List of Best Online Casino Websites With Ratings

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High competition among best online casino sites positively affects the quality of the provided services, but even in such conditions, it is important for players to be able to determine the best gambling clubs. To minimize this task, experts of our resource have created a comprehensive new online casino rating, this information can be used as the best online casino list reviews guide in choosing a place for the game.

Paying attention to the ratings of the new online casino lists reviews is not the only option for the final choice, you may be also interested in choosing operators by the selection of gambling games, website design, bonuses, loyalty programs, finance, and security. The library of slot machines in best online casino sites can be called as a key rating parameter in our online casino list reviews because online slots are the most preferable gambling game to earn winnings. To get a high rating in our online casino lists reviews, the operator should have as many agreements with software vendors as possible, starting from large companies such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Novomatic and ending with authoring studios of developers like ELK Studios and Thunderkick.

Such requirements are fairly easy to explain from a practical point of view, because having an impressive list of partners, the best online casino sites have even more responsibility for the fair results of the game.

Design and Usability

In order to stand out, many online casino websites included in our online casino reviews use a variety of themes in the design style, and also offer unique functions. The variety of themes one of the key aspects considered in our online casino reviews. Features which has an impact regarding our choice in online casino reviews:

  1. The system of awards and achievements
  2. Online tournaments
  3. Progressive jackpots

However, exclusive functions form only a part of the overall assessment, which also includes the availability of basic features, like online chat, the distribution format of games by category and the ability to monitor the process of winning bonuses, if online casino doesn't have these features it automatically drops out from our online casino reviews list.

The last factor in the design and usability criterion is the availability of a mobile version of the best online casino sites or a separate application that allows you to place bets in any convenient place with your phone or tablet.

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Differences between the best online casino sites

There are three differences between elite gambling websites and others (crappy ones).

First, its communication with the players. Not only support in the form of prompts and answers to questions but also a timely payment.

Secondly, good online casino — safe online casino. The safety and integrity of a gamer's personal account are one of the most important factors. One can also include here the inaccessibility of your private information for third parties. Naturally, security and integrity for the site itself are no less important.

The last difference is the concern for development. The top-rated online casinos constantly improve and modernize the software. This can be tracked by the growing number of players, as well as by the frequency of adding new options. Players are offered various additional features. In order to track this progress, you need to be a constant player for a while.

Online casino license gives not only licensed software. It is also the control of the regulator. If the resource has received a license, this means that it has been fully tested for dozens of parameters, for example:

  • on the licensing of games;
  • the quality of the business plan;
  • financial reliability;
  • the ability to protect information about their visitors.

Before issuing a license, the regulator seriously checks the constituent documents, the functionality of the site and the correctness of its work. If there are any failures or a random generator of random numbers in games is not working properly or has some "tweaks", the online casino simply will not receive a license and will not be able to start working. In other words, for a simple player, having a license at a gambling site is a guarantee of an honest, confidential game.

Criteria for selecting top-rated online casinos for our list

The evaluation of the work was carried out in accordance with the already listed characteristics, which the website must necessarily possess to get to the first positions in the rating list among other safe online casinos. UI and UX design have a pretty big role in the evaluation conclusion.

According to our analysis, UI and UX is the most important part of choosing the casino by the female part of gamblers. Their number is constantly growing, that is why color scheme, interface and user experience is evaluated.

In addition, we compared safe online casino sites by the number of proposed applications and games. This factor indicates the care and maintenance of interest among players, as well as the desire to develop and remain a prestigious gaming site.

Evaluating everything described earlier, we made a conclusion on our pick of top-rated online casino list:

  1. SpinPalace
  2. Ruby Fortune
  3. Jackpot City

These three websites in our online casino list are located in descending order of the positive qualities that online casinos should possess.

The best of them are honest and reliable. They differ in terms, during which the transfer of the won money is made. Therefore, we have also compiled an online casino rating for payments. The first prize places in the list were distributed as follows:

  • Jackpot City (you will get your money in 2 hours or less).
  • Ruby Fortune (you will get your money in less than 24 hours).
  • SpinPalace (you will get your money in less than 28 hours).

In the process of making these online casino ratings in terms of performance of the best online casino sites, we had to study user feedback. Feedback was taken from independent gambling forums, feedback that users sent to us and feedback from our specialist which try and play on the different online casinos.

To avoid the risks of contacting unscrupulous online casinos, you need to consider all of the above. This does not guarantee a win but will ensure honesty and transparency in terms of software and payments.

We are sure that our lists and overall information will be useful. Let the fortune never turn away from you!

Why you should read online casino reviews with ratings?

Players are often lost in a huge variety of services, not knowing which gambling websites are safe online casinos. Independent audit of such resources is very time-consuming, it is not always possible to draw correct conclusions, paying attention only to a bright picture, successful design and attractive conditions. In addition, you need to check information about new top-rated online casinos constantly, because there are ultramodern versions of best online casinos which can quickly gain points from users. Proven resources require periodic updates of games and software, we constantly check such resources and update our online casino reviews accordingly.

Are you interested in slot machines or virtual poker clubs? We will tell you about the institutions that offer the maximum choice of these games. Are you crazy about roulette or blackjack? In this case, pay attention to our online casino reviews of the best online casino sites, in which you will definitely find the resource that you will like. Also, online casino reviews help to find a casino in which there is a good chance to break a jackpot or get a large money prize.

What factors do we consider when we compile the best online casino reviews and lists

  • Availability of a license. The cost of an authorization document for gambling activities is quite large in different countries. Buying a license, the casino owner agrees that he will conduct his business in accordance with the legislation of this state. The existence of a license for each gambler should be a certain sign of quality and security of cooperation
  • Platform variety. You can now play in the best online casinos not only with desktop PCs or laptops but also with tablets and phones. The institution must have an adapted mobile version of the safe online casino site that will work correctly on mobile devices. In addition, the best rated online casinos should give an opportunity to try their games for free
  • Proven software provider. The success of the project depends on the choice of software. We do not include in our lists of top-rated online casinos, gambling resources that use unlicensed software
  • Variety of choice of payment systems. Payment systems - a tool that allows you to accept deposits from players, and to pay the winnings due. The respectability of a gambling establishment is determined by the ability of visitors to use several payment systems. It can be plastic cards, electronic money, checks, crypto-currency, etc.
  • Quality of technical support and administration. This factor includes the professional actions of programmers who can provide security to users, protecting them from hacker attacks and attempts to hack into accounts, and allow them to maintain the website of the best online casino at the proper level. Moreover, the owners of top-rated online casinos use the services of specialists to optimize the functioning of the site and the adaptation of new scripts within the existing platform. There is also a need for technical support for users of the gambling resource, which should ideally function 24/7 and promptly assist players on all issues. The rating is affected by the number of communication channels, the presence of chats, modern messaging services, telephones, etc
  • Attendance of the resource. Achieve impressive numbers of attendance — the first priority of casino-beginners. This is a multifunctional work that involves the use of SEO optimization tools, contextual advertising, and high-quality content. Currently, the use of the opportunities of social networks and thematic forums to attract new visitors has become relevant. Also of great importance is the availability of welcome bonuses for newcomers, promotions, and gifts for loyal players
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