Couch Potato Slot Review

Sophia Sullivan

Microgaming is known for its non-standard solutions in the process of creating slot machines, and therefore released a video slot called Couch Potato. The theme of this game is the rest of the tired potato on your favorite couch. It would seem that such an eccentric theme will not be able to attract the attention of users, but the opposite has happened and, together with the potato, the player can truly relax while playing the slot.

No features slot design has. In the background is the room where lazy potatoes spend most of their time. The graphics are dominated by bright colors.

The table of combinations contains a complete list of symbols, in which for each symbol three sums are written at once, written in "/". The first figure means the payment at the minimum rates, the second - at the average, but the third (most) displays information about the rewards at the maximum rates.

The participant must establish the optimal size of the bet. Two buttons are responsible for this function in the device - BET ONE and BET MAX. When the participant uses the first key, he will be able to gradually increase the bet to the size he needs. If the player is set to solid earnings, then the second button will help him. In addition, the user should select a suitable coin value, which also plays a role in fixing the bet. When it comes to the launch of the game, the participant will be faced with a choice: rotate the reels in manual or automatic mode. For a normal start, you need to press the SPIN function, but if the user wants to use continuous rotations, he needs to use the AUTOPLAY key, with which he can select the number of these rotations. This completes the list of required buttons that the participant will have to use. At the same time on the control panel there is a key HELP, calling the reference section, as well as a button that controls the volume of sound effects.

 Couch Potato is a standard machine emulator in which many people will recognize their habit of being lazy. Rate an exciting plot and other amenities of this game, anyone can. Make winning combinations and win big rewards!

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