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Easy Slider - Theme and storyline

“Jin is out of the bottle. The Angels of Hell - the heroes of the scandalous chronicle headings in bold letters - roar at a frantic speed with the first rays of dawn in the freeway, sitting firmly in their saddles ... Not a single smile on their faces ... they frantically wade through the traffic stream, and at speed ninety miles an hour taxi down the central lane, miraculously avoiding seemingly inevitable collisions ... like Genghis Khan on an iron horse, they ride their horse monsters, "

- Hunter S. Thompson, “Angels of Hell”

Today, the genie is free again, but this time in the Easy Slider slot, whose name echoes Dennis Hopper's “Easy Rider” ending the hippie era. The slot uses images from Hell's Angels - winged aces and denim patches. What will the average freedom-loving biker say that gambling manufacturers make money from their culture? And what do the characters of “Careless Rider” (1969) say, dissecting on their iron horses and hating the capitalist system? All this is a topic for another discussion. Want to experience a sense of freedom on the road with a slot? Easy Slider is not a bad option.

Easy Slider Graphics, sounds, and animations

Like other NextGen products, Easy Slider has fun and elaborate animations. However, for some reason, the creators did not pay so much attention to the images themselves, which look cheap and generally cartoony. These problems are not too critical due to the excellent plot, however, small changes could significantly improve the visual appearance of the game.

Easy Slider Gameplay

The game takes place on five reels with 25 winning lines, and a couple of additional functions add excitement to it. The first of them is the title slider, which allows you to select a drum with combining wilds. The farther you place the slider from the drum, the greater the coefficient that applies to win for wilds, and the greater your potential winnings in bonus games (more about them below). Also in the game, there is a bet function on black/red. Therefore, if you want to take a chance, try to guess the color of the next suit and increase your winnings four times. Exactly the same feature is found in many other NextGen games, and it does not quite fit the aesthetics of Easy Slider. However, it is always nice to know that you can increase the slot game’s volatility at any time if you wish.

Easy Slider Wilds, bonuses and free spins

You can win a large amount in Easy Slider mainly due to the combination with the combined wilds. This is because the size of the factor brought by the wilds depends on where the slider is located. This feature also affects free games, and multipliers double during free spins. Free spins are awarded for the loss of three or more Scatter symbols. In this case, in addition to the payout, the size of which consists of your bet per spin multiplied by the corresponding coefficient, you will also receive ten free spins with combined wilds on any reel of your choice.

Easy Slider Bets, RTP, and Variance

RTP varies depending on the location of the slider and ranges from 95.15% to 95.60%, but even with the best scenario, this figure is below the industry average.

Understanding the volatility of the game is somewhat more difficult. When placing the slider on the first reel, you can provide relatively medium/low volatility of the game. The farther your slider moves away from the first reel, the higher the volatility will rise, since the chance of losing winning combinations will decrease, and the number of potential wins will increase. You will have to experiment and decide which option is more suitable for your bankroll and the chosen strategy.


The main advantage of the Easier Slider is the slider. If you like this innovation, then you will definitely like the slot. Otherwise, it will seem uninteresting, since the game itself, bonuses and RTP are rather mediocre. It’s always nice to see how the creators try new features in their games, therefore, as an experiment, we recommend this slot to everyone who likes the idea of having a slider in the game.

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