Casinos With Video Poker

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Video poker is a popular type of gambling. Its variety in online casinos is simply amazing. On any gambling website, you will face the problem of choice. You can compete in video poker for free, however with free mode you won’t win any cash. But if you pick a game for real money, then the expectation of profit will become reasonable. In order not to get confused in all the diversity of video poker variations, read the article to the end and then chose online casino from the list below (we have selected casinos which have video poker, so you won’t waste your own time by googling suitable place to play video poker online).

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Features And Differences Of Video Poker Games

So, diverse types of online video poker vary from each other in a set of additional functions and the size of payouts. The essence of the game is one - to collect the best combination of five cards. The list of combinations for which payments are given is provided directly in-game in the payout table, so that the most forgetful ones will not have to be distracted several times and look for the treasured table. If it seemed to you that the dealt cards are worth trying – stick to them. But remember: playing video poker for real money, you have the right to change your cards once - either all or several of them (selected by you). In case of a winning combination, your game account will be replenished with the amount corresponding to the payout table. If you lose, the game starts again but you will lose your initial bet.

To collect the most winning combination playing online video poker, you need to know the basic combinations of cards. The main question of interest is what to leave and what is best to reset/change.

In various online casinos, the conditions of competing in video poker for money are not always identical, and before you begin to try your luck in any of its variations, pay attention to the following features:

  • Payout table. Compare payout tables for winning combinations in different casinos and choose the game in which there are more payouts;
  • Bonus offers. Sometimes there is a reward system for playing video poker at selected online casinos. For example, accrual of additional points for a certain number of games. In other words, choose the game in which there are bonuses;
  • Maximum amount of bets. If you want to win large sums of money, then bets must be appropriate;
  • Jackpot. Attracts the opportunity to hit the big jackpot? Choose a video poker with a progressive jackpot - the casino advantage here is greater, but it becomes lower with each increase in the total amount of jackpot.

Quick Tips For Playing Video Poker In Online Casinos

Small tip that you should remember, never reset these twelve card combinations:

  • High rank cards;
  • 10 together with a jack, a queen or a king of the same suit;
  • One pair or two pairs of cards;
  • Two high cards of the same suit;
  • One pair and three;
  • Three or street;
  • 3 cards for royal flush;
  • 3 cards for straight flush;
  • 4 cards for straight flush;
  • 4 cards for flush;
  • 4 cards for a straight;
  • 4 cards for royal flush.

Follow these simple tips, and you can play video poker, not only with pleasure, but also with ability to make a profit. Good luck.

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