Flying Ace Slot

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How to play Flying Ace video slot

The playing field of the Flying Ace slot machine is divided into three parts:

  • drums - top left
  • paytable - right
  • management console - bottom.

Five game lines of the slot line up not only horizontally, but also diagonally. All prize combinations on active lines are counted only from left to right, and only starting from the leftmost reel. Before the start of the game, a bet is made on the spin. To do this, the player sets:

  • coin value (in-game credits);
  • the number of coins in the bet.

The first parameter is set with the “+” and “-” buttons under the coin image. The developers offer five options for the value of the coin - from 0.25 to 5 credits. The number of credits a player has indicated on the Demo Credits block (bottom of the screen). At the beginning of the game there are always 2,000 credits available for free game. The second parameter is set using the Bet key. One to five coins can be placed per spin. Each press of the button increases the number of coins by one. The number of coins delivered is shown on the same board above the button.

To the right is the Bet indicator. The rate of the bet on it shown in credits. The size of the bet is calculated by multiplying the value of the coin by their number. Under this scoreboard is the Bet Max key. Clicking on it:

  • makes the number of active lines maximum - 5;
  • starts a single rotation of the reels.

On the right is the Win window, which displays the winnings obtained for the spin, and the Spin key, which initiates the rotation of the reels. The full text version of the rules is displayed by pressing the Help key.

Auto Spin Mode in the Flying Ace Slot

Using the Expert key, the player switches to the advanced control panel, where automatic spins are available. Right from the keyboard, you can launch five and ten auto spins. The Autoplay switch displays the automatic rotation settings menu. Here you can indicate a number of auto spins (choosing from seven options in the range from 5 to 500), and other stop conditions. When settings met during spins, the automatic mode stops.

Symbols and Odds of the Flying Ace Slot

The slot uses special and standard characters.

Wild symbol. The “wild” symbol is the image of the pilot. It replaces all other symbols to make a prize combination. However, it should be noted that on each line only one, the most expensive combination is paid. In addition, the pilot is the most valuable symbol. Combinations with it bring the biggest gains:

  • 1 coin per bet - 1,000 reward coins;
  • 2 coins - 2,000;
  • 3 to 3,000;
  • 4 to 4,000;
  • 5 coins per bet - 6,000 reward coins.

Standard characters. Five standard symbols are used in the slot:

  • letter A - ace card symbol;
  • inscriptions BAR - one, two and three words in one sign;
  • girl on the background of the target.

However, there are more than five combinations of these characters. They bring such winnings:

  • ace - 1 coin;
  • two aces - 2;
  • any three inscriptions BAR - 4;
  • three aces - 10;
  • three inscriptions BAR with one word - 20;
  • three inscriptions BAR with two words - 50;
  • three inscriptions BAR with three words - 100;
  • three girls - 300 coins.

The picture in this slot does not always stop exactly on the pay line. Imitating the effect inherent in a real slot machine, sometimes the image does not reach the line, but stops as if between them. In this case, not three symbols appear completely on the drum, but two or even one. In practice, this option increases the number of characters and reduces the user's chances of collecting a prize combination.

Graphics and Soundtrack of the Flying Aces Slot

The graphics of the slot are minimalist. The playing field depicts an aircraft skin riddled with bullets. Pictures are sketchy, with no animation. Soundtrack obsessive; a small button to disable it is in the upper right corner.

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