Alien Robots

Sophia Sullivan

Alien Robots is a five-reel video slot with wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and symbols that can expand to make it easier for you to win in this game.

The game interface is made very nice, and the drawn illustrations of characters - alien robots, which have become characters in this online slot, cannot dislike the players. In total, the game has 30 paylines, and taking into account the presence of different levels of bets at this slot machine, you can count 243 payment options. Press the "start" button and go on an exciting journey with funny robots of different colors.

You can vary the rates and their levels depending on your budget. Activate the maximum bet by pressing the MAX BET button (the maximum bet in the Russian version of the game), choose the denomination of the coin and have fun while earning prizes. You will be paid all up to a cent in accordance with the winning table. I hope that you will get lucky with alien robots, and you will find your luck with these funny space creatures.

Alien Robots Reels

The game has a wild symbol that can replace any symbol, but it does not have power when it comes to the scatter symbol. Wild symbol of the game has become a symbol of a green robot. If you have a few winning combinations, you will receive a prize for the one that gives the biggest win.

The game has a bonus game with free spins. You are lucky, and you get it in the presence of at least three scatter symbols on the reels. The alien symbol with a green laser beam from below has become the scattered symbol in this game. The number of free spins depends on the number of scattered characters dropped by you. With three UFO symbols you will get 10 free spins, if you see 4 UFO symbols on the reels, be ready to play the bonus game with 20 free spins. Well, the 5 scattered characters are just great luck. You have 50 free spins available and you can win very big prizes!

A characteristic feature of the game is expanding characters called Sticky. They are able to expand throughout the drum and remain in that position while the other drums spin.

The maximum bet in the game is 50 000.

Alien Robots slot is a great solution for anyone who likes beautiful animation. The soundtrack is very suitable for the subject of the slot. We hear how alien robots communicate with each other with the help of strange sounds, sensors, and maybe even some other way that has not yet been discovered on planet Earth. What is the intelligence level of the artificial mind of an alien robot, if we do not know about the level of development of their creators? Or maybe they flew to us as messengers from another civilization that is far in space and is watching us. Anyway, Alien Robots look pretty friendly. Let's try to play with them, because the game helps to improve relationships between people.

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