Video Poker

Sophia Sullivan

Videopoker is unique casino game that combines features of slot machines and table poker. You don't have an opponent here, and payments are awarded for poker combinations collected on the screen of the device. But the main advantage of the game is the ability to act on an equal footing with the casino.

General rules

Despite the existence of dozens of varieties of the game, the general rules remain unchanged for all models. so, here is the most basic points:

The player bets and receives five cards, which are displayed on the screen.

The goal is to collect one of the poker combinations indicated in the attached table.

It is allowed to change up to five cards for free once.

If there is a combination in the cards, the payment is obligatory, since the player does not have an opponent.

Usually there is a game for doubling, in which you can try to increase your winnings.

In some versions jokers are used, special combinations are provided, bonus payments are possible, or progressive jackpots available.

Video Poker Training

Video poker refers to the number of gambling games, in which the result directly depends on the skill of the user. Moreover, in the most profitable game types you can even get a mathematical superiority over the casino. That's why video poker is in demand with professional players.

A few tips for beginners:

Familiarize yourself with the game with classic variations: Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, Bonus Poker.

Play on software with the most attractive conditions.

Learn the strategy of the game for a variation of video poker, which you prefer.

Start with the demo mode, then go to micro-rates, and only then risk with big money.

You can train in free modes, any online casino has this mode for each game. Also you can find in the web a large numbers of training applications.

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