Jackpot Slots - How Progressive Jackpots Work

Progressive Jackpot Slots

The visual component and graphics in progressive jackpot slots are as colorful and exciting as in any other slot, so whether you are new to the world of online slots or an avid player, there is no limit for you in choosing jackpot slots.

Jackpot slots and regular slots - what's the difference?

Regular slots winnings are earned based on your bets and payout table, but the jackpot slots make it possible to win much bigger sums of money - up to millions! Regular slots give you “prizes” or jackpots with a fixed amount multiplied by 20, 100 or 500 of your total bet. In the regular slot, if you bet 10 cents per spin and the maximum payout is x100 the potential of your highest prize is 10 USD, which means that you have to bet more to win a large sum on a regular slot.

The Jackpot slot collects prize money from all participants who have played a certain game, either at your favorite online casino or from many other online casinos united by a virtual network. This means that players (possibly from different casinos) invest in a large common pool every time they bet and play a particular slot with a progressive jackpot. In this regard, jackpots are not fixed and are constantly growing with each played game, and can reach millions of dollars. The added bonus of playing jackpot slots is that you can make small bets and still win large sums. As soon as the jackpot is won, the counter returns to the original number and accumulates again as more players play the game and make bets.

Local and progressive jackpots

Now that you know that jackpot slots are the best way to win a big prize, you should learn how to choose the best jackpot slots for yourself.

The local jackpot grows only when players in specific casinos try to spin the drums in progressive slots. Local jackpots usually smaller than the progressive jackpot slot games - often less than $100,000, but sometimes local jackpots can be as big as progressive with a total win of $1,000,000. Depending on the casino, there may be a dozen or several dozen progressive jackpot slots tied to the total prize win. The more slot machines tied to the network, the faster the jackpot grows, but also the fewer chances of a winning combination to appear.

Progressive jackpot slots work on the same principle as local jackpots, but on a larger scale. Progressive jackpots are made up of slots connected by a more extensive network, maybe in several online casinos, and possibly an international network. Due to the fact that a large number of players contribute to the jackpot, the prize amount can easily grow to millions, but your chances of a winning combination almost near impossible.

Popular Jackpot Slots

There are many jackpot slots offering high winnings. The most popular jackpot slots include:

Mega Moolah (Series of brand names)

The Mega Moolah Slot has a lot of top options, giving a lot of chances for a big win. Thanks to software from Microgaming, the progressive network of such jackpots has several hundreds of $100 000+ prize sums. The most famous games in Mega Moolah Series of progressive slots include Mega Moolah Classic, Mega Moolah 5 Reel Drive, Mega Moolah Summertime and Mega Moolah Isis.

Wheel of Fortune

Progressive slots from this world-famous brand often reach millions of dollars. There are enough fun games, with the fun theme of Wheel of Fortune show, which you definitely should try.

Major Millions

Another top-end champion from Microgaming, this slot, has been a long-term favorite for gamers since its opening in 2000. While remaining a simple and exciting game in an ever-changing game world, this classic theme guarantees fun for a fan of slot games.

Big wins

Some of the biggest winnings in jackpots were won at the top games mentioned above. The largest jackpot wins at the moment were in:

  • $ 17,860,868 won in 2013 in the game Mega Fortune
  • € 13,212,882 won in 2015 in the game Mega Moolah
  • $ 11,735,446 won in 2011 in the game Mega Fortune
  • $ 11,633,898 won in 2016 in the game Mega Moolah
  • € 11,609,942 won in 2016 in the game Mega Moolah

Why choose progressive jackpot slots?

They are fun, exciting games that offer you a chance to win big money, regardless of your bets (which are perfect if you don't have "unlimited" bankroll). It doesn't matter if you choose to stay in one small casino or try your luck in a more extensive network, you will surely have a great time playing slots for real money and the opportunity to win a huge jackpot!