Which Country Gambles The Most?

Gambling In The World. Most Gamble Countries

Online gambling is extremely popular around the globe. How do you measure the popularity of gambling across different countries? We decided to compare how much an average player spends on bets. An important note: we only considered the countries where gambling is officially legalized. On our top 10 rating covers Europe, Asia, and North America. Let’s see where the most passionate gamblers live and how much they are willing to spend on bets.

10. Spain - 420$

In Spain, bookmakers are the biggest competitors of casinos, both online and traditional ones. While gambling is totally legal, around 60% of all bets made account for semi-legal bookies. The remaining 40% is split between casinos, legal bookmakers, and poker rooms.

9. Greece – 450$

The Greeks splurge on gambling more than their Spanish friends. An average Spaniard spends $450 on gambling annually. Over the last year, Greek gamblers left around $200 mln in online casinos. A third part of this amount accounted for ОРАР, a major betting company that occupies the biggest part of the Greek gambling market.

8. Norway – 470$

The Greeks are closely followed by the Norwegians. A curious fact is that in Norway, gambling is legalized only in part. While local authorities are fighting illegal gambling through introducing multiple restrictions, this doesn’t stop gambling enthusiasts from enjoying their favorite hobby.

7. Hong Kong – 510$

In Hong Kong gaming market is dominated by Hong Kong Jockey Club, a company that accepts bets on football and racing. Plus, it’s the only legal betting operator in the country. By playing in other casinos, the locals are breaking the law.

6. Italy – 530$

An average Italian leaves $530 in online casinos every year. If Italy continues to develop its gaming industry, it has all chances to become the biggest gambling nation in Europe. According to the New York Times, the small town of Pavia – the gambling capital of Italy – boasts one slot per 100 residents.

5. Finland – 560$

In Finland, the gambling market is monopolized by the state-owned company that makes good use of its profits by investing them in social programs. At the same time, the local authorities are trying make gambling less attractive to the population through various bans and limitations.

4. Canada – 570$

The most peculiar thing about Canada’s gambling industry is that each Canadian province is responsible for controlling the operation of casinos registered in its territory. While gambling is legalized everywhere in the country, gambling laws vary from province to province. The Canadians prefer bookmakers and poker rooms over casinos. While online gambling is actively evolving, online casinos continue to be a step behind their land-based competitors.

3. Ireland – 590$

In Ireland, gambling is developing by a truly unique scenario. While gambling is strictly prohibited by law, local companies are successfully using legal loopholes to bypass the ban. As a result, the Irish enthusiasts have access to a wide range of gambling services. The favorite entertainment among the locals is sports betting.

2. Singapore – 1200$

Along with its high standard of life, Singapore can boast an almost perfect environment for starting a gambling business. The authorities are taking measures to discourage the locals from visiting casinos while actively advertising gambling services among tourists. This, however, doesn’t stop the Singaporeans from spending on bets $1200 annually.

1. Australia– 1300$

The top country on our list is Australia that literally goes mad for gambling. According to statistics, 80% of Australians over 18 years old make bets in casinos and bookmakers on a regular basis. In Australia, gambling is legal and continues to evolve.