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The screen of the game realistically imitates the real picture of the race, which the visitor of the hippodrome sees from the rostrum. Every five minutes at this virtual hippodrome, eight trotting horses harnessed to two-wheeled carriages race with each other. The maximum winning size depends on the bet made by the player and the odds of the horses participating in the race. In this game, you can also bet on other types of sports.

The rules of the game in Virtual Racing Trotting

To see all the controls of the game, you need to scroll down the screen. The playing field of the machine is quite large and consists of three elements:

  • a screen on which the race is broadcast and information on riders displayed;
  • a table with rider’s odds and betting options (under the screen);
  • Betting field (to the right of the screen).

At the top of the playing field there are five pictograms, next to each there is a timer with a countdown. It shows how much time is left before the start of the race. There are four more options available to the player:

  • horse racing
  • dog racing
  • motorcycle rides
  • bike rides.

Play can switch to them right here without opening a web page with a new game. The Latest Results table below the screen shows the results of the last races. This table available for all five sports. Next to this tab is another - Last Bets. Clicking on it will show the user's previous bets.

Right below the screen is the inscription Bets, and below it is the start time of the next races. Between races you have a five-minute interval to decide. The screen shows the start time of the next six races. The arrow on the right will help you see up to twenty future races. Access to them is necessary in order to make one of the types of bets.

The ability to place bets closes ten seconds before the start of the race. Therefore, the clock above the screen shows the time remaining until the start of the next race, and the clock below the screen shows the time remaining until the end of the reception of bets (Bets close in).

Before the start of the race, a description of each of the eight horse / rider tandems participating in the race appears alternately on the screen. The following information is demonstrated:

  • horse number
  • jockey costume color
  • horse name
  • jockey name
  • the results of the last five races with their participation coefficient.

After the start of the race, a strip appears on the bottom of the screen, on which the race of the four leading participants of the race is displayed. Multi-colored T-shirts with numbers are interchanged, displaying the position of the jockey in comparison with the rest.

After the race, its results are displayed, including:

  • numbers and nicknames of horses that took first three places
  • payout for winner

Payments at Forecast and Tricast Bets

In the upper right corner of the screen the player sees the balance of his account (Balance inscription). Initially, it is 5,000 coins. In this case, the game on the emulator is completely free for the user. The demo version presented on the site is intended only for acquaintance with the features of the machine and for entertainment.

Nearby are two more buttons:

  1. question mark - provides access to the rules of the game;
  2. speaker - mutes the sound.

Types of the Bets

The following types of bets are available in Virtual Racing Trotting game machine:

  • Singles - for one run;
  • Multi - for several races.

Singles bets come in:

  • Win Bet - a bet that the selected rider will take first place;
  • Place Bet - A bet that the selected rider will be included in the group of winners. When there are from 8 to 15 participants in a race, as in this emulator, the “podium” consists of three places;
  • In this case, usually on the run you can’t bet on races in which there are four or fewer participants, but this game has such an opportunity;
  • E / W (Each Way) Bet - A combination of the two previous bets, and it will double the amount originally set. If the rider won first place, the winning bid and the place bet are paid. If he entered the group of winners, a place bet is paid;
  • Forecast (Straight Forecast) - in this type of bet, the player must guess the two horses that will come to the finish line first, and in the correct order;
  • Reverse Forecast (Dual Forecast) - in this type of bet two riders are selected, who should come to the finish line first, but in any order. This rate doubles the amount originally set;
  • Tricast - in this type of bet you need to guess which horses will take the first three places;
  • Reverse Tricast (Combination Tricast) - in this type of bet, the player selects three horses that will be in the top three, but in any order. This rate is paid at six times the original rate.


To make this type of bet, a player must select at least two riders from two different races. Selecting more than one rider in the same race makes this type of bet inaccessible.

A large selection of combinations for multi-betting makes it possible to simultaneously place bets in several kinds of races (for example, horse and dog races). The number of selected options may include from one to 247 bets (among which there will be combinations from a bet on one to eight participants at a time).

A complete list of possible combinations can be found in the rules of the game. You can try more casino slot games on the Bgaoc website.

How to bet in the Virtual Racing Trotting Game

To make a bet, you need to use the table of participants in the race, which is located under the screen with the video. In each race, participants change, and information about them appears in the table. As soon as the bets of the previous round are closed and while the race is running, the data of each rider in order is indicated on the screen.

If you click on the line with the nickname of the participant in the race, you can get detailed information about him and you also can read information about the racetrack:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Coach name
  • Owner's name
  • results of the last twenty races (first places, getting into the prize-winners)
  • results of the last five races (occupied places).

If you click on the line with the nickname again, the pop-up table with the information will disappear. To decide whether to bet on this horse, you can pay attention to the odds for different types of bets. Theoretically, the lower the coefficient, the greater the horse’s chances of winning. In practice, this is not so: any horse from the first four can become the leader, or even loser.

To make a bet, in the table below the screen you need:

  • choose the type of bet - Win / Place, Forecast, Tricast;
  • select a horse by clicking on the button with its coefficient.

The selected bet will move right up to the Bet Slip bet panel. The Singles or Multi tab should be selected there. For Multi bets, remember the restriction: one race - one participant.

Further, if the default size of one coin does not suit you, you can change the bet size in the Stake window. If a player has bet on several participants in one run, he can make a different bet on each one.

After the bet is placed, the player sees:

  1. Size of the bet - Total Bet Size
  2. Estimated reward - Estimated Returns (calculated by multiplying the bet rate by the horse ratio).

If everything suits him, the player presses the Submit Bet key, after which the indicator at the Last Bets inscription is updated. Otherwise, you can click Clear Bet and clear the betting field.

The default bet is made in decimal with a Decimal pointer. The other two options - Fractional and American (fractional and American) - are different payment calculation systems. The player chooses them to his liking, they do not affect the size of the payout.

In this game, the RTP indicator cannot be constant, since it depends on the coefficients of the participants in the race and the results they show. If you want to know this indicator, the player must, using a special formula described in the rules, re-calculate it for each race.

The online emulator machine Virtual Racing Trotting is an imitation of horse racing, where there are various types of single bets and the ability to make multi-betting. Experienced players emphasize the variety of slot options available during gameplay.

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