Batman and the Joker Jewels Slot

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The Batman and the Joker Jewels slot machine is presented in a free mode version on our website. The game is played using a demo credit. The largest payout in the game per win is 62,500 credits. In the bonus round of the Batman vs The Joker, you can get up to 312 500 credits. And in the real money version of the machine – you can participate in the race for one of the four progressive jackpots.

Batman and the Joker Jewels Gameplay

The initial setting of the Batman and the Joker Jewels slot machine is carried out using the +/- keys in the Total Bet column. This sets the total cost of one rotation of the drums. The prize lines in the slot machine are fixed, all 25 lines participate in each launch of the slot machine. You can see how the lines on the reels are located in the paytable, which opens after pressing the Info key.

There is no window on the control panel with information about the line bet, despite the fact that the payout table indicates that the payout for any combination depends on the line bet. Calculating it yourself is quite simple: the total bet must be divided by the number of lines. So, with a minimum Total Bet of 0.25 - the line bet is 0.01 credits, and with a maximum of 625, - 25 credits per line.

Directly in the payout table near each symbol, there are two marks: a purple number is the required number of symbols in a combination; black - payout ratio. The reward is calculated according to the formula: the bet per line, multiplied by the coefficient of the combination of characters. For example, the minimum payout for five “wild” Joker symbols when playing at a rate of 0.01 is 25 credits, and at the maximum bet rate - 62,500 credits.

A combination is considered paid if the same symbols are located on the same line and adjacent reels. Counting starts from the first reel from left to right. If there are several combinations on one line, the payment is charged for the line with a higher coefficient. For example, on the first and second reels there is a “wild” symbol with the Batman logo, and on the third and fourth - a belt. The reward will be given for four belt symbols, since their coefficient is 25, and two “wild” symbols have coefficient of 5.

Spin rotation activates the Spin key. At the end of the animation, the game will automatically highlight all the prize combinations, calculate the payout and display it in the Win window. By turning on the Turbo Mode option, you can reduce the time of rotation of the reels - this will not affect the mechanics of the game process it will simply make a faster rotation of the reels.

Automatic reel rotation is also available - you need to press the Autoplay keys. A menu will appear in which you can select the number of auto-rotations - 10, 25, 50, 99. Spins will stop after one of the actions will be completed:

  • when you press Stop Autoplay;
  • As soon as the specified number of rotations is done;
  • if you have 0 credit on the account;
  • if the option Until function is selected and the bonus round is activated.

Visual and sound accompaniment can be adjusted in the Options menu.

Symbols and payouts of Batman and the Joker Jewels Slot

The Batman and the Joker Jewels slot machine provides the player with the opportunity to collect two types of "wild" symbols - with the Joker logo and the Batman logo. On their own, they can replace any standard symbol on the line to form or extend a combination. This function does not apply to a scatter symbol. So, for example, if on the first and third reels on the tenth line there are symbols with a portrait of Robin, and on the second any of the “wild” ones – this will be formed as a Robin combination.

In those cases when “wild” symbols of the same type are on the line starting from the first reel and at the same time there are no more “expensive” combinations - they bring the payment in credits according to the payment table. The maximum reward in the main game is awarded for a combination of five "wild" symbols - 62,500 credits when playing at the highest bet rate per line. The scatter symbol - the image with the inscription “Bonus!” - appears only on the first, third and fifth reels. Their loss will bring the player access to the Batman vs The Joker Free bonus round. The scatter symbol does not have its own payout ratio.

Standard symbols in Batman and the Joker Jewels Slot can be divided into four groups according to payout ratios:

  • Bet-boomerang, belt - 5, 25, 50;
  • Jaw, gun - 10, 30, 75;
  • Car, motorcycle - 15, 45, 100.
  • Characters with portraits:
  • Robin - 25, 50, 200;
  • Joker - 30, 75, 300;
  • Betman - 5, 50, 100, 500.

Bonuses and Free Spins in the Batman and The Joker Jewels Slot

The bonus tour at Batman and the Joker Jewels is triggered by scatter symbols when they drop out on the first, third and fifth reels. It is not necessary to collect them on one line; they bring the declared bonus just for the appearance. A counter with factors appears on the screen, which is divided into two halves: on the left is the part of Batman, on the right is the Joker. Having launched the bonus round, the player needs to choose which side the x5 multiplier will be at. A special “wild” symbol in the form of combined Batman and Joker logos can appear on the third reel and randomly move the pointer to the multiplier on the left or right side. Moving is always done by one value. Payouts for all combinations are calculated based on the active multiplier until a new one is selected. Batman vs The Joker Free Games is played until the pointer reaches The End mark. All free spins use a line bet from the main game. At the end of the bonus round, the accumulated reward is added up and credited to the player’s balance.

Jackpot in the Batman and The Joker Jewels Slot

Mystery Progressive Jackpot is available in the full version of Batman and the Joker Jewels slot. The entire line of Batman's adventure slot machines uses a common progressive jackpot. You can activate it during any rotation of the reels - you do not need to collect additional actions or symbols.

The DC Superheroes Jackpot Game round begins in a new window, where a field with 20 cells appears in front of the player. In each of them - a ball of a certain color. To the right of the field is a table with available jackpots. There are four of them and they differ among themselves not only in the possible amount of winnings but also in color.

  • Grand - requires five red balls, the largest jackpot;
  • Major - requires four yellow balls;
  • Minor - requires three blue balls;
  • Mini - requires two green balls.

The round continues until one of the jackpots is full. A limited amount of time is allocated for each move, the timer is located under the field with balls. If the player does not make a move, the game opens a random cell. According to the information in the payout table - the higher the line bet, the more chances the player has access to DC Superheroes Jackpot Game.

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