Roulette History

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It is no secret that roulette is a popular game, which is represented in all online casinos. But not all gamers know, when and where this game appeared. Experts cannot make a unanimous decision, since numerous religious and mystical rites using the principle of rotating/fixed disks with different symbols were known to all civilizations. The bloody revolution swept the whole territory of France in 1789, so mass emigration headed for the New World. All French elite fled to New Orleans to forget about this horror. After that, the French moved to Mississippi and other states of America. The beginning of the "Gold Rush" was an excellent chance for all fans of roulette. After gold mining, men were looking for an opportunity to waste money. The number of gambling halls has increased in several times and each of them offered dozens of entertainments, but no one of them was not a rival of roulette. Americans also liked the simple rules of the game, so they watched the ball for several hours a day. The owners of American casinos were very greedy, so they presented a new kind of popular games. Now, the roulette playing field had only 28 cells and 3 zero sectors. Of course, the croupiers took a lot of money, so the players began to protest. Over the next few years, roulette has returned to the European format.

Roulette and its place in modern gambling

Thanks to simple rules and great payouts, roulette has become so popular and conquered all the continents. Today, most land-based casinos offer several variations of this entertainment: American/French/European. Progress never stopped, so entrepreneurs began to introduce special sensors that monitored the movement of the roulette wheel providing an honest result of each round. But in the middle of the 20th century, roulette faced the first powerful competitor. Slot machines offered players new features and benefits. We believe that no one entertainment can compete with the atmosphere of roulette. Probably, this game will be a symbol of game halls for many years.

Online Roulette Version

The creation of the first virtual casinos has become a new stage in the development of roulette. Some players prefer virtual casino versions, because they have a number of features. What casino can be successful without roulette ...?

Analysing the success of virtual roulette, we are sure that gamers will play this amazing game for a long time. Video roulette provides the same winning opportunities, the high-quality interface of the sites creates the atmosphere of real game halls. Casino game developers use only modern developments, so players know that the game will be interesting and fair. Now, gamers have access to new strategies and types of favourite entertainment. For example, some casinos offer a "live" version of roulette. Now, you can play against a live dealer and real players in live casinos.

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The main versions of the appearance of Roulette game

According to historical data, the Roman emperor Augustus took care of his future, therefore all the sorcerers used a special rotating ball and a lot for predictions. Predictors of ancient Greece used a similar device, too. Archaeologists also found discs and lots in North America. For this reason, the question of the appearance of roulette is still relevant. Of course, all nations would like to appropriate the appearance of this “legendary” game, but experts are trying to establish the truth. We propose to consider the basic versions of the origin of this popular entertainment.

1) First Version: Traces of Ancient China

This version claims that the 1st "prototype" of modern roulette appeared in one of the provinces of ancient China. Here, the monks created a large playing field with 666 squares and 37 figures of sacred animals. Unfortunately, there are no information about the rules and the meaning of this game, so the version "Traces of Ancient China" requires additional research and confirmation.

The history of the development of this popular entertainment goes to another country, where it received several key changes and became very popular. As a result, the figures of sacred animals were changed to numbers (0-36) placed around the wheel.

2) Second Version: "From Paris with love"

This version takes us to the beautiful France of the 17th century. The first gaming halls appeared in the capital after the order of Giulio Mazarin. It was here that players could test one of the first versions of modern Roulette - Hawk. It was a large gaming table with holes from 1 to 40. The axis of rotation of the spoke wheel was always located in the center. By the way, three holes had one number - "0". If the ball fell on one of these holes, the gaming club received the entire win. Of course, this type of business was very popular and profitable. Some of these winnings were sent to the treasury of the state. At the same time, Mazarin took care of his finances, so he was one of the richest people in France.

According to another legend, the history of modern roulette began with an old game called "Boole." The players used a large bowl with a marking of the playing field instead of the wheel. All wells (from 1 to 40) were painted in 2 colors. The player received a prize if the ball fell on even numbers.

3) Side Effect

Experts also discuss the version of the appearance of roulette as a result of Blaise Pascal's experiments. During 1656 the mathematician conducted a series of unusual experiments using a rotating wheel and a ball. Pascal tried to invent a perpetual motion machine, but he invented one of the first "prototypes" of the modern game. There is also a bottom-up version that is dedicated to great math. Being in the monastery, Pascal tried to solve the problem of the probability of winning the lotto with 36-37 tickets. He also applied all the knowledge to upgrade the wheel and the type of roulette. Later, this entertainment appeared in all French palaces and casinos. But official science does not say who changed the rules of the game and made it so popular. 1765 was important for the history of French gambling. In the spring of that year, the first "official" roulette appeared in all gambling halls. Now, all casino guests could bet on numbers, color, columns and even "0."

4) Paris Police

This popular version says that the popular game has appeared and spread thanks to the Paris police. In the middle of the 18th century, cheaters filled the streets of the French capital. Of course, the police did not have the opportunity to fight them, so the police chief found an unusual solution. To create an alternative to different card games, Gabriel de Sartin and his assistants made the first roulette. The police chief was confident that this game eliminates any manifestation of fraud and manipulation. In other words, the case/fate decided the outcome of the round. It was a great idea that brought the first positive results. Players have almost forgotten about card games and paid attention to new entertainment.

At the same time, gambling experts argue about the presence of "0" sectors on roulettes. According to some sources, zero appeared on the playing field only at the end of the 19th century. In fact, this question is controversial. For example, the “La Roulette, ou le Jour” novel of 18 century tells about roulette with one and two “0” sectors. Maybe the game rooms offered different variations of this game model?

At this stage, the history of roulette in France ends. Roulette became popular and no one European gambling club could exist without this entertainment ...

5) Mysticism or "how to sell the soul to the devil"

So, the classic form of roulette with 38 digits and 0 "conquered" all regions of Western Europe. But this model of the game gave a great advantage to the gaming hall, so the roulette underwent another modernization in the spring of 1843. Louis and François Blanc presented to the public a new type of roulette that had only one "0" sector. This game option allowed players to win more, so it became popular. As a result, all players forgot about the old roulette model. In the meantime, the Blanc brothers became famous and very rich. Some players even said that Louis and Francois sold their souls to the devil to get this game secret. This "legend" helped two entrepreneurs to attract the attention of the public, since the sum of all the numbers on the playing field = "666."

The rival of brothers did not want to lose customers, so they were forced to accept the changes and begin a new phase of the roulette history.

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