Play Roulette With Live Dealers From The Comfort Of Your Home

Roulette With Live Dealers: 101 Guide

Today, online roulette is already mainstream. For the majority of gamblers, it’s just a regular online game that can’t hold a candle to its land-based version. Indeed, the digital switch took a toll on roulette, depriving it of its original charm. In land-based casinos, roulette players can enjoy watching the ball spinning on the wheel and the dealer placing bets with their precise hand movements. With the invention of online roulette, players have been robbed of this magic.   

Live Casino: New Gambling Trend  

Live casino games are taking the online gambling industry by storm. Seeing the huge popularity of live games, casino operators are establishing casinos that specialize exclusively in live games. 

You’ll surprised to learn that the idea of live gambling is not as new as many think. In fact, the pioneer live games came into existence shortly after the first online casinos. However, the gambling community discovered live games only recently. Roulette was among the games that benefited the most from that trend. 

In a live game, you’re playing against a live dealer or croupier. You can communicate with the dealer and other players via chat, microphone, and web camera. The game is broadcast live from multiple cameras installed in the dealer’s room. Thanks to the advanced technologies, the video is broadcast in HD, i.e. has the best possible quality. 

To be able to enjoy live roulette to the fullest, you need to have a high-speed Internet connection. (Luckily, this is not a problem nowadays.) Also, it’s good if your desktop has a large display that can convey the unique atmosphere of a land-based casino.  

Live VS Online Roulette

There is no denying that live roulette beats its regular online version in every regard. Live dealers stand out through their professionalism and high working ethics. You can watch every movement and hear every remark of your dealer. If you’re not the only player, you can talk and share emotions with your co-players via chat or web cam. All these things add up into a pretty realistic visualization of a land-based roulette.  

If you’re used to small bets, we have disappoint you. Compared to regular roulette, live roulette has higher minimum bets. You’ll have to forget about one-dollar (let alone one-cent) bets. At the same time, the betting policy depends on the casino and number of players. Among online casinos, it’s a common practice to have several roulette tables with different betting limits. 

As for maximum betting limits, there are no limitations. If you’re a high roller, you won’t have to change your betting habits or adopt new strategies. Your live dealer will be happy to accept a wager of any size.

Mobile Live Roulette

In the recent years, live technologies have become a game changer for mobile gambling as well. Thanks to modern smartphones with their large displays, you can play live roulette even on your mobile devices. The next step will be VR (virtual reality) roulette that requires a special VR headset and gloves. The future holds plenty of exciting innovations!

Here is a trick for players who are not willing to communicate with their dealer. Use the control panel to set your bet and indicate sector you want to bet on. The dealer will see your settings on their screen and place your bet for you.