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The slot has a number of attractive benefits. Prize combinations freeze on the screen and trigger a second spin with a chance to complement the sequence of symbols. A wild symbol replaces missing images. An electric eel labeled Free Spins activates a series of free spins.

For a combination of 5 images of Jack Hammer (the main character of the game), you will receive a reward with a coefficient of x500. But this is not the largest payout of the slot. During free spins, payouts for sequences are doubled. And if the main image covers the entire playing field, you will receive 990,000 coins when playing at the maximum bet rate.

The theoretical Jack Hammer 2 slot return percentage is 97.1%.

How to play Jack Hammer 2 Slot

By playing Jack Hammer 2 slot machine on our website, you get access to the demo version of the game. You do not need to deposit funds or register to spin the reels for your pleasure. 5000 credits have already been credited to the slot account - 100,000 coins at the exchange rate of 0.5 set by default in the Coin Value column. To set a bet and calculate the size of the prize in the slot, coins are used.

The value of the coin can be changed in the range of 0.01-0.05. Depending on the selected value, the balance displayed in the Coins column will change. Set your bid level. In the Bet Level column, you can select a number between 1-10. At a minimum level, the total cost of rotation (Bet) will be 50 virtual coins. At the maximum - 500 coins. The main task of the Jack Hammer 2 machine is to rotate the reels and collect combinations on the screen. These are sequences of identical symbols that are located on any of the fixed paylines.

You can start the rotation of the reels (vertical columns that form the playing field) in several ways:

  • The central round arrow key on the control panel activates a single rotation (spin).
  • The Autoplay key allows you to assign a series of spins that occur automatically, without user intervention.
  • The Max Bet button sets the maximum bet and starts one spin of the reels.

Please note pressing the arrow button again during rotation interrupts the spin in advance. During re-rotation in case of a prize combination, the stop function does not work.

Symbols and payouts in the Jack Hammer 2 Slot

Images in the Jack Hammer 2 slot can be divided into two types: common and special. Common symbols are those that form standard prize combinations and do not perform any additional functions. Combinations of such images are counted if the symbols appear successively from left to right (from the first reel to the fifth) and are located on one of the paylines.

There are 9 common symbols in the game. They can also be divided into two groups:

Common - images for which prizes are awarded at the lowest ratios (multipliers). These include:

  • Microphone - for 3, 4 or 5 images you will receive multipliers for the bet level x2, x4, and x5.
  • Wardrobe trunk for the machine is estimated by the coefficients x2, x4, x20.
  • Barrels of fish - x3, x5, x20.
  • The boat with the kidnapped singer - x3, x7, x25.
  • Landscape with a river and a crescent - x4, x10, x35.

Valuable/special - symbols with portraits of the heroes of the game:

  • The Mobsters (mafia fighters) - x8, x20, x100.
  • Don Crabby - x10, x25, x150.
  • Singer Pearl - x15, x40, x250.
  • Jack Hammer - x25, x75, x500.

From the payout table, it is obvious: none of the shortest combinations (three images in a row) brings a reward covering the cost of rotation. However, given the special opportunity of the machine - an additional free spin - any prize sequence can be extended. Accordingly, the gain for the combination can be increased.

Special symbols in the Jack Hammer 2 Slot

Service characters are images that perform special functions when falling onto the playing field. In Jack Hammer 2, this is a wild symbol and scatter. Such pictures do not have their own value (their sequence does not bring a reward), however, they increase the player’s chance of receiving a prize.

"Wild" symbol - a picture with the inscription Wild. The main feature of this image is the ability to replace any other character, falling on the line. So, if a symbol appears between two images of a microphone, a combination of three microphones will be counted. If Wild fell on the fourth reel, closing the sequence of, for example, three barrels of fish, the machine will count the sequence of four images. The action of the "wild" symbol does not apply only to the scatter.

Scatter is an electric eel labeled Free Spins. The peculiarity of the image is that its combinations are counted regardless of the position on the playing field. The main thing is the quantity. Three scatter triggers an additional free spin, during which you can collect a prize combination. Five or more eels activate free spins - free spins.

Benefits during basic spins

We’ll talk more about the possibilities of the slot during paid spins. If a prize combination or a combination of 3 eels (scatters) appeared on the screen as a result of the rotation, a free re-spin will automatically start. During such a spin, the pictures that formed the sequence remain in place. Only those characters that do not come out in combination change.

Repeated rotation can have two outcomes:

  1. No additional images will appear on the screen that can extend the dropped-out combination or form a new one. In this case, the prize for the combination is calculated and debited to the user's balance.
  2. Symbols appear in the columns that extend the prize combination, or a new combination appears. Then the drums make another free spin taking into account the new dropped pictures, which are also fixed.

Free spins in the Jack Hammer 2 Slot

When 5, 6, 7, 8 or more pictures with eel (scatter) appear on the reels, the user receives 10, 13, 16 and 20 free spins as a reward. Free spins occur at the rate assigned to the main game without writing off the cost of spins for each spin provided in the series. The rate is used to calculate rewards based on odds.

Bonus rounds (rotations) suggest a number of additional features:

  • Two additional “wild” symbols may appear on the screen - with Don Crabby's claw and Jack Hammer's fist. Such images appear on the field during the activation of each new rotation and increase the chance of a prize combination.
  • The standard “wild” symbol with the inscription Wild is also involved in the prize rounds.
  • All combinations that occur during free spins bring double payments.
  • The advantage of re-spins is also active during the bonus game.

A series of free spins can be extended if 5 or more scatters appear on the screen during free spins. However, in the extra bonus rounds, the multiplier x2 does not work for all combinations.

Jack Hammer 2 by NetEnt slot offering a number of benefits during the session. Free additional spins (re-spins) allow you to extend combinations and increase your winnings. Free spins give you the opportunity to spin the reels for free. Having collected the most valuable images on the whole screen, during the prize rounds you can get 900,000 coins per spin when playing at the highest bet rate.

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