About Advantageous Casino Games

The Most Profitable Games In Online Casinos

There is a common opinion that the top three profitable casino games include poker, baccarat, and blackjack. Slots are not on the list because they can’t compete with the three above-mentioned games in terms of winning odds. One-armed bandits are only advantageous for the casino but not for the player.  


The main problem is that few casinos offer classic poker games and tournaments where participants can compete with each other. Another drawback has to do with the fact that a novice player can’t achieve success in poker. To make money in poker, you need to be a proficient gambler that knows the rules in and out and uses smart strategies to gain an edge over other players. Not any casino client can become a seasoned poker player, though. It surely takes a great deal of hand work and effort.  

Most gambling sites offer a simplified version of poker called “video poker”. It’s something of a mix between the classic poker and slot machines. Learning how to play video poker is easy. By using the optimal strategy, you can bring the house edge to a minimum and make some hefty winnings.   


Known all the way from the 15th century, baccarat has become wildly popular through its simple rules and engaging gameplay. Originally, people used Tarot cards to play baccarat. Later the Tarot cards were replaced with a standard deck of cards. 

When playing baccarat, you goal is to collect a hand of 9 (or as close to 9 as possible).

There is a time-tested strategy that says to always wager on Banker.  The strategy can reduce the house edge from 1.5-14% to 1.06%. 


The third place on the list goes to blackjack. Blackjack has more complicated rules compared to baccarat. On top of that, blackjack offers you a greater freedom in terms of moves and decisions. In blackjack, there are countless ways to win.

When gambling online, you can play not only against the dealer, but also against other players. In blackjack, using the optimal strategy is a very wise move.

In some blackjack versions, the strategy can reduce the casino advantage to 0.5%. Otherwise, you’ll have to face a 8-9% house edge which will literally crash your winning chances. 

Advantageous Casino Games

Advantageous casino games are the ones that provide a player with a positive mathematical expectation of winnings.  

The sad news is that no online casino app belongs with this category. All gaming apps give an advantage to the casino, and not to the player.  

The term “advantageous” comes from the word “advance”. It was first applied to refer to land-based casino games. In some offline games, a player can actually beat the casino in the long run.  

A textbook example of an advantageous game is blackjack. Counting cards is a surefire way to beat a casino. It’s an easy method that is available to any player, regardless of their level of proficiency. You can achieve the desired result after just one hour of playing.

When it comes to online blackjack, you can’t count cards there. On a brighter note, you can benefit from the optimal strategy that can double your winning chances. Not bad at all! Sadly, this good news comes with a “but”. In the long run, you’re bound to lose the advantage. 

To gain an advantage over the casino, a strategy alone is not enough. A winning strategy can bring the house edge to a 1-2 %. While it’s a good result, it won’t deliver you to a break-even point. You also need to join a beneficial loyalty program.

Nowadays, many online casinos have cashback systems. What does a cashback system mean? A casino pays back to its long-term clients a small percentage of the money they lost. This amount is enough to turn blackjack into an advantageous game.  

In the best-case scenario, you can achieve a +0.8-2% advantage over the house. Unfortunately, this is all you can count on.

An important thing to understand here is that you can only gain an advantage in the long run, i.e. if you play for a really long time. It’s useless to expect results after one day or even week of gambling.  

As a player, you must stick to the strategy and stay calm and composed whatever happens. Don’t let short-term losing streaks discourage you. If you’re consistent and patient, you’ll end up obtaining an edge over the casino.