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Slot information

The slot contains a bonus game, free spins and a doubling game. The "wild" symbol increases the chance of prize combinations. The most valuable combination is five “wild” symbols with a coefficient of x1000 for a linear bet. A series of free spins consists of 8 spins and can be extended. The theoretical percentage return of the slot is 96.8%.

How to play Frankenslots Monster slot for free

A licensed copy of Frankenslot’s Monster is provided on our site for free. It offers 1,000 game units, which are converted into demo credits for convenience. The cost of the credit is set by the user.

The goal of the game is to collect combinations of images and receive rewards. Sequences are formed from identical pictures located on adjacent reels and on one of twenty paylines. Counting combinations begins with the leftmost drum.

The main buttons and windows are located on the control panel:

  • Choose Coin - changes the face value of the credit with the “+” and “-” buttons in the range 0.02-1;
  • Bet per Line - assigns a linear rate within 1-5 credits;
  • Bet - displays the size of the total bet (the number is formed when the linear bet is multiplied by a fixed number of lines);
  • Max Bet - a button that assigns the maximum linear bet and activates one spin of the reels;
  • Spin - starts a single rotation at a rate set by the user;
  • Auto Play - activates a series of automatic spins (from 5 to 100) according to the conditions set by the player;
  • Double Up - a key that launches a risk game (activated only in case of a loss of a prize combination);
  • Win - displays winnings for one or several combinations;
  • Balance - displays the amount of game currency in the account;
  • Credits - shows the balance in the user's credits.

At the top of the screen are two additional buttons. View Pays - opens a window with a payout table, a description of the action of bonus symbols and schemes of the structure of prize lines. Options - expands a window with additional settings for sound, image quality, graphics and speed of rotation of the reels.

Symbols and Rewards in the Frankenslots Monster Slot

Different characters in the game "Monster Frankensslot" bring excellent rewards among themselves. The size of the prize depends on the odds assigned to the different winning sequences. The more pictures involved in the combination, the more valuable such a combination. Odds are fixed values that are multipliers for a linear bet. Pictures are played by such factors:

  • “10” - 5, 10 and 20 for three, four and five images, respectively;
  • "J" - 10, 20 and 40;
  • “Q” - 15, 30 and 60;
  • “K” - 20, 40 and 80;
  • “A” - 25, 50 and 100;
  • electric helmet - 50, 75 and 150;
  • eye in the bank - 50, 100 and 200;
  • the moon - 75, 150 and 300;
  • Professor - 80, 200 and 400;
  • Frankslot monster - 100, 250 and 500.

In addition to the usual images forming combinations, additional pictures with special functions participate in the game. These include:

  • Wild symbol;
  • Scatter
  • bonus symbol.

"Wild" symbol - a picture with the inscription Wild. The image appears on any of the five reels and can replace the missing symbol in the combination. This action does not apply to scatter and the bonus symbols. In addition, the “wild” forms its own combination of three, four and five images with coefficients of 200, 500 and 1000, respectively.

Scatter - a symbol with the corresponding inscription. The picture appears on the second, third and fourth reels. Falling out on all three reels simultaneously, regardless of position, the image launches free spins.

Bonus symbol - a picture with the inscription Bonus. appears on the first, third and fifth reels. Appearing in three cells on the screen, the symbol activates the built-in mini-game.

Free spins in the Frankenslots Monster Slot

Prize turns are awarded as a reward for a combination of three scatter. The user receives eight free spins at the rate assigned to the main game. You can’t change the linear rate or the face value of credit during free spins.

During the bonus rounds, an additional bonus option is valid. Before the rewards for combinations are counted, the random three characters on the playing field turn into "wild". Such pictures replace any image except scatter. Thus, the likelihood of making a winning combination increases.

Also during free spins, you can collect another scatter combination and get eight additional spins. Bonus symbols do not appear on the screen during free rounds.

Prize game in the Frankenslots Monster Slot

If during the main game on the first, third and fifth reels, bonus symbols appeared simultaneously, the prize mini-game starts. In it, you need to send a current discharge through the helmet in order to anger the monster. Four switches appear on the screen to control the current strength. Set any values as you wish and pull the lever.

The bonus game reward is issued after the electric arc is passed through the Frankslot monster. The size of the win is proportional to the volume of the total bet. The maximum reward for a bonus game is 25 contributions per spin.

Risk game in the Frankenslots Monster Slot

If at least one winning combination appears on the screen during the main game, you can start the game by doubling. The risk game is represented by the classic guessing “heads or tails”. The feature of the function is that at stake you can bet not all the winnings at once, but half of it. This feature allows you to save part of the amount or try again to correctly guess the side of the coin in case of failure.

Management in a risk game is as follows:

  • Gamble All - puts on the round the full amount of winnings for combinations;
  • Gamble 50% - puts half the prize;
  • Heads - indicates the side of the coin with the head of the scientist;
  • Tails - indicates the side of the coin with an electric helmet;
  • Collect Bank - throws the winnings onto the balance and completes the risk game.

If the answer is correct, the amount delivered doubles. In case of an error, it burns out. The game is played until the user makes a mistake in the prediction or takes the winnings to the account.

Betsoft's Frankenslot’s Monster slot is a slot machine with additional features. The most frequently drawn combinations do not bring major rewards. The user receives the main winnings during free spins and bonus games. Prizes received in these rounds cannot be played in the risk game. The manufacturer does not indicate the upper limit of doubling in the risk round.

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