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Elk Studios slot is dedicated to the chemistry lab. You can win up to 46,000 game credits and up to 10 free spins. The maximum payout for a combination of symbols of the same type is 1,000. This slot is highly volatile. You get winnings not very often, but their sum usually covers your bet.

How to play The Lab online video slot

The Lab slot machine has a minimalistic interface that is well suited for mobile devices. The control panel under the reels consists of only a few elements:

  • a sandwich menu brings up a payout table and game rules;
  • the Balance or Demo Play window shows how many game credits you have;
  • Win window shows how much you got in the current back;
  • Bet - displays the bet (level of the bet) and allows you to adjust it;
  • a button with two arrows in a circle - Spin, starts the rotation of the reels.

Bets in The Lab Slot

If you click on Bet, a window will open where you can choose a bet from 0.15 to 90 game credits. Numbers or levels of bets are placed in the table. Click on any cell in the table to select a value. Under the size of the total bet in the cell, the value of the bet per line is written. For example, the minimum bet is 0.15 game units, and the bet per 1 line is 0.01. Maximum - 90 game credits, with 6 per 1 line.

On the side of the table, you can see various strategies for players - scroll through by clicking the arrow on the right. You can choose one of four options:

  • Play without auto spins - you choose the bet yourself;
  • Jumper - your bets rise one level higher when you win. It defines a 10-level boost system for consecutive payments. If the spin is unsuccessful, then you again return to the minimum bet of 0.15;
  • Leveller - the rate rises to 2 levels after 5 consecutive losses. The maximum increase is 10 starting bets. On winning, you return to the initial one. The point of this strategy is that when you win, then the win covers all previous costs;
  • Booster - the rate rises by 1 level with each loss, up to a 10-fold initial bet. When you win, you return to the minimum.

When choosing the appropriate strategy, the Bet and Spin buttons are highlighted in green, yellow or red. After determining the bet, click on Spin. There are no other options for starting the reels in The Lab slot machine. If you have chosen any strategy, then the bets will change themselves, automatically during the game. Follow them in the Bet window.

Symbols and odds in The Lab online slot

The Lab slot machine contains 10 characters. Eight of them pay prizes, and two perform special functions. When you spin the reels, certain images appear on them. If several identical symbols are sequentially lined up on the pay line, then you get paid. The size of your prize depends on the type and number of characters on the line. All game combinations are counted from left to right, starting from three characters. The sequence should begin with the first reel.

Winning is calculated as follows:

  • Let's say your bet is 0.15 game credits or 15 coins;
  • Three O2 oxygen signs fall on the same line. They pay 4 game units;
  • four pink molecules drop out on another line. Payout - 20;
  • on the third line are three pink molecules. Payout = 10;
  • the total amount will be 34 coins. Total, the gain will be 0.34 game credits, which is displayed in the Win window.

The most expensive symbol is a green molecule. It pays prizes in the following order:

  • three images on the line - 100 game units;
  • four - 200;
  • five is 1,000.

In the same proportion, rewards for another symbols change:

  • blue molecule - 50, 150, 500 game units for 3, 4, 5 characters in a sequence;
  • lilac molecule - 30, 100, 200;
  • pink - 10, 20, 100;
  • chemical sign of gold (Au) - 6, 12, 60;
  • Platinum Sign (Pt);
  • sign of oxygen (O2) - 4, 8, 40;
  • water sign (H20) - 3, 6, 30.

Special Symbols in The Lab Slot

There are two special characters in The Lab slot machine. "Wild" appears only in free spins mode. It replaces all other characters and can complement successful combinations. It looks like the inscription The Lab Wild. The second is the letter X with bright bulbs. This X-scatter doubles the payout for the combination.

Free Spins in The Lab online slot

Against the background of The Lab slot machine, a spiral rotates - it is located behind the second reel. When the symbol with the logo of The Lab slot hits the center of this spiral, you get free spins. The drums are shifted to the right, giving way to two drums on the left. The symbol with the logo remains on the drum (that becomes the fourth in a row) and plays the role of "wild". In total, you get up to 10 free spins. Moreover, all winnings earned on free spins are doubled. The symbol + 1 freespin or + 2 freespins may appear on the extreme left reels - then you get additional free spins.

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