How to identify trusted and good online casino?

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Many players think that they lose money and their brilliant unbeaten systems do not work because of the online casino websites scam. There is a mistake in their thinking, most people think that systems improve your win rate by 100%, but there is no 100% win-win systems. Each system just improve your chances for winning but not for 100% win. There is misconception that online casino websites cheat directly with the software - thats not true, well, at least for good online casinos. One of the most common myths among players, especially among roulette players, is the advantages of software reset. At some point in the game, players tend to simply reload the casino software, as they believe that this will help to avoid the losing streaks in the future.

There is a completely mistaken view that the good online casino software takes into account the results of previous games and accordingly builds a subsequent game (i.e. if you win - next game will be generated as 100% lose). Thus, many players believe that after a certain series, you need to restart the software of good online casino website, and then it will behave normally. In other words, they believe that the results will be more balanced.

Of course, this is complete nonsense! Top rated safe online casinos don't have such software resets. Random Number Generator (RNG) works and generates the results of the game completely random. These results do not depend on each other. Therefore, it does not matter if you had won or lost previous game. Of course, it also does not matter that these results are preserved in history of played games. There is even no slightest reason to believe that software generates the results of games based on previous victories or defeats of the player, even new safe online casino websites don't do such stuff.

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a) Honesty of the safe online casino

Any good online casino website operator knows that he needs an honest and safe game, and all the emerging patterns and series are pure coincidence. The payout ratios simply correspond to real chances (which are always in favor of online casino website), so it is clear that in the long run safe online casino in any case will make a profit from your bets.

b) Example on coin toss

Imagine that you tossed a coin five times and each time the heads fell out. Will you think that if you stop throwing the coin until tomorrow, then in the future you will more often get a tails? Or will you think that if this coin is tossed by another player, will it have different results? In this example it is quite clear that coin has no memory, and it does not matter heads or tails showed before. Previous results are absolutely not important - it does not matter who will toss it, it does not matter whether the next toss will be done immediately or after a pause. Even changing the coin is useless - this will not affect the subsequent results. 

To make sure if casino is good or bad, you need to play for yourself, personal experience is the best feedback you can find. You can try any casino with small bets (for example 20 cents).

c) The law of large numbers

An unfavorable series can occur at any time on any online casino website. Immediately after launching the safe online casino software, you can be very surprised to receive a long winning or loose series. RNG simply generates numbers uniformly and independently of each other. In fact, it does not matter if you restarted the good online casino game (or even the computer), or have played a whole week nonstop.

Daily Martingale

Another misunderstanding during play in safe online casino - that you just need to use a classic Martingale system. But thats not true - one day or another you will lose all of your money. The reason is simple: in the game, when you play in a safe online casino for the long term, the number of spins is important. So even if you play a few spins a day, win five dollars and close the game, it does not matter. Sooner or later, the casino will win. And the result of your Daily Martingale will be about the same as in the picture below.

Martingale Graph

The radical fall, which you see on the chart, can happen absolutely at any moment of your trusted casino game! Again, it does not matter whether you have a gaming session a week long or you will restart the safe online casino website client after every ten spins.

Necessity of alternation of different game systems

The following misleading is incredibly stupid. Many players think that casino software, after a certain time, recognizes the system you use, and then begins to counter it in such a way that the system ceases to function. Thus, these players believe that the recipe for a winning game is to change the system of the game as often as possible in order to confuse the software of the safe online casino website. The reason for believing in this amazing nonsense is that playing with any win-win system can initially bring a win, and after that, system you have used begins to fail.

a) Remember once and for all, there is no win-win system for roulette in this Universe or any other Universe, stop dreaming about easy winning, its complete luck on any good online casino website (well, almost any)!

b) The complexity of conspiracy theory concerning to casino against the player is striking, because it develops from the primary nonsense into even more stupidity. Let's forget the fact that there is no win-win system that works, and focus on the second part of the myth. The casino software does not need to recognize the system which player uses. Of course, this is completely stupid, useless and difficult. If the software had a task to deceive the player (which, of course, it does not, well at least in the top rated online casinos), then this would not be done in such an idiotic way. It would be enough to program the roulette ball to fell on a number different from the player's bet. And your system is not interesting to any trusted online casino, because sooner or later you will lose anyway (you know, because smart people done that to gain money, but also to give you a small chance for a fast enrichment).

Judging by the first two myths, you can clearly see that the misguided players are essentially contradicting themselves, and do not see it. Misconceptions about the benefits of software reset and the alternation of systems actually call into question the fairness of the game, but, paradoxically, these players are convinced that roulette can be won in the long run. Just think: the casino plays against you dishonestly - but you can win using the system! OMG thats so stupid!

It is very important to understand that an online game in a casino is entertainment, and not a way to make money, despite of course that there are some lucky people in the world who have secured a bright and dignified future for themselves after a big win in online casino.

The phenomenon of a newbie's luck

Another very popular myth, the origin of which can be explained by the "fault of the survivor." Thousands of players start to play roulette, most of them immediately lose, forget about it and keep silent. But sometimes someone among these thousands of newcomers is unrealistically lucky to visit online casino sites, and get instant jackpot from first deposit. He plays and can not lose, all the roulette spins are successful! A lucky beginner wins and wins, and gets used to the feeling of victory. When he loses, he thinks that he did something wrong, and that loss was due to his fault. This myth was born form such cases and legends with the well-known words -  "newbies are lucky".

Again, this is completely erroneous belief that safe online casino or any other online casino site, allows player to win first time and to draw him into the game, and then makes him lose much more money than he won at the beginning. If the casino software actually did such things, this could be very easily used by the gambler. You could play only as long as the casino "lures" you and gives you a win. And right after the first lose, you could stop playing in this online casino, withdraw money and move to another one. Or register in the same casino with making account for one of your family members, and repeat the cycle. The exact moment of the break in the game could easily be calculated after the first few sessions, and in the future you could "undress" the casino to the maximum. But believe me popular online casino don't do such things.

There are independent organizations, such as eCOGRAiTechLabs, TST and others, who regularly carry out testing of online casino software with which they cooperate, so if you see their logos on the website - this is safe online casino for your entertainment. And, of course, they will not allow distortions in the work of the safe online casino software. Therefore, if you want to trust the casino in which you play, look for games with certificates of "fair play" from these organizations. The largest suppliers of software for casinos, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, certainly have these certificates.


I would like to note that in this article we talked about the online casino business as a whole. It is possible that there are idiots who do not understand the counter-productiveness of earnings in the online casino by deception and manipulation, and work on unlicensed software. But this is not the topic of our article. Stay tuned and don't play on blacklisted casinos.

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