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The gaming machine includes five reels, two progressive jackpots, a bonus round, a free spins mode, a scatter symbol, extended wild and auto-spin mode. The total return to the player varies from 94.90% up to 95.40%. The gambler will receive the maximum payout when winning a progressive jackpot. The highest-paid character is Lady Luck.

Super Lady Luck Video Slot Gameplay

On the information panel, located under the main buttons, there are windows:

  • Bet - current bet rate;
  • Balance – account balance of the user;
  • Winnings - the number of credits won for the last prize combination.

To start the rotation of the drums, you must perform several actions.

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First, the user needs to set the bet rate. To do this, use the number button. The coin value selection key is located in the lower right part of the screen on the game panel and shows the current denomination per spin. The value of coins is determined by the ratio of the price of the coin to credits. Denomination varies from 0.01 to 1. When you press a button that changes the value of coins, you can see the change in the value of bet rates in the left part of the control panel. The value of the bet rate corresponds to the current value of the coins. The minimum total bet rate is 0.5 with a denomination of 0.01, and the maximum is 500 credits with a coin value of 1.

Clicking on one of the Bet buttons will set the total bet for the next spin of the reels. The total bet can be set before or after the rotation. It cannot be changed during the rotation of the drums. The total bet is displayed in credits during the entire game process in the Bet field, and the corresponding key on the game panel is highlighted. The total amount of credits won for the last rotation, according to the payout table, is displayed in the Winnings field. For each winning combination, the amount won is the number of contiguous winning symbols. It is multiplied by the amount indicated in the paytable. The Spin key activates one spin of the reels. When the spin is started, this button will be changed to the Stop button. It will instantly stop the drums after you press it.

Super Lady Luck Auto Spin Mode

Pressing the Auto Spin button opens a window with settings for the automatic rotation mode. In it, the player can specify all the necessary parameters for launching auto-spins. In the Auto Spin Settings window, the user can configure parameters for stopping automatic spins:

  • Loss limit - the gambler must indicate the minimum number of credits that must be on the game account.
  • Stop if Win reaches - to enable this parameter, you must click on the button on the left side, then enter a number for the Win value. This parameter indicates the maximum gain during the automatic rotation mode before it stops.
  • Stop if Jackpot is won - to enable this setting, the player must click on the button on the left. This parameter indicates that the stop will occur after winning the jackpot.
  • The number of Auto Spins to play - the number of spins in automatic mode.

Pressing the Start button closes the Auto Spin Settings window and starts the automatic rotation mode. The rate will be the same as it was before activation. The Cancel key will cancel the settings and return the player to normal game mode. When the automatic rotation mode is started, the Auto Spin button turns into Stop xx/yy. Where xx is the remaining number of rotations, and yy is the total number of spins indicated by the gambler in Auto Spin Settings. Pressing the Stop key stops autospins at any time.

It is likely that in the automatic spins mode a combination falls on the playing field that starts a bonus round or free spins. Neither the bonus round nor the automatic spins will be started, as in the normal game mode. For this, player participation is required.

Symbols and Odds of Super Lady Luck

The Super Lady Luck gaming machine includes thirteen symbols. Some of them not only bring prize credits to the player but also have additional functions.

Five Lady Luck characters can bring a gambler jackpot. The “wild” symbol in the Super Lady Luck slot machine is expanding. That is, it occupies not one, but two cells on the playing field. Extended wild replaces any other image on the reels, except for the bonus and scatter symbol.

An expanding “wild” symbol can appear anywhere on the reels, with the exception of the first. This happens both during the normal game mode and during free spins.

The bonus symbol in conjunction with Extended wild activates the bonus game. Scatter symbols trigger the free spins mode of the Super Lady Luck slot machine.

Three, four or five identical characters will bring the user multipliers:

  • blonde with blue eyes - 5, 10, 100;
  • a man in a black hat - 3, 10, 40;
  • guy in a blue mask - 2, 6, 30;
  • a man in a purple suit with a bird in his hand - 2, 3, 20;
  • A is 1, 2.5, 15;
  • K - 1, 2.5, 12.5;
  • Q - 0.7, 2.5, 10;
  • J is 0.5, 2.5, 5;
  • 10 - 0.5, 2, 5.

The user will receive these multipliers at the current rate of five credits and a denomination of 0.01. No combination of two identical characters will be paid. A prize combination is a sequential combination of characters. All winning combinations are added from left to right, starting from the leftmost reel.

Re-spins in Super Lady Luck

In the normal game mode or during free spins, if the symbols on the playing field do not form any winning combination, a re-spin will be launched. This is a repeated free spin at the same bet rate at which the last spin was made.

After such a rotation of the reels, the symbols can form a winning combination. Re-spin occurs after the image of a woman in a red suit appears on the screen. The calculation of prize credits for winning combinations in the Super Lady Luck slot machine occurs in an unusual way. For example, a prize combination fell on the field, the symbols of which are located on:

  • the first position of the first drum;
  • the first, second and third positions of the second drum;
  • second and third positions of the third drum.

First, you need to multiply the number of adjacent identical characters on each of the reels. That is, 1x3x2 = 6. Next, you need to look at what factors the resulting combination of characters gives. This can be done in the paytable.

For example, the combination is drawn consists of images of a man in a black hat. Under this image in the payout table, you can see the numbers 3, 10 and 40 at the current bet rate of five credits and a denomination of 0.01. These are factors that are given not for the number of consecutive identical symbols, but for the number of adjacent three, four and five reels, respectively. They should have a winning combination. Based on the fact that the combination fell on three consecutive reels, the number 6 must be multiplied by 3. For the winning combination of characters with a man in a hat, the user will receive 18 credits.

Super Lady Luck slot free spin mode

When three or more scatter symbols appear on the playing field, the free spins mode starts. It consists of ten free spins. A scatter symbol looks like a picture of a luminous Eiffel tower. The rate during the free spins mode is the same as it was before their launch. After activating free spins, to use ten free spins, the player must press the Start key. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere (randomly) on the reels, both during the normal game mode and during free spins.

In free spins mode, the control panel consists of the following windows and keys:

  • Free spins Left - the remaining number of free spins;
  • Current Win - win for the last prize combination of characters;
  • Total Win - the total number of prize credits.

It is also likely that the combination that brings the jackpot appears on the reels along with a combination of bonus symbols and three or more scatter symbols. Then, the user will receive a jackpot and win for scatter symbols. So, the bonus round begins. After the bonus game is completed, the free spins mode is activated. Free spins can be restarted during the free spins mode. The rate will be the same as with free spins.

During the round of free spins, if there are no winning combinations on the playing field, a re-spin can be triggered. It also, as in the normal game mode, is launched by the image of a girl in a red suit. When starting the re-spin, one, two or three reels, starting from the leftmost one, will be filled with one of the usual symbols. That is, it can be any symbol for which the player will receive payments, except for Wild, Scatter, Bonus and Lady Luck.

After completing the round of free spins, on the screen user will be able to see the number of credits won. To return to normal game mode, you’ll need to press the Resume key.

Super Lady Luck Bonus Game

The bonus symbol can appear anywhere on the reels randomly. The exception is the last reel, during free spins and normal game mode.

The bonus game of the Super Lady Luck slot machine is activated when a picture with the inscription “Bonus” and an expanding “wild” symbol fall out. They should be adjacent to each other on two adjacent drums. Since the extended wild symbol occupies two cells of the reel, the bonus round is activated when the picture with the word “Bonus” is adjacent to both the upper and lower positions of the expanding “wild” symbol.

The bonus round is not activated when the bonus symbol and extended wild are pushed together on two adjacent reels, and the last is not fully visible on the playing field. If two or more combinations appear on the reels that activate the bonus round, then it starts only once. When the bonus game is launched, the gambler will have to choose a character: Black Cat or Lady Luck. To do this, the player must click on one of them. The bonus round will randomly reward the user with free spins in an amount of two to six. The current number of bonus spins is displayed in the Left Spins field.

The bonus wheel consists of twelve positions. Each of them will bring a certain benefit to the gambler. It could be:

  • one, two or three additional spins of the bonus wheel;
  • 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 prize coins;
  • jackpot.

If the upper arrow indicates a position with bonuses, then the left or right arrow corresponds to a multiplier. The arrow will be on the left if the user selects Black Cat and, on the right, when the player points to Lady Luck. If the upper bonus arrow showed prize coins, then they will be multiplied by the number indicated by the left or right arrow. Current winnings are displayed in the Current Winnings field, and the total prize amount is displayed in the Total Winnings window.

Super Lady Luck Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot can be obtained during the normal game mode, as well as during free spins during the maximum bet rate. To do this, five Lady Luck characters should appear on one of the paylines. In another case, these symbols in the same or different quantity at a different bet rate (0.5, 1, 2.5 credits) will bring the user a win. The player can see the exact amount of prize credits for a certain combination in the payout table. The displayed jackpot value is proportional to the selected coin value. For example, with a coin value of 0.01, the jackpot value will be equal to 2,500 credits, and with a value of 0.02, the jackpot will bring the user 5,000 credits.

Any other winning combinations that appear on the reels when winning the Lady Luck progressive jackpot are paid accordingly.

Black Cat Progressive Jackpot in the Lady Luck Slot

The Black Cat progressive jackpot can be obtained by playing the bonus game of the Super Lady Luck slot machine. The maximum available progressive bonus is paid when playing with the highest coin value set. The Black Cat jackpot can be obtained no matter what bet the user has chosen. The progressive win value is updated every 3 seconds. Between two consecutive updates to this parameter, two or more gamblers can win the jackpot in a row. In this case, the first player to win the jackpot receives the full amount of the progressive jackpot, while the next winner receives the minimum guaranteed progressive jackpot, as well as 0.5% of the bets made between two consecutive wins.

Black Cat's progressive win will always only have an x1 multiplier. At the maximum bet rate, progressive jackpots can be won in one spin (with low possibility, but it can happen).

Additional keys of the Super Lady Luck Slot Machine

The gaming machine also includes these buttons:

I - opens the payout table where you can view information about payouts for winning combinations, data on any existing special functions or symbols, as well as their payouts, available shortcut keys, and short game rules.

  • STOP - (only available when spinning the reels) pressing this key will speed up the stop of the reels.
  • SKIP - (available during win animation) this button exists to skip the animation after receiving any win.

Settings window button - settings. You can find this button in the upper right corner of the screen. After opening the settings window, the user will be able to switch to full-screen mode, control sound, view rotation history or detailed game rules. To close the settings window, click anywhere in the playing field or click the arrow icon in the upper left corner.

Sound - located in the settings window. Clicking on it opens the panel of sounds and volume. Here the user can set the appropriate sound settings using the sliders in the Winning, Game, and Background fields. Next, click Save to save the changes. To quickly turn off or turn on the sound, you need to drag the slider to the desired side near the Sound window.

Rules - this key is in the settings window. By clicking on it, the user can view the detailed rules of the game in a new browser window.

History - (only in a real game) in the settings window, pressing this key allows you to view the history of the game.

Fullscreen - located in the settings window. This key exists to enter full-screen mode. To exit it, the user needs to press the Fullscreen button again or use the ESC key on the keyboard.

Tooltip - in the upper left corner of the screen, click on the icon of the keyboard key to open the tooltip window. It displays the available buttons on the keyboard that are used in the gameplay. Clicking anywhere on the screen closes the Tooltip window.

Back - pressing this key will return to normal game mode.

The Super Lady Luck online slot machine has low volatility. That is, the player will often receive low wins. The slot not only includes a complex scheme for counting won credits but also many bonuses, such as two progressive jackpots, bonus round, free spins mode, scatter symbol and Extended wild. Therefore, it will be difficult for a beginner to understand this gaming device.

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