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The Playtech slot dedicated to animals and sports gives you the chance to play four bonus games. The maximum coefficient of the machine is x3,000. There is a chance to win up to 750,000 game coins.

The mid-volatility slot has a theoretical return percentage (RTP) of 95.24%. A machine with medium variability gives out payments often.

How to Play Wild Games Slot

Before starting the game, you need to set the parameters that determine the size of the bet on the entire spin:

  • Lines - the number of active paylines. A pay line is a sequence on which symbols line up. Several identical characters give a payout.
  • Line Bet - the size of the bet per line.

Both indicators have a window in which the value is displayed, and two buttons "+" and "-", with which the value in the window can be adjusted. The number of active paylines can be changed from 1 to 25, and the size of the bet per line is from 0.01 to 10 game credits.

Thus, the minimum bet will be equal to 0.01 credits. This value is obtained if you set 1 pay line and a bet of 0.01. The maximum bet will be 250 game credits. To do this, put 25 lines and a bet of 10.

After determining the bet, you can start the reels using one of the three buttons:

  • Spin - spins the reels 1 time. You can stop the reels by pressing the same button again. As they spin, the Spin button turns into Stop. Click on it to stop the reels.
  • Bet Max - sets the maximum number of paylines and scrolls the reels 1 time.
  • Auto Play - this button enables the autoplay mode, in which you do not need to press the button each time to spin the reels. Hover over it and you will see a list of numbers from 10 to 99. Click on any to start auto-spins. You can stop them at any time by clicking on the Stop button, which appears during the auto mode.

Keep track of your score in the Balance window, which is located at the bottom of the machine on a gray bar. The gain on the current spin is displayed in the Win window between the Line Bet and Bet Max buttons. The value of the total bet per spin is in the Total Bet box, which is located above Win.

Symbols and Odds in the Wild Games Online Slot

The most expensive image is a cup for first place:

  • five symbols multiply the winnings by 3,000 times;
  • four in 800;
  • three - 100;
  • two - 5.

In the same proportion, the factors of the remaining characters change. Thus, with the highest bet, you can achieve a prize of 750,000 game credits.

Symbols and Their Multipliers in Wild Games Slot

The remaining characters can be divided into two groups: expensive and cheap. The first are symbols with images of animal athletes. Expensive symbols - a bulldog swimmer, cheetah runner, hippo gymnast. All of them multiply the bet by 5, 50, 500, 1,000 times, depending on how many identical images are lined up. In addition, these are special characters. Read about them below in the "Special Characters" section.

Cheap symbols - balls and card symbols:

  • soccer balls are awarded with a multiplier of 40, 150, 500;
  • basketballs - 25, 100, 200;
  • card aces and kings - 15, 40, 100;
  • card ladies and jacks - 10, 30, 80;
  • tens and nines - 5, 15, 50.

Special Symbols

The slot machine Wild Games has an unusually large number of special characters. They can be divided into "wild" and bonus ones.

"Wild" are symbols that can play the role of any other but not the bonus one. They complement successful combinations that otherwise would not work. Wild symbols are described in more detail in the section of Bonus games.

Bonus symbols are medals of three colors: bronze, silver, gold. When three or more identical medals appear on the reels, the Medal Bonus starts.

Bonus Games in the Wild Games Online Slot

The Wild Games slot machine gives you a chance to play four bonus games: three of them are dedicated to various sports, the fourth offers significant multipliers.

Freestyle Swim Bonus

The first bonus game opens if a bulldog swimmer appears on the third reel, completely filling it. You will need to choose one of the three dogs that will participate in the race. For places, you get the corresponding medals and 8 free spins.

Free spins are free spins. That is, you do not need to bet to spin the reels. The medal that you get during the swim will appear on the reels - and others will not drop out:

  • if you received gold, when it appears on the reels you will be awarded four additional free spins;
  • silver - plus three free spins;
  • bronze - plus two free spins.

The “wild” symbols in the bonus game do not cover the entire third reel, so you cannot win other rounds. You can get up to 200 consecutive free spins, after which re-spins will no longer be available.

100M Dash Bonus

The second bonus game starts if the entire third drum is covered by cheetah runners. You need to choose one of the three cheetahs. For winning the race you can get one of the medals and 8 free spins.

  • The gold medal will become an additional "wild" symbol and will "expand" on the reels, covering the wheel completely;
  • the silver medal will also become an additional “wild” symbol and will be cloned on wheels randomly;
  • the bronze will just become an extra “wild."

You cannot win other bonus games in this round either. Unlike Freestyle Swim Bonus, you cannot get free spins here.

Balance Beat Bonus

This bonus game starts if the image of a hippo gymnast appears on the third reel. Choose one of three appearances to get a rating of judges and 8 free spins.

Here, all winnings are multiplied by 6 to 10 times, depending on the score. Other bonus games do not start. Medals do not appear here, and you cannot get additional free spins.

Win a Medal Bonus

When three or more identical medals appear on the reels, the bonus round starts, where you need to choose one of three rewards. Thus, you will start the game, where all payments will be multiplied several times.

Depending on the amount on the reels, medals multiply your bet in the following range:

  • gold - from 4 to 100 times;
  • silver - from 3 to 70;
  • bronze - from 2 to 40.

If successful combinations are formed on several paylines, then only the largest prize will be issued. Character sequences are only counted from left to right. The slot machine Wild Games is a colorful slot with many bonus games and free spins.

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