Video Poker Machines - Types and Strategies

Sophia Sullivan

Video poker machines probably cannot be called the most popular game in the world, but - fans of video poker are very passionate about this game. However, as you know, to get the best chance of winning and the ability to win constantly, you will need to deeply study the strategy of playing video poker machines online. But those of you who want to learn this game will spend time profitably, because most of these video poker machines, practically among all offered in the casino, provide the highest coefficient of money return to the players. In fact, when playing video poker machines in traditional casinos you can almost certainly expect to win if you apply the perfect strategy.

All the same games in which you can happily take part in traditional casinos are also available on specialized gaming websites, for example BGAOC. Video poker machine games offers excellent odds and terrific strategic opportunities, whether you will play it in some casino resort or online at the comfort of your home. Video poker machines online is an excellent choice for any online player who will enjoy the game and will be able to control his or her fate on each hand.

How to play

Before you start the game, you need to decide how many credits you are willing to bet on each spin. Usually the range offered from one to five credits. On many online websites you will also be able to decide how much money you are willing to put on each bet. The size of the prizes, of course, will depend on the amounts of money you play for. The size of the prizes can be found in the Payout Table of the game.

After you deposit money on your account, you will receive your first cards. Practically in all versions of video poker machines online you will be offered a simulation of distribution of five cards, which means that you will receive five cards from a standard deck of 52 cards (sometimes one or more jokers are added to this deck - that depends on online video poker machine game itself). The goal of the game is to get the best hand from five cards. You will need a hand with a certain qualifying set of cards to win one prize or another. For example, in Jacks or Better you will need at least a couple of jacks to win something. The better your hand is, the more you win.


The game strategy matters when you choose which of the initial cards you want to keep, and which cards you want to discard. After you fix your choice, the cards you decide to discard will be replaced with new cards from the deck. The resulting hand will be final and, if your cards have made a winning combination, you will receive your payment and go to your next hand.

Some video poker machines will have the option of playing in the format of several hands. In these cases, you will immediately pay all your hands: if you, for example, play an automatic with 10 hands and with five credits per hand, then at the beginning of the drawing of each hand you will risk with 50 credits. On each of these new hands cards are dealt individually, so you can get the same cards to be replaced on different hands. All your winning hands will bring cash prizes, as in the standard one-handed game.

Today, there are many different video poker machins for players, and each machine requires its own individual game strategy. Here are just some of the most popular video poker machine games:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Bonus Poker
  • Double Bonus
  • Joker Poker

The strategy of playing video poker machines is complex and filigree, so here we will not dwell even on the main strategic approaches for playing video poker machines online with one hand or with several hands. Many players are happy to learn perfect game strategies on at least one machine, as this helps them to get better chances of winning.

Why you should play video poker machines?

If you like strategy games - such as blackjack, or smart games - like poker and chess, you'll realize that video poker online was created specifically for you. Remember that most machines offer the best odds for players who want to master the best strategies for playing each machine. Even on online gaming sites, many games offer a potential return rate to the player far above 99%, which makes video poker as a great games for players looking to get a great chance of winning at the casino.

At the same time, many will agree that video poker online is a fairly simple game with few rules that require mastering, and only with one round of decision making on each hand. This means that if you want to play video poker online for your own pleasure - just play it!

Play video poker online for free

Since video poker is a strategic game, it is advisable to practice for free before starting to play for money. This is not possible in traditional casinos, but online casinos allow you to play for free for as long as you want, so that you can get better at games without spending your money on it.

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