PaySafeCard: confidential payments on the Internet

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The PaySafeCard payment system is especially popular in the US and European countries. Deposit, withdrawal, and exchange of funds for such cards is not made, the buyer purchases plastic with a certain amount in the account of the card itself. No fees are charged for payments, all funds are used by the cardholder. PaySafeCard cards can be purchased at specialized points. The official website of the system indicates in which countries there are points for the purchase of such cards and where the points of sale are located. Cards may not look like plastic cards at all, in some cases a customer receives coupons. However, the shape of the plastic does not matter, because the most important thing in PaySafeCard is a special code that is located under the protective layer. To pay for any purchase on the websites of online casinos, on the card, you need to erase the protective layer and enter the code online. The PaySafeCard codes accept thousands of different sites, but before using the system’s card, it’s better to make sure that there is such an opportunity. PaySafeCard cards guarantee the client:

  • confidentiality of purchases;
  • prompt payment;
  • the ability to use up to 10 codes from different cards;
  • the ability to use cards with different denominations;
  • convenience when making payments;
  • full security.

Today, more than 3,500 online casino websites support the Paysafecard system, including several poker sites. If you play in an online casino that accepts Paysafecard, you simply enter a 16-digit PIN, and your funds will immediately go to your gaming account as a deposit.

The advantages of using Paysafecard in online casinos are anonymity and reliability.

The disadvantages are the absence of PaySafeCard cards in some countries, the impossibility of withdrawing money on them and the rare occurrence in online casinos as a payment system.

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Privacy of PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard cards guarantee owner confidentiality when purchasing goods and paying for services. When a customer buys cards of the system, no personal data is required of him, even bank details are not required to be reported. Therefore, the owner of PaySafeCard remains completely anonymous, making payments online.

Sometimes it is very important to maintain your anonymity when paying for goods or services. Not always the client wants to leave their data traces on the sites. PaySafeCard gives you this opportunity. The only limitation is that not all services on the web accept the system’s cards.

PaySafeCard cards cannot be recharged, so the customer needs to buy new ones every time. But this usually presents no problem. You can buy plastic even in countries where Internet services do not work with such payments.

PaySafeCard is complete security when making payments. When a customer pays with a regular bank card, he leaves his details, and fraudsters can take advantage of this. Using the services of dubious sites, buyers are nervous, because they can become victims of unscrupulous businessmen. When payment is made using PaySafeCard, you can relax and not worry about anything.

When paying with PaySafeCard, the customer does not leave his bank details and other valuable information. Fraudsters will not be able to use customer data. Anonymity guarantees the consumer a high level of security when shopping online.

By the way, using the PaySafeCard system, you do not need to have a credit card or bank account. As mentioned above, the absence of an account or its presence does not matter when purchasing cards. You can buy them for cash.

Payment with PaySafeCard is instant. It is only necessary to enter a 16-digit code on the site and deposit funds. Money comes to the seller instantly, without any delay. After all, this is a prepaid card, not a bank account. Payments made using PaySafeCard are not affected by:

  • day of the week;
  • Times of Day;
  • the political situation in the country where the payment is made;
  • relations with the country to which the payment is made.

The funds are simply credited to the seller’s account. Everything happens in a few seconds. The seller receives the money, and the buyer - their product or service.

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