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There are six types of "wild" symbols in the slot. Five of them expand horizontally or vertically and trigger respin. Sixth, wild, when appearing on the third reel, brings the jackpot. Four game management strategies automate the process of raising bets based on the number of wins or failures.

DJ Wild Gameplay Basics

When starting the DJ Wild slot, the user receives 1,000 credits. The same amount of virtual currency will be on the game account if you refresh the page with a machine. The current balance is always available in the lower left corner, in the Demo Play line. Try other slot games on the Bgaoc website for free.

Betting and Strategies in the DJ Wild Slot

In the given machine, the fixed number of active lines is 10. Therefore, the user can only choose the size of the total bet. This is done in a special section. Go to it by pressing the button with coins and a plus symbol. It is located at the bottom of the first drum.

In the section that opens, there are 12 cells. The size of the total bet is written on each of them. The desired amount is selected by clicking on one of the cells. As a result, it will be highlighted in bright color.

On the right side of the screen, a bet strategy is shown. By default, no tactics are selected; the bet on any spin is determined manually by the player. To activate the desired strategy, you need to find it by turning the pages of the section by clicking on the arrows. They are on the left and right of the main information.

There are four tactics for changing the total bet in the slot. The first is called Optimizer, it corresponds to the blue color. The essence of the strategy is to change the rate depending on the overall balance of the gambler. The amount of contribution per spin will be equal to the available number, which is closest to a certain percentage of the player’s credits.

The number of percentages to which the bet will be approximated can be one of the following numbers: 1, 2, 5, or 10. It is determined by the user. Available values from which the contribution amount will be selected can be seen on the first page of the section. Where no tactics are chosen. It is also possible to track the change in the rate in the lower right corner in real time.

The next strategy is Leveller. If it is enabled, the value of the total bet is highlighted in green. The meaning of this tactic is to raise the bet two levels after every five spins that did not bring a win. The contribution can thus increase by only 4 levels. The counter of unsuccessful spins is reset at every win.

The third tactic is Booster. It matches the red color. If this strategy is activated, then the rate will increase by one level after each defeat. The limit of rate growth here is also equivalent to the fourth level, if you count from the initial payment. After each prize rotation, the bet is reset to its initial size.

The latest strategy is Jumper. It colors the Bet string yellow. Her principle of raising bets is almost the same as that of Booster tactics. The only difference is that the contribution to the spin does not increase after the loss, but after the rotation, which brought the payment. Therefore, in case of any failure, the rate is equal to the initial value.

Choose a contribution that will be the main one in any strategy, it is necessary on the left side of the screen. To do this, click on the cell with the desired rate. After that, those amounts that the rate can equal when activating the corresponding strategy will be highlighted. Cells will be painted in color corresponding to the active tactics.

Spins in the DJ Wild Slot

The rotation of the reels starts after pressing the button with the arrow. It is located on the fifth reel. One short click will result in standard spin. If you hold down the specified key, you will be able to enable the automatic spin mode.

In this case, a window appears in which there are four buttons. Each of them shows the number of future startups. Pressing one of the keys will start the corresponding number of spins. To disable automatic mode, just click on the button on the right side of the screen once.

An important key is also present in the upper left corner of the slot. It is made in the form of three lines. Clicking on this button opens a section where you can find:

  • information about symbols and active lines;
  • machine settings;
  • detailed rules of the gameplay in the DJ Wild slot.

The gear tab is responsible for the second item, it is called Settings. First of all, five switches are shown here. Each of them allows you to enable or disable a specific function.

Switches Sound on, Game sounds and Music will help to adjust the sound in the machine. Pressing the Quick play button activates or deactivates the accelerated spins mode. The Show in spins key allows you to turn on the coin display mode.

When this function is enabled, winnings on the playing field will be shown in coins. More coins are not involved anywhere. The cost of each such game unit is 0.01 credits.

Symbols and Coefficients in the DJ Wild Slot Machine

Above, we mentioned six “wild” symbols in the DJ Wild slot machine. Of the special images in the slot, only these pictures exist. They are able to replace any ordinary image, which contributes to the creation of more prize combinations. Special pictures can be divided into five main and one additional “wild” symbol. The main wild symbols are divided into two subgroups. The first includes those that, when they appear on the playing field, fill their entire drum. There are three such “wild” symbols - orange, gray and pink. The second subgroup is horizontal wild symbols. They, when falling out on the drums, fill the cells strictly horizontally. But not the entire line of pictures, but only the section from the cell of the "wild" symbol to the nearest edge of the playing field. Such images include green wild and a symbol with multi-colored light bulbs.

After the loss and expansion of any of the described symbols, respin begins. It starts without charging an additional bet but can also bring the user a win. Each new occurrence of a "wild" symbol triggers another respin. Jackpot Wild stands apart. His appearance on the central reel will bring the gambler a prize of 500 total bets. This symbol, in addition to the inscription DJ Wild, shows a DJ with his hands up. Standard images of the slot in question bring only winnings in credits. Their odds increase the bet by one line, the user gets the total. Finding out what the line bet is equal to is easy enough. To do this, you need to divide the total rate by the number of active lines, that is, by 10.

There are only eight kinds of ordinary characters. Four of them are fruits and berries. Fruits have the smallest ratios:

  • cherries bring two, six or eight bets per line;
  • lemons have coefficients 4, 6 and 8;
  • watermelons and plums allow you to get six, eight or ten bets per line.
  • The second subgroup of standard images has higher multipliers. These characters are made in a thematic style. They have things that are associated with the work of a DJ. Such symbols include:
  • headphones with x8, 14 and 20;
  • red speaker, which brings 10, 20 and 30 bets per line;
  • a control panel that has coefficients of 20, 30 and 50;
  • a synthesizer with x50, 80 and 100.

Prize combinations of the main images can begin both on the first reel and on the last. The main condition for creating sequences remains the continuity of the combination. In other words, all characters in the sequence must be on adjacent reels.

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