Demon Jack 27 Slot

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A wild symbol appears on the playing field of the slot, which is a winning combination replaces the missing symbols. Any reward for a spin can be put on the line in a double game. The maximum payout for a combination of five “wild” symbols is 16,000 coins. The reward is tripled for collecting the same symbols on all reels.

The principles and rules of the Demon Jack 27 Slot

The Demon Jack 27 slot machine is presented in demo mode, where demo coins are used for the game. When a page is loaded, 100 game units appear on the player’s account. Updating the page with a machine returns the account to the mark of 100 demo coins, regardless of how much was left before.

The bet per line is displayed in the Bet window. The starting value is 0.10 coins, the maximum is 100. The regulators “-” and “+”, located on both sides of the Bet window, are responsible for increasing or decreasing the rate on the line. The size of the payout for combinations, as well as the total bet, depends on the size of the linear bet. On the machine Demon Jack 27, 27 pay lines are available. They are fixed, which means that all 27 lines participate in each spin, no less. When you press the Bet Max key, the maximum bet per line is automatically set.

A winning combination is a combination of three identical characters. The only exceptions are the combinations in which Wild is involved since it replaces the symbol that is missing for its formation. The payout table that opens when you click on the “i” icon shows the payouts for the symbols in coins. All values are calculated for the minimum linear rate - 0.10 coins.

To start the reels, just press the round Play button on the control console. The drums will complete a full rotation cycle and stop. If there are winning combinations on the playing field - the win for them is automatically summed up and displayed in the Win column, all prize lines will be highlighted. A Gamble button will appear above the reel start button, which allows you to take part in the round of the game for doubling. If you click on Play, the winnings are credited to the account. Autoplay mode is available only in the real version of the machine.

You can familiarize yourself with the rules of the Demon Jack 27 slot machine by clicking on the “?” Button. The payout table is available by pressing the "i" key. Under the control panel there are several information blocks:

  • Credit - game account in coins;
  • Win - win for the last spin;
  • Total Bet - the total bet on the spin, exactly how many coins are debited from the account when you press the Play key.

The gear button will open the user settings menu. Fullscreen mode allows you to open the machine in full-screen mode. Use space key allows you to start the reels when you press the spacebar. Quick Spin - reduces the animation time of the rotation of the reels. It should be noted that this option does not affect the gameplay, only the visual display.

Symbols and Payments in Demon Jack 27

In the role of a special symbol on the machine Demon Jack 27 is a portrait of the devil. This is “wild”, which, when participating in a combination, replaces the missing symbol. Since the size of any combination is three symbols - Wild often helps to “finish” the winning combination, so that the player gets paid in coins. The collection of three "wild" devils on the same line is rewarded. Symbol payout ratio - 160 linear bets. Thus, when betting on a line of 0.10 coins, he brings 16 coins, and when betting on a line of 100 coins, the maximum is 16,000.

The remaining symbols are conditionally divided into three categories according to payout ratios - low-paying, medium-paying, and high-paying. The first group includes symbols (payout in coins at the minimum bet):

  • blue cross, triple knot, infinity sign - 0.10;
  • snake, rose, bell - 0.20;
  • cross with a skull, raven, pyramid - 0.40.

Symbols of six and a five-pointed star - 0.80 coins, when playing at the minimum linear rate, will bring an average size award. The most expensive are symbols: a pointer with the inscription "Hell" - 4 coins, a trident - 8 coins. The higher the line bet, the higher the payout for all symbols.

It should be noted that even low-paying symbols fully pay for the total bet. That is, for the player there is no risk of "getting negative" when a winning combination occurs. If all the cells on the reels are occupied by the same symbols, the reward is increased three times.

Doubling game in the Demon Jack 27 Slot

When a winning combination occurs on any line of the Demon Jack 27 slot machine, access to the game for doubling appears. It is presented in a classic form - the player needs to guess the color of the card in order to double the win. Pressing the Gamble key opens a new window for the risk game.

The main task of the user in the doubling game is to correctly guess what color the hidden card is, red or black.

In the center is the playing card face down. On both sides of it are the Red and Black keys, which are responsible for the choice of color. Above the map is an information block with a history of previously dropped cards. At the bottom of the screen, there are two windows: Current Win - the number of coins that the player has put at stake in the risk game round; Double to - the size of the win when the color of the card is correctly guessed.

The player has the opportunity to bet not the entire winnings for the spin, but only half - by pressing the ½ Take key. At any time before choosing a color, or after correctly guessing the color of the card, you can press the Take key - the prize will be credited to the account, and the player will return to the main game screen.

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