How to play roulette - Goal of the game

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How to play roulette - the croupier throws a ball on a spinning wheel, in the opposite direction to its rotation. The ball, having made several turns in a spiral, falls into a special pocket/notch, with printed numbers.

Players have the ability to:

  • Guess which number will fall out.
  • To bet on several numbers, a combination.
  • Guess the characteristics of the next number (Black / Red, Even / Odd, Large / Small - you can find everything about bets and odds here)
  • The size of the payout depends on how the bets were made.

This how-to-play roulette guide will help you in the understanding of how the roulette game process works.

Players can make several bets at the same time, combine different types of bets, the restriction is only in the maximum possible bet on a particular game table. These small tips will help you to understand how to win at roulette.

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How to win at roulette - Understanding the game

American Roulette Table - Players play against the online casino (gaming house), which is presented by the croupier.

Being at the game wheel, the croupier controls the whole course of the game:
- Exchange money for chips (or regular chips for playing roulette chips).
- Rotates the wheel and throws the ball.
- Announces winning numbers (number, color, etc.)
- Collects losing bets and pays winnings.

In some casinos, depending on the intensity of the game and the number of players, the croupier works in pairs with an assistant, who assumes some of the functions.

How to play roulette and place bets

After buying chips from the dealer or from the casino cashier, players make bets. If the player cannot reach the desired position on the gaming table, the croupier puts the chips for the player.

Bet sizes

The maximum/minimum amount of the bet that a player can make is determined by the rules of a particular casino and can vary even for different tables in one establishment.

How to play roulette - About the game

The dealer turns the wheel and throws the ball in the opposite direction. Players have the right to make bets until the Dealer announces "No More Bets", "Rien ne va plus", usually for the last three turns.

As soon as the ball falls on one of the numbers, the Croupier announces it and puts a special marker ("dolly" or "loula") on the playing field, indicating this number.

After that, the croupier collects the losing bets and pays the winnings.

Roulette game table

Understanding the playing field in roulette will provide you basic info on how to win at roulette.

American Roulette is played at the table on which the wheel is located, and the playing field itself has numbers printed on it.

On the standard field for the European (and American Roulette), the field has such areas:

  • Inner field (Inner section)
  • External field (Outside section)
  • Internal field

The internal field contains all the numbers that are marked on the wheel. Every three consecutive numbers form a row, vertical lines - three columns of twelve numbers each.

How to play roulette with the external field

Special marks on the edges of the playing field for external bets. Each field of this type corresponds either to specific numbers (for example, the first dozen) or to some characteristics of numbers (for example, red numbers).American Roulette table Layout

Differences in the playing fields

The fields for American and European roulette are very similar, although there are some differences:

  1. American Roulette has an extra field for 00 (Double Zero)
  2. Usually, in American Roulette, all numbers, with the exception of zeros, are painted in the corresponding color (red or black)
  3. In European roulette all the numbers on the gaming table are white.
  4. European tables have a so-called “track” for placing verbal bets.
  5. French roulette has a major difference from the rest of the external fields.

Roulette game wheel

To understand how to win at roulette you need to know about the types of the roulette wheels.

European Roulette Wheel - the inner surface of the wheel has the shape of a bowl mounted on an axis. Diameter - about 90 centimeters, weight - up to forty kilograms.

The wheel is usually made of fine wood. The inner circle is divided into "pockets", notches into which the ball falls after rotation.

A wheel is a precisely balanced mechanism that should ensure the randomness of results.

There are two types of wheels - for American and for European roulette. The main differences between them are:

There are 38 numbers on the American wheel (from 1 to 36, 0 and 00 - ZERO and DOUBLE ZERO), while on the wheel in the European Roulette - 37 numbers (0, 1 - 36)
Numbers are distributed differently:

  • In the European - the numbers are marked on the outer circumference of the wheel, in the American on the inner.
  • In French Roulette, the same wheel is used as in the European version of the game.

Varieties of Roulette

It is believed that the roulette first appeared in France, conquered Europe, then crossed the ocean. In America, greedy casino owners added an additional number - 00 (Double Zero), which significantly reduced the chances of winning.

Currently, there are three types of games:

  • American Roulette (Double zero roulette). 38 numbers: 0, 00, from 1 to 36 inclusive.
  • European roulette (Single zero roulette). 37 numbers: 0, from 1 to 36 inclusive.
  • French roulette (Single zero roulette). It is the ancestor of the European, has the same wheel, but different from all the playing field.

Roulette games differences:

  • The distribution of numbers on the wheel. You can read about how to play a roulette game with the American Roulette Wheel and the European Roulette Wheel.
  • Game field. 
  • Possible bets. You can read about it in the Roulette Strategy section. 
  • Some special rules ("En Prison", "La Partage" and "Surrender") are described below.

It's not enough to know how to win at roulette - you also need to know how to behave at the roulette table.

Roulette Chips

Traditionally, American roulette is played with multi-colored chips, and each player at the table has different chips, which greatly simplifies the process of making bets and paying winnings. Such chips are usually bought from the dealer on a particular gaming table, and are not used in other games. After the player completes the game, his chips are exchanged either for money or for traditional chips.

European online casinos often use the standard chips that players receive at the entrance of the casino from the croupier. The dealer uses a special spatula to clear the bets that have played, in American Casinos, usually, the dealer does it by his hand.

Roulette equipment

In the European casinos, you can find gaming tables with two-game fields and one wheel in the middle. At such a table can play up to 16 players. Three people serve the game, one in the middle throws the ball, two assistants serve their playing fields. Often, these two fields have different betting limits.

In the United States, the table is serviced by a dealer who spins the wheel, his assistant sorts the chips. Up to six players can play at the roulette table.

Behavior at the roulette table

In European Casinos, as a rule, a more elegant atmosphere, requiring a more stringent style of clothing. In addition, many casinos are private clubs that are open only to their own members - especially true for English Game Houses in the UK.

US casinos prefer a more democratic style in dress and behavior. Tips are welcome, while in some English casinos they are not allowed.

Special rules

Rule "En Prison"

When playing roulette at European casinos, a special rule may apply that applies to "equal odds" (RED / BLACK, EVEN / Odd, LARGE / SMALL). If zero falls out, the bet does not burn, but remains in its place "in custody". If the next spin is zero again, the bet is lost, if the outcome is favorable, the bet in its initial amount is returned to the player, the winnings, in this case, are not paid.

Gaming tables, where this rule applies, have the lowest casino advantage (expectation) on "equal odds" bets - only 1.35%!

Rule "La Partage"

This rule is similar to the "En Prison" rule; when zero rolls out, the player loses half of his “equal odds” bet. The rule applies to French Roulette.

The Surrender Rule

Same as "La Partage". Used in some US casinos. Reduces the casino's advantage from 5.26% to 2.63% when betting on equal chances.

Verbal/voice bets

The way the numbers are distributed on European (French) roulette allows players to make bets by saying the numbers.

Casino advantage

The casino advantage when playing European Roulette is 2.7%, while in the American - 5.26% for all bets, except for the five-number bet (0-00-1-2-3) where this advantage is much higher - 7.9%.

Any of the rules "En Prison" and "La Partage" or "Surrender" reduce the casino's advantage when betting on equal chances to 1.35% in the European and to 2.63% in the American version of the game. You can play all casino games for real money trough the BGAOC website.

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