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Pompeii Slot - Theme and storyline

“Women's cries, children's squeals and the cries of men were heard some called for parents, others for children, third wives or husbands, trying to recognize them by their voices,” was the description of the eruption of Vesuvius by the Roman historian Pliny the Younger. In early November 79 A.D. e. as a result of the eruption of Vesuvius, the city of Pompeii hid under a layer of volcanic ash. It all happened so fast that people died without even having time to react. The city and the bodies of its inhabitants, enclosed in a shell of ash, are almost perfectly preserved to this day, having survived 1700 years of history.

Slot Pompeii returns you to the city, built at the foot of Vesuvius shortly before the eruption of the volcano. In this game from Aristocrat, the symbols of the Romans and Latin inscriptions are used, and lava and volcanic smoke are visible in the background.

Pompeii Slot - Graphics, sounds, and animations

The graphics are not bad. It is not amazing, but the animations are smooth, and the image is clear. The visual part does not create a special atmosphere, and it clearly lacks ingenuity. At the same time, symbols from ace to nine are most often found in the game, so you will have time to miss the Roman theme, which, one might say, is also buried under the gray ashes of boredom. The sound design is also nothing special. There is no music here, but you will probably hear a strange voice pronouncing one word from Caesar's famous quote: “Veni, Vidi, Vici”. This happens whenever a coin symbol appears.

There is nothing repelling in the design of the slot machine, but many modern slots cause much more positive emotions.

Pompeii Slot - Gameplay

Everything is completely standard for a slot with 5 reels and a system with 243 ways to win. This system is different in that instead of winning lines, players need the same symbols in adjacent cells, starting from the first reel. Do not expect much variety - the game process is rarely diluted with some beautiful animation, but there is a gambling function. Everything is simple here: just guess the color of the next card (red or black) in the virtual deck.

Pompeii Slot - Wilds, bonuses and free spins

The coin symbol, which we already mentioned above, starts bonus rounds with free spins. If three, four or five such symbols appear on the reels, you will win 125, 500 or 1250 coins or “credits”, respectively. In addition, you will receive 10, 15 or 20 free spins with the ability to restart them if you get bonus symbols again. The game also has a multiplier for the combination obtained using the wild (symbol with a volcanic eruption). If it falls out on the second reel, your winnings will triple, if on the fourth - the winnings will increase five times. Wilds dropped on both reels? Both factors will be applied to the win, and your win will increase by 15 times.

Pompeii Slot - Bet Size, RTP and Variance

The minimum bet is 25 “credits” (this is the same as the coins in most slot machines), which when calculating payments are equal to the line bet. This can be confusing at first. You can place bets of 25, 50, 75 and 100 credits. Thus, the main way to determine the rate is to set the cost of one loan. On the site where we tested the slot, the maximum bet was £ / $ / € 150. The payout percentage at these rates is only 95.45%, while such a percentage is mainly achieved only with a bonus. The dispersion in the game is quite high - payouts are rare and with large interruptions. The Pompeii slot has a classic gambling function for Aristocrat slot machines


The slot machine has many other software problems that are not reflected in this review, but spoil the impression of the game. For example, the help section is full of spelling mistakes, which makes you think about the company's approach to development. And if we take into account that “loans” are used as a factor here, then it will be difficult to understand how the winnings are related to the rate.

But this is not so bad. The main problem of Pompeii is the lack of imagination. Well, and another cloud of ash.

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