Online Blackjack - Types and Differences

Sophia Sullivan

Blackjack is one of the most popular games in real and online casinos around the world. You wont stop blackjack game admirers even with relative complexity of the rules and the need to study the basic strategy for achieving better results.

The reason for the incredible popularity of blackjack game lies in the fact that it allows you to minimize the mathematical superiority of the establishment over the player or even to gain an advantage over the gambling house. That's why most professionals prefer this particular gambling game.

Description of Blackjack

Complete rules consist of very important numerous items, but for initial acquaintance it is enough to study the main points.

The goal is to defeat the dealer by collecting more points than he is, but not exceeding twenty-one point. Points are considered according to the following principles:

  • From two to ten - same as face value;
  • All the "pictures" (Jack, King, Queen) - ten points;
  • Ace - one or eleven points (its decided by the player, depends on situation).
  • Any card of ten points and an ace form a blackjack. It is considered to be the strongest combination.

Blackjack table

In the course of the blackjack game, the dealer hands over two cards to each participant in game and opens one of the cards. Then player can take additional cards, trying to get as close as possible to twenty-one.

There are also additional options. The most common are the following:

  • Split - the separation of the same (twin) cards into two hands;
  • Double - doubling the initial bet;
  • Insurance - the desire to insure against blackjack from the dealer;
  • Surrender - the refusal to continue the game for a part-time.

The final set of these options is determined by the rules of each version of blackjack or blackjack online.

The dealer opens his cards last, strictly adhering to a certain algorithm of actions. Usually he must stop taking more cards on seventeen points.

Types of blackjack and blackjack online

There are two main types of the game:

  • In the American version of blackjack game, the dealer immediately places two cards in front of him and faces-up only one of the cards. If there is a possibility of blackjack formation, he secretly checks the closed card, because in such cases the player will not get any more cards.
  • In the European blackjack game, the dealer initially opens only one card, and another card stays face down. The next pick he makes after all other participants of the game already got all cards picked.

Both categories include numerous variations, differing in the number of decks and all sorts of nuances of the rules.

There are also versions of blackjack and blackjack online which not so common, but, they still exist:

  • Spanish 21
  • Pontoon
  • Switch
  • "Perfect Pairs"
  • Exchange 21

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