VIP casino statuses in online casinos

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Not all players are sufficiently informed about how to get VIP status and if there are any VIP casino statuses available at all. Here we will discuss in detail and consider such a phenomenon as a VIP slot casino, its value and advantages. To begin with, VIP casino status is a significant benefit, because it implies a lot of advantages that ordinary players cannot own. These benefits include increased casino bonuses, bets will cost less than the amount you set, access to restricted information about future promotions, games and casino tournaments. VIP status allows the player to look solid, and the casino itself does not deprive such people of attention and rewards.

Maybe at first glance, it may seem that the VIP client doesn’t get anything outstanding, but it’s nice to realize that you’re getting a lot more than ordinary players. Such status is especially beneficial when gaming establishments own several online casinos at a time, in which case the VIP player will benefit from all subsidiary online establishments. It’s a great advantage for the player to be able to get bonuses and tips at several online casinos at once.

These, of course, pleasant little things will delight any connoisseur of gambling, but this does not end the possibility of VIP status. There have been cases when players with special status received as a gift a tourist holiday in exotic countries and won cars and other equally valuable prizes. This suggests that the casino is not only a way to enrich yourself financially, but also to get other valuable prizes: a trip around the world, or a new car.

Having passed the registration procedure in the casino, you will certainly find out how you can get special status.

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An example regarding getting a VIP casino status

To become a VIP player, you will need: to accumulate deposits in the amount of $3,000 per game, in this case, you will receive GOLD status, and if this amount exceeds $5,000, you are guaranteed to become a VIP member. What are the advantages of a player’s VIP status?

The distribution of bonuses for deposits as follows:

GOLD status - in the case of a deposit from 20 to 300 dollars, you will get a bonus in the amount of 20% of your deposit. A bonus of 25% will be credited in case if the deposit exceeds 300 dollars.

VIP status - if there is a deposit from 20 to 200 dollars, you will get a bonus in the amount of 20% of your deposit. In case the deposit will be from 200 to 400 dollars, the bonus amount will be 30% of your sum. A deposit of $400 or more will result in a 35%.

But there may be even more advantages. There are casinos in which player can receive a certain bonus from the administrators of the online casino, and so the owners of VIP and GOLD statuses, in this case, will receive not just a bonus, but two thousand dollars as a bonus, or even more which can be transferred to your bank card.

To become the owner of these advantages and VIP status in general, it is necessary to collect a certain amount of deposits and then contact the administrator. If you want to know about the VIP statuses in the favorite casino – you should contact the administration. Admins will immediately contact you via e-mail or on-site chat and will tell you everything about VIP or GOLD status.

Below you can find few most common types of advantages of the special statuses.

Fast withdrawal of the money you won

According to the rules of a gambling establishment, to withdraw money, you need to submit an application. It will be processed within two days. If the client has reached VIP slot casino or Platinum status, he will have to wait no more than 24 hours from the moment of application.

Special Casino status will give your own consultant

A personal assistant and consultant are available around the clock (24/7) for VIP and Platinum casino statuses. He is always aware regarding you and your issues, will inform you about all the news, new content and gaming activities. The duties of the manager also include consulting and providing information inaccessible to other users. It may concern, for example, exclusive closed tournaments. The manager helps to quickly resolve existing problem situations.

For those players whose status does not allow to have a consultant, there is always around-the-clock technical support chat and a hotline.

Payout Limits

You will get higher payout limits. For example, if you had $10 000 per week, you will be able to get a new limit for withdrawal - $30 000 per week.

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