entropay, you get some in-system bonuses that allow you to transfer, exchange and receive funds at attractive rates.

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