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Today, many players are still concerned about the question, is it possible to beat the roulette game? In the Internet you can find many articles on this topic, which will describe a variety of roulette strategy, systems and tips. In this brief review, we will make a small analysis of individual gaming combinations in order to better understand the possibilities of online casinos and chances of winning. In this case, do not forget about the fact that each casino has its own list of players which are not allowed to play in these establishments (online casinos don't have such lists!).

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Some experts claim that the roulette strategy success lies in a certain algorithm of actions. Others are trying to justify the possibility of winning complex mathematical calculations. However, most experts agree that you need to play on proven gaming platforms with proven roulette systems (see the review of the best casinos for roulette games). Of course, such an interpretation of the probability of winning suggests that it is almost impossible to win in untested online casinos. In part, this is true, so to play roulette you need to choose those casinos that have the highest percentage of winnings returned to players (payout indicator). Consider several ways that give players certain advantages in a real casino.

Roulette tips and tactics applicable only in a real casino

1. The first can be described as dealer signature. A tired dealer sooner or later begins to perform actions in the same way, for example, turning the wheel at the same speed. As a result, players can observe how the ball rolls along the same trajectory, which makes it more likely to fall in approximately the same sector - feel free to use these roulette tips.

2. The second roulette tips is called visual tracking. This is when one player takes a video of the rotation of the ball and transfers it to an accomplice for computer analysis of the likelihood of a ball hitting a specific cell. Based on further recommendations - bets are made. The disadvantage of these roulette tips is that they work exclusively in a real casinos.

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Roulette strategy - How to win online roulette

In this case, a way to identify this roulette system name - bias of the wheel, will sound ok. It consists in remote fixation of the results of the roulette wheel. After analyzing the numbers that have fallen out, you need to identify the numbers (sectors) that fell most often. Such an approach will reveal a violation of the generally accepted law of chance. Of course, this method does not work in every casino, as many roulettes are centered daily. In the case of online casinos, some craftsmen create special programs that collect statistics and analyze information.

5 basic rules for earning in a roulette game

Pay attention to the following 5 main points! They are the basis of all roulette systems in gambling.

Before starting the game you need to check the casino for honesty

- The total casino income per day should not exceed 90% of the total deposit amount.
- Better to avoid all-in bets.
- Play strictly with the chosen system.
- Despite the simplicity of the fourth rule, it turns out to be the most difficult to implement. The player is overwhelmed with emotions and most often people are not able to control themselves. In this regard, the biggest mistakes are made.
- Do not bet on the five numbers simultaneously. Casino advantage in this case is the most highest.

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Roulette Strategy

All roulette strategies include money management (i.e., bet rates management depending on the situation), which increases the risks in the game. Since the expectation is on the casino side, there are no perfect risk-free roulette strategies.


People who studied higher mathematics, know the theory of probability. According to the players, Martingale is well suited for roulette system.

The emphasis is on using two colors: red sector and black (1: 1 rate). The basic rule of the game is to double the bet after each loss. Bets on one color are made until the winning occurs. The size of the initial rate is usually $1. After each win, you need to change color and act on the same principle. If zero (0) falls out, then it is necessary to make a double bet on the color, which is the opposite of the color from which the game began.

Is there a maximum bet limit?

As for the maximum size of the bet, it is desirable that it should not exceed 1% of the total winnings. For example, if a player has won $450 in one day, then it is recommended to stop the game at least for a day. It should also be said that there may be very long series of the same color, for example, 15 times in a row (highest possible). So you may lose 15 times in a row max. If the player won, his bet should return to the initial ($1).

Regarding the withdrawal of money, here you need to observe a certain balance, and leave at least 10% of the winnings on the account. An additional drawback of the system is the limited size of the player’s own funds.

The chart of the statistical example of the roulette game by using the Martingale method

On the diagram you can see a clear example of how the player constantly at the risk of losing. A smooth rise in balance is accompanied by sharp collapses in case of failure. Analysis of this roulette system shows that it cannot be considered complete, especially for novice players. Unfortunately statistics, proves that same color may fall 7 times in a row.

Martingale Statistic chart

Columns and Dozens

Here, as in the previous method, the principle of making bets on fields that have equal chances. However, in the case of a ball falling on any of the numbers that are on this field, the gain increases 2 times from the initial bet. This is due to the fact that bets on columns and dozens are paid 1: 2, while bets on red and black fields are paid 1: 1. If you lose, you need to increase the rates on the Martingale system. The probability of winning under this scheme is about 66.6%.

Roulette strategy 1

In the pictures you can see how bets are made for two dozen (# 1 and # 2).

roulette strategy 2

Cuban System

In this case, you do not need in-depth mathematical knowledge. The calculation is based on the unevenness of the distributed sectors (red, black). If you pay attention to the playing field, you can see that more black numbers are concentrated in the center, while on the third line there are more red ones. Making bets on the middle row, in particular, on the red window, the player minimizes the probability of his loss and, accordingly, increases the chances of winning.

Cuban Roulette Strategy

System "5 of 6"

The probability of winning with this roulette strategy is 85%. The roulette game fields are divided into 6 parts, each of which has 6 numbers. The strategy is to make bets on 5 groups of the total 6. In the event that a ball falls on an empty sector, you need to double the bet and start again.