The most profitable casino games in the world


Despite the fact that luxurious amenities, exclusive resorts, shops and luxurious hotel rooms are becoming increasingly important parts of the income of a modern gaming resort, gambling brings much greater profits anyway.

The casino includes a staggering number of slot machines, table games, waitresses and customers from all walks of life. It is an exciting collage of sights and sounds, the buzz of winners and losers. That is why it is important to learn as much as possible before choosing the next trip for the game. It is worth noting that gambling is in the top 10 most expensive addictions in the world.

While BlackJack is the most popular game in the United States, and Baccarat is the most common table game in the world, none of these venerable games will bring much profit. You can enjoy playing Craps while trying to save money on the Pass Line, or try your luck at the poker room, but the rates of these games are obviously low compared to the most profitable ones available in the casino.

So let's consider the most profitable casino games.

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5. Roulette

Roulette is part of the "basic four" original casino games, along with BlackJack, Baccarat and Craps. However, unlike these three games, in Roulette is one of the biggest Casino Benefits, reaching up to more than 5%. The game is simple. Choose any number from 38 positions, and if you guess, the bet pays off in the ratio of 35 to 1.

But this payment also contributes to the casino income. You choose one of 38 numbers, and get back only 36 chips. This difference is not very noticeable to the player, but it has filled the casino coffers since the heyday of Monte Carlo.

The best strategy: On European-style roulette wheels, one zero instead of two. This reduces the profit margin by half.

4. Craps, bet on "ANY SEVEN"

Dice is the loudest and longest casino game. You can often hear dozens of players screaming in excitement when the lucky numbers fall out. Although the game takes place at a noisy gaming table, there is one word that superstitious players never want to hear: “Seven,” and for good reason.

The number of seven in Craps clears the table from all bets. Despite the fact that this is an unlucky number for players, casinos still allow you to bet on it. To play Any Seven bet, you just need to throw your dice in the center of the table, right in front of the croupier, and say that you want big red.

Seven is such an unlucky number that bets on it require a code word, so as not to disturb the “peace” of other players. If Seven fell immediately, you get paid 4 to 1 on your bet. Although the payout is indicated as 5 to 1, you give almost 17% of your winning to casino.

The best strategy: to follow the crowd and play in the pass line.


If you decide to go through any casino, it will be easy for you to determine where the Big Six are playing. Just look at the giant, vertically mounted wheel, with the stickman close by. Anyone who was at the carnival is already familiar with the game. Just put the money down on the number, and hope that the wheel arrow indicates your choice. As in many casino games, the easier it is to learn, the more expensive it is to play.

When playing the Big Six, you have several options. You can “play it safe” by placing a minimum amount on one of the seats that make up 24 of the 54 slots on the wheel. But it will not bring much profit, but you can save your money. Going for big money, you can bet on the Joker slot, which will bring you winning in amount of 40 to 1.

The best strategy: Keep the minimum bets.


Many people know the Keno game in the movie "Vacation in Vegas", where one of the characters finally gets the jackpot, to which he give his whole life, just to die from excitement. The Griswold family, who were nearby, used the men’s winning ticket to finance the trip home.

Keno's chances are so small that it’s really possible to hit the jackpot “once in a lifetime”. Keno is a lottery where players choose their lucky numbers and hope that they will drop out in random order. There are hundreds of betting options, but they are all expensive.
Best strategy: Put a small bet and enjoy keno remotely while sitting by the pool.

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Sic Bo is a game where the croupier shakes a jar containing three dice and then pays out the winnings to the players depending on the different bets they can make. You can stick to simple bets like Little and Many, which are paid when the amount on the dice is less than 10 or more than 11, respectively, but be careful.

The casino takes a percentage of all bets when the turn occurs, and the profit is 2.78; You can win 150 times your initial bet, if you correctly predict the amount on three dice, but lose an average of 30% for this opportunity. If your favorite number is 5 or 16, be on the alert.

The best strategy: The bets on Little and Many are not so exciting, but these are the best bets on the Sic Bo table.