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As the player spins reels, the wild and two bonus symbols in the main game are available on the screen, as well as an additional bonus set symbols. A risk game is randomly activated and will bring bonus points or two payouts per spin. A progressive jackpot is also available in this slot machine. The maximum reward in the free demo-mode of the Mr. Magnifico slot machine relies on three blue crystals. When playing at a bet rate of 10 credits, the player will receive a win of 1000.

Gameplay in the Mr. Magnifico Slot

Before the first start of the spin, you should choose a bet rate per spin. The Bet key is responsible for this function, which allows you to select 1, 3 or 5 credits. In the Mr. Magnifico online slot, a denomination is involved - the exchange of one game currency for another. In this case, the exchange of credits for coins. In the demo version of the machine, the rate - 1 credit is 0.20 coins. You can bet 0.20 and up to 1 coin per spin. Since there is only one playing line in Mr. Magnifico, the standard counting rules are simplified to a minimum. Three identical symbols must be placed on the line so that the player can receive a reward. Depending on the type of symbol, this may be a payout in coins or bonus points. The only symbol that brings a reward just for appearing on the line is a bonus ball.

The upper part of the screen is occupied by information blocks with:

  • Message / Risk Game - prompts appear here and the jackpot size is displayed;
  • Prize - shows the reward for the last spin;
  • Bonus - displays the number of bonus points;
  • Balance - the player’s account in coins.

The lower part of the screen is occupied by the control console, where the keys are located, which are responsible for various gaming functions. If a risk game was activated during the last spin, then you can collect your winnings with the Collect key. The Nudges buttons also apply to the risk game round and allow you to lock one or two reels. Change Game allows you to switch between the main and secondary game. You can start the drums in two modes - manual and automatic. For a single start, just click the Start button. When activating a risk game, you will also need to press Start again. The user can use the Auto-risk function so that Mr. Magnifico automatically re-spins the unlocked drum.

The second way is Auto-Play, that is, automatic rotation of the reels. When you click on the Auto-Play button, the setup menu opens, where you can select the desired number of auto-spins. If you enable the Auto-risk function, then for the duration of the automatic game the user’s interaction with the reels is reduced to zero.

Symbols on the Mr. Magnifico Online Slot

In the main game of Mr. Magnifico slot machine, three special symbols are available - “wild” and two bonus symbols. When a “wild” emblem appears on the line, the superhero will replace any character. Thus, you can not only form prize combinations but also supplement the glove symbol or the bonus symbol - a ball. Wild does not have own reward, nor does it activate a risk game. A bonus glove symbol launches one of four additional mini-games. To do this, you must either collect all three characters on the line or combine with the "wild". Has no own reward.

A bonus symbol with the image of a ball - helps to accumulate special points for an additional game. It is valid regardless of the location on the line:

  • 1 character - 1 bonus point;
  • 2 characters - 2 bonus points;
  • 3 characters - 6 bonus points.

The standard symbols, which bring only a reward in coins, refer to the so-called "fruit". Standard symbols and the reward that is due for their collection are listed in the paytable, which occupies the entire right side of the playing field. Depending on the bet rate 1/3/5 credits, the reward for them:

  • blue stone - 200, 600, 1,000 coins;
  • red stone - 50, 150, 300 coins;
  • green stone - 10, 30, 50 coins;
  • bell - 6, 15, 15 coins;
  • strawberries - 5, 12, 12 coins;
  • lemon - 4, 9, 9 coins;
  • plum - 3, 6, 6 coins;
  • orange - 2, 3, 3 coins;
  • a combination of three stones of any color - 1, 2, 2 coins.

In the Upper Game, a player has access to a new set of characters. Depending on the bet rate of 1/3/5/5 credits, you can get:

  • car - 4, 8, 20, 20 coins;
  • ring - 4, 4, 8, 8 coins;
  • bag of money - 4, 4, 8, 8 coins;
  • green seven - 50, 150, 250, 400 coins;
  • red seven - 100, 300, 500, 800 coins;
  • blue seven - 200, 600, 1,000, 1,000 coins;
  • bonus points - 1, 3, 5, 10 for any combination.

Risk game in the Mr. Magnifico Slot

In the Mr. Magnifico video slot, there is an opportunity to receive an additional payment if the player favors luck. The risk game consists of several stages, at the end of which you can get more coins or bonus points. The first stage is the appearance of a potential prize combination. The Nudges counter will show how many times the drums have moved down. Usually, at this stage, two identical symbols appear on the line. After that, the reels are fixed, and the player proceeds to the next step.

The second stage is a free re-spin of the drum. In the event of a missing symbol, the player is charged according to the table. You can pick it up by pressing to Collect or go to the final step.

The third stage is the selection of an additional award. In automatic mode, the game goes through all the available rewards until it determines one. If the choice fell on the bonus symbol, then the player receives only points. If the pointer stops at one of the usual symbols, then a reward is awarded in coins.

Bonuses in the Mr. Magnifico

Additional features on the machine Mr. Magnifico are represented by several bonus games. In the main game, you can access the Super free round, which is indicated as Bonus Game 1 in the paytable. To do this, you need to collect three symbols with the image of a glove or combine one or two with the “wild” one. A new screen will open with a picture of a superhero, over whose hand numbers placed. These are bonus points that a player can get by clicking anywhere on the field. Everything accumulated in the main and Super free games is used in the Upper part of the in-Game screen. As soon as at least one bonus point is displayed in the Bonus column, you can press the Change Game key to go to the second game screen. There are three reels with 8 prize lines. The sixth, seventh and eighth lines become available only at the maximum rate. To pay for spins, both bonus points and coins from the account are used simultaneously. Having collected three identical symbols on any of the lines, the player will receive a payout in coins. If not seven fell out, then access to one of the bonus games will also be opened.

  • Bonus Game 2 - starts when collecting bags of money. On the new screen, the player will catch bandits. When collecting identical bags, a random reward in coins is awarded.
  • Bonus Game 3 - starts when collecting rings. A few sets of superhero costumes will appear on the new screen. The player’s task is to choose the same things from the ones that presented and get a reward.
  • Bonus Game 4 - starts when collecting cars. Access to the mini-game with the race. The player’s task is to bring the car of the selected color to the finish line first and get a well-deserved payout in coins.

The Up Your Award function is activated randomly after any spin. The player has the opportunity to make one spin of the reels for free. The jackpot can be obtained both in the main game and in the Upper Game after any spin that did not bring an award. The degree of increase in its size directly depends on the bet rate.

Mr. Magnifico online slot cannot please with large or regular payments. However, patient users are rewarded with bonus games and the ability to make free re-spins of all or several reels as well as the jackpot.

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