Casino slot machine games

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Over the years, casino slot machine games remain the most popular type of gambling. According to numerous polls, more than half of respondents voted for online slots as a favorite kind of entertainment in gambling establishments and over the internet. Thats not a coincidence, below we will try to highlight most of the information about the casino slot machine games and why they are so popular. Incredible choice of online slot games - whatever you are fond of, you can certainly find a online slot machine dedicated to your favorite topic. Sport, cinema, history, literature, geography - developers cover all the popular trends in casino slot machine games. You can also divide the models into groups according to the types of jackpots:

  • Slots without jackpots;
  • Games with fixed jackpots;
  • Slots with accumulative jackpots of different types.

The terms of the jackpot are determined by software manufacturers. There are no uniform provisions.

In addition, you can classify video slots by the availability of game functions: bonus games, free-spins, jokers, multiplier rounds and so on.

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Casino Slot Machine Categories

First of all, in the casino, slot machine games can be divided into two main categories:

Traditional casino slot machine games - Classic slot machine models with three drums, with one to five lines, these casino slot machines have standard pictures and a limited set of additional features.

Multifunctional online slots - Models with five (sometimes more) drums and various bonuses. Usually this type of casino slot machine games have jokers, scatter symbols, free-spins, wild symbols, prizes and other options.

Such a division in modern gambling is very conditional, because developers often release best slot casino games which can be a mix of casino slot machine types and different slot games. On the one hand, in the classic "one-armed bandits' " unique functions can be realized. On the other hand, a typical 5-reel online slot can offer traditional pictures and primitive gameplay in the spirit of the first "fruit machines".

Some software developers create the same models in few versions, including casino slot machine games adapted for playing on smartphones in mobile online casino slots. Reviews on BGAOC, mainly, dedicated to online slots and casino slot games in online casinos, although some articles also about the most interesting or unusual real life casino slot machine games.

In casino slot machine games the terms of the jackpot are determined by software manufacturers. There are no typical standarts.

In addition, you can classify best slots by the availability of game functions such as: bonus games, free-spins, jokers, multiplier rounds and so on.

Rules for playing online slot games

The basic rules of online casino slot machine games can be explained in one line:

The goal of the game is to collect a paid combination of symbols or to get a win in another accessible way.

Often it is more difficult to choose a suitable online slot with the most favorable conditions than directly playing real slot machine games.

Simplicity of gameplay is one of the key factors of the enormous success of slot machine games.

In most models, you only need to select a bet and click on Spin button. Moreover, you can even play in automatic mode, when you just have to watch what's happening on the screen of the casino slot machine.

If you want to understand the intricacies of the gameplay, you will be interested in the information below.

Calculation of payments - winning combinations traditionally is given by few identical symbols. How exactly they should be placed on the screen - always specified in the rules of each individual casino slot machine games. Most often they should line up from left to right on the active lane. Sometimes it is enough that they are in neighboring columns. Less often their position is not taken into account at all (there is a lot of different casino slot games with such winning combinations - just take a look on our slot games selection).


Special symbols - some symbols operate according to special rules. For example, Scatter will be payed off independently, the location of that symbol is doesn't matter, plus it will run the free-spin, and Wild symbol replaces the missing pictures in the chains.

Re-spin - free re-starting of reels, activated in certain situations.

Free-spins - a series of spins for free (you won't loose any money for these spins), for free spins previous bet made by you is used. They also often use additional functions.

Risk-game on equal chances - In many slots you can try to increase the calculated payment. In most cases, you need to guess the color of the closed card in order to win money. Other formats are also used: "head or tails" and some other mini-games made by software manufacturer.

Bonus Games - There are several types of bonus rounds. The most common - in the format "choose an object", "wheel of fortune", "guess the winner", "defeat the opponent" or "find the right path." In some games, bonuses are unique and go beyond the standard templates.

Progressive jackpots - cumulative jackpots are played out according to different rules. Some are offered in all games of a certain brand. Others are available only on one or another game version, all depends on the online casino you play in.

In the review articles of my website, the rules of video slots are explained step by step. You will learn how the combinations are formed, how payments are calculated, how special symbols work, what bonuses are available to users, and what surprises the game can present. Below you can find my top pick on slot games I love. They can be played in free-mode and for real money as well.

Basic rulescasino slot machine games available even for the most inexperienced customers. Faced with any best slots game novelty, you in a few seconds will understand the main basics of the gameplay. And it is not necessary to study the subtleties of calculating payments or prize-winning functions. These processes are automated in all slots.

Absence of complex strategies - this is not blackjack or video poker. You do not need to go into the theory and improve your skills in practice by playing with best slots strategies. Chose amount of bet, spin the drums, find out the result. In casino slot machine games winning chances same for both, beginner and experienced user.

A variety of possibilities - manufacturers of casino slot machine games constantly try to surprise users. They offer unusual designs, original bonuses, free spins, unexpected prizes, unique symbols, non-standard rules for calculating winnings and much more.

Spectacular appearance - best slots attract with bright design and exquisite graphics, juicy colors, catchy animation and high-quality sound.

High level of return - the mathematical superiority of online casinos is slightly higher in most slot machine games, than for example, in Blackjack. And yet in the casino slot machine games, RTP (return to player or payment return percentage) is within two to three percent, which is a good indicator for best slot games. Also, we want to note, that to achieve it, you do not need to study different strategies for a long time, as in the case of blackjack or video poker.

Jackpots - the big share of the biggest progressive jackpots of the most famous slot games brands is played out exactly in online slots or mobile slot games. If you hear about a multi-million dollar win, it's almost certainly a lucky person who won a jackpot in a popular slot machine game for money.

Range of bets - same online slot game, can be played by both, high rollers and fans of micro-limits. As a rule, operators of online casinos offer bets in a very wide range in all slot games.

As you can see, this genre of gambling has a huge number of advantages, and these advantages make casino slot machine games so popular in the gambling industry.

How to choose a slot game?

We don't want to repeat other websites or something like that, so we just want to give a few basic criteria for choosing online casino slot machine games.

Theoretical return - the higher - the better. This is a universal rule. But remember that sometimes, in order to achieve the maximum return, you need to perform certain actions. Also do not forget that it manifests itself on a long game run.

Level of volatility - not everyone likes small payments in almost every spin or a long ride trough Bad Luck Ave. Choose a model that matches your ideas about a comfortable gameplay and play only best slots online.

Range of bets - Are you satisfied with the minimum and maximum limits? Make sure of this before you play for money.

Special requirements - In some online casino slot machine games, the user can have an impact on the probability of winning. A new trend in gambling - games that require players to have special knowledge or skills. Consider these features to increase your chances.

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