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In addition, there is an option to move cells and a prize round with free spins. The maximum payout for the prize combination is 250 credits.

Four by Four Video Slot Gameplay

There is only one customizable game parameter in the slot - bet per spin. It can be set using the “-” and “+” buttons under the Bet label in the range from 0.1 to 50 virtual credits. The chosen bet will determine the face value of the prize for prize combinations. The Demo Credits line of the indicator displays the current account of the player now. The “win” field is the number of credits that the player received for the last spin. Pressing the Play button starts the game process - symbols are randomly generated on the virtual field of the slot. The auto-game menu is opened by alternately pressing the Expert and Autoplay buttons. In it, the user can configure the number of automatic spins within 5 to 500 spins, and set a limit on winning.

A quick start of 5 or 10 auto-spins is activated by clicking on the X5 or X10 button, respectively. The pre-term stop of the mode can be done by pressing the Stop button. The winning combination in the slot machine is the presence on the playing field of four identical symbols forming a horizontal or vertical line. One character can take part in several combinations at once. When a prize combination falls out, all the symbols included in its composition are reduced, and new ones fall in their place. This process will continue until winning combinations stop forming. This principle is called cascading.

The View rules button opens a help menu with the basic rules of the slot, as well as a description of the bonus function and the prize round with free spins. The paytable is on the right side of the screen. The table values shown are displayed as multiplication factors for the bet per spin.

The Options key opens a pop-up menu with the ability to adjust the speed of animation of the figures of the playing field and allows you to adjust the sound parameters.

Symbols and Odds in the Four by Four Online Slot

For ease of display and ease of perception, all payments for prize combinations will be indicated considering the bet rate per spin of 1 credit.

There are 2 categories of symbols in the slot, which differ in the presence of a unique function and in the way the winning combinations are formed.

Special Symbols in the Four by Four Online Slot

The “wild” symbol of the device is depicted as a star. It has a universal property and can replace all types of images in the formation of a prize combination. Special characters of the game are small icons placed on the image of a standard character. When reducing the symbols of the winning combination, the additional pictograms on them are also reduced.

In the upper right corner of the screen, there are two scales of the bonus symbol index with the corresponding inscriptions - Free nudges and Free plays. When four bonus nudges symbols appear in random order on the playing field, the Free Nudges scale fills up and the bonus game with a shift of cells starts.

The drop of four free plays symbols somewhere on the playing field, respectively, fills the scale of the Free play and activates the launch of the bonus round with free spins, as well as fixed “wild” symbols.

Standard Symbols of the Four by Four Slot

Standard slot symbols are images of various shapes. The combination of four components brings the user the following credit rewards:

  • X (X) - 0.2;
  • cross or plus - 0.5;
  • rhombus - 1;
  • ring - 3. This is the most highly profitable symbol of the device. When playing at the maximum bet, a combination of symbols with the image of the ring brings 150 credits.

Bonus Game with a Shift of Cells with Free Nudges Scale

It is activated by the drop of four Bonus nudges symbols on the virtual field of the slot. The player has the opportunity 4 times to shift the horizontal row or vertical column in any direction to get a prize combination.

Payouts for combinations in this bonus are multiplied 10 times. When forming a winning combination, all other unused shift opportunities are reduced. After that, the received credits are transferred to the current account, and the game automatically closes.

Free Spins Prize Round in the Four by Four Online Slot

The prize round is the launch of 4 free spins. It is activated by the loss of four free plays characters in the main game. During the launch of free spins, 4 "wild" symbols will be fixed at the corners of the playing field. This principle of star placement increases the likelihood of the formation of many prize combinations, and, consequently, the loss of many new symbols during one spin. A round with free symbols generation involves adding 4 additional free spins when the free plays icon is re-popped. There is also the possibility of launching a bonus with a shift of Free Nudges cells. At the end of the game, all accumulated funds will be transferred to the user's main account.

Four by Four is a free gaming machine with unique image generation, a cascading symbol drop-out system, a unique bonus that allows you to move rows and columns to get a winning combination and a prize round with free spins.

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