Winning Strategy For Deuces Wild Video Poker

How To Win At Deuces Wild?

Deuces Wild is an extraordinary video poker variation. It stands out through its high payouts, dynamic gameplay, and exciting rules. Although the game may seem a bit tricky on first sight, it shouldn’t discourage you. With due concentration, you can master it in no time. It’s for a reason that professional gamblers tend to choose Deuces Wild over other video poker games. The thing is that the Deuces Wild game has a very effective winning strategy that makes the house edge insignificant. Novice gamblers are sure to like a simple betting system that has the power to send your winning chances into the stratosphere. This articles looks at how to play Deuces Wild in the right way. If you’re up for some amazing wins, read on!

Hands With Deuces

  • If you have 4 Deuces, stop taking new cards. The Deuces you already have are enough to collect a profitable hand. 
  • If you have 3 Deuces, don’t make any changes to your existing hand. There is a good chance that you may collect a Five of a Kind or even Royal Flush. If you failed to form a high-paying hand, keep the Deuces regardless.
  • If you have 2 Deuces, you should keep them. There is a possibility of collecting a Four of a Kind further in the process. Also, you may want to keep four cards hoping to collect a Royal Flush. If you failed to get any of these hands, replace all the cards, except for the Deuces.  
  • If you get just 1 Deuce, keep the cards that may make a paying hand later in the process. Splitting a hand is only worth it if you have a real chance to capitalize on a Royal Flush. Keep four cards if you’re hunting after a Straight Flush. Keeping three cards may get you a Royal Flush. If you have no cards with the potential of forming a valuable hand, replace them while keeping the Deuce. 

Hands Without Deuces

  • Keep any paying hand. The only situation when you can split your hand is when you have a chance to get a Royal Flush. 
  • Always keep four cards for a possible Straight Flush.
  • Also keep the three cards that may help you obtain a Royal Flush.
  • Keep a Pair. The only exception is when you hope to collect a Full House (paid as a Four of a Kind). In this case, you may count on getting two Pairs.  
  • If you don’t have any worthy hand, keep two senior same-suit cards (King, Queen, Jack or Ten).  
  • If you don’t have any worthy cards, don’t hesitate to substitute them.  

Common Mistakes To Avoid

  • Keeping the highest card (e.g., Ace). However, the right thing to do is to keep a Deuce.   
  • Discarding Deuces. The optimal strategy says just the opposite. Deuces are valuable, so be sure to keep them.
  • Keeping a Deuce and another card. The right thing to do is to only keep the Deuce. 
  • Splitting a Pair in the hopes to collect a Straight or Flush. It’s a big mistake. A Pair provides you with higher winning chances. 
  • Keeping two Pairs in the hopes to capitalize on a Full House. You shouldn’t do that. In Deuces Wild, a Full House doesn’t pay much.

The Deuces Wild poker variation offers quite a bunch of ways to form paying hands. This is exactly what casino clients like about this exciting game. At the same time, you shouldn’t downplay the power of the optimal strategy. Following the winning strategy is sure way to earn some hefty payouts. Good luck and let Deuces be with you!